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UtaHota (ウタホタ UtaHota) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Utakata and Hotaru.

Their Relationship Edit

Part II Edit

Six-Tails Unleashed Arc Edit

Hotaru was sitting on a tree blowing bubbles until Utakata suddenly shows saying that was his seat and that Tonbee wanted to speak with her. The two later escape through a secret tunnel. While traveling, Hotaru asked when they reach the village will he still continue to teach her jutsu there, only for him to reply that he hasn't taught her anything. She recalls the time he rescued her from assailants the first time they have met. Not knowing that they were really after him. Utakata later replied she doesn't want to get involved with him since his was a wanted man. Hotaru says that she doesn't care about his past because she trust and will always consider him her master. Utakata got upset and yelled at her to not call him 'master'. When Naruto suddenly appeared and attacked Utakata, thinking that he was attacking Hotaru, who broke up the fight saying that he was protecting her. Utakata, now knowing that Naruto, Sai, and Yamato were strong, left her with the. As she watched him blow a bubble and float away, Hotaru tried to convince him not to leave, but was unsuccessful in doing so.

Utakata thought Hotaru was going to be okay before falling asleep on a tree. After killing the assailants Utakata was wounded and collapsed, not before hearing that Hotaru was going to get help. Some time later an injured Utakata looked up to see Hotaru looking at him sadly. She and her servant, Tonbee took him to their fort. After being fully healed and to see nobody was after him, Utakata was about to leave until Hotaru shows up and asked him to make her his student. Only for Utakata to get mad yell at Hotaru to never call him 'master'. When he went to leave and said that he's not going to be taking on a student, Hotaru said that he owes her for her hospitality. After their small conversation, Utakata told Hotaru to walk on water only for fall in it while Utakata yawn and walked away. The next day, Utakata was sleeping until he heard Hotaru calling his name. Utakata walked outside surprised to see Hotaru standing on water. Hotaru said yes when Utakata asked that she has been practicing all night. Hotaru asked Utakata will he make her his student, only for Utakata to teach her Water Release: Wild Water Wave, thinking that she wouldn't master it like the walking on water technique. Hotaru then copied the technique only for nothing to happen and asked herself why. When Utakata went back into the house, he said that technique can only be used when the user posses water chakra. The next day, Utakata was sleeping on a tree when he felt a drop of water fell on his cheek causing him to think that it is raining until he saw Hotaru hovering over him, making him startled and told her to not get so close. When Hotaru showed him that she mastered the technique this made Utakata shocked. She asked will he make her his student now. Utakata nervously said not yet before getting up and walking off. Hotaru followed after him, calling his name.

When Benten was about to attack Hotaru with a kunai, Utakata threw a rock to prevent him from hurting her. Utakata told the Magaki group that he wasn't interested in fighting them but he and Hotaru have a unfinished business to take care of. Later, Hotaru was now by Utakata's side and away from the Magaki group, she said she knew he would come to save her only for him to reply that wasn't his intention Utakata then carries Hotaru in his arms and escaped when the explosive tag kunai was coming towards them. Hotaru woke up to see Utakata staring at her and became happy to know that they were floating up high in a giant bubble. When Utakata and Hotaru landed near a waterfall, Hotaru told him that he was truly an amazing man only for Utakata to say that he didn't come to save her. Hotaru asked him why did he fight the bandits, Utakata made up a lie that he wanted the forbidden jutsu like everyone else that Hotaru didn't believe. Utakata then asked what will she do now since everyone will be after the forbidden jutsu. Hotaru agreed with him then said why she must become stronger and be his student only for him to say to not bring it up and why did she wants to protect the forbidden jutsu. Hotaru then replied that she wants to fulfill the wishes of her first master and grandfather, En no Gyoja then said a master and student must be one in thought, making Utakata remember what his master did to him then said to her that she was diluting herself. Hotaru asked where was he going and he replied that he is under no obligation to stay with her and told her to find someone else to be her master. Utakata starts walking away only to be stopped by Hotaru, who said that she was not playing games and was being serious and this was important to her and she needs him to be her master only for Utakata to say not this again. Utakata says she can't stop from leaving Hotaru agreed with him and she said her feeling weren't going to change making Utakata confused. Hotaru slowly started undressing her top, causing Utakata to cover his eyes and told her to stop, Hotaru said she doesn't want to keep secrets between them and she wants him to know. When Hotaru stepped forward Utakata put his hands in front of him to keep her from getting any closer, she turned around so he could see the forbidden jutsu on her back, not noticing the fog and hidden-mist ninja watching them. After watching it in shock, Utakata got angry and said how could they do that to her, Hotaru replied nobody else knows about this and she didn't want to hide it from him, not after everything they've been through and once again tried to beg him to be her master only for him to say stop, making Hotaru sad. Before they could continue talking, the Kiri hunter-nin came out of hiding and took Hotaru hostage, one of them said that they will let her go if he turns himself in however Utakata refused. While Utakata was distracted, the Anbu acted quickly and restrained him. Hotaru angrily asked them what did they wanted from him. One of them replied that he was a missing-nin from the Kirigakure that killed his former master, making Hotaru shocked.

When Hotaru broke free from one of them and ran to Utakata and Team 7, only to be pulled back and punched in the stomach causing her to be unconscious, making Utakata to be shocked. Later on when Hotaru starts waking up again and sees Utakata coming back along with the leader of Hidden Mist Anbu, when she was set free she immediately ran to him and called him 'master', only for Utakata to get angry and told her to not call him 'master'. This made Hotaru stop in her tracks and look at him sadly, causing him to not be angry anymore. When the hunter-nin disappeared, Team 7, Hotaru, and Utakata started traveling back to the fort. Hotaru sadly looked back at Utakata and begins thinking back what the hunter-nin said then wondered what would have happened with Utakata and his master. Seeing her uncertainty, Naruto insists that it doesn't matter what personals at fault with Utakata. Hotaru is relieved at hearing this, now determined again to learn under Utakata. Hotaru suddenly collapses from a fever, Utakata immediately rushes to her side and pushes Naruto away from her then holds her. Hotaru nods to Utakata, meaning it was the forbidden jutsu. Utakata told Naruto to get a plant to keep him away and told Yamato and Sai that he will take care of Hotaru, after they left he led her to a place. When Naruto came back to see Utakata looking at something strange on Hotaru's back, Utakata, sensing Naruto behind and tried to stand in front of her, only to be slowly shoved by Naruto who wants to know what was on Hotaru's back. Utakata replied that was the forbidden jutsu that was transplanted on Hotaru's back. Utakata told Naruto to hell with forbidden jutsus, clans, masters, and to all the selfish people that do awful things to people who served them without a hint of remorse, they think of those who are under them as mere vessels and with no choice while covering up Hotaru and placing both of his hands on her shoulders.

Utakata said it was foolish to carry out the dreams of her grandfather and master. Hotaru replied it's a student's duty to carry out the wishes of her master and he doesn't understand how she feels. When Hotaru said it was her life to risk for the forbidden jutsu, Utakata turned Hotaru towards him and slapped her, making her surprised, Utakata told her to knock it off. Hotaru became sad at his words and told Utakata she won't abandoned her clan's pride and honor before running away. After Naruto ran after her, Utakata he'll go and convince Hotaru and he would never put her in any danger before Sakura follows after him. Utakata agreed with Naruto about her grandfather being worried about her and told her they have to return to the fort. Hotaru said she hasn't decided, Utakata replied that she doesn't need the forbidden jutsu to restore her clan's glory and possessing too much power can only lead to great suffering. Later when Utakata told Hotaru does she understand that they have to remove the jutsu, she replied yes. As Hotaru was pacing around, she thought to herself has Utakata really gone off for good.

When Utakata saved the bird from a word controlled by chakra he discovers and reads a letter from Hotaru. He thought he was finally free of her but had this feeling that something wasn't right and went to find her. Utakata overheard the Magaki group conversation with Naruto and angrily demanded to tell her where they took Hotaru. When Utakata and Naruto quickly arrived to save Hotaru, Utakata said they were too late. Though controlled, Hotaru looked behind her sadly at Utakata. Hotaru had flashbacks about Shiranami telling her that he killed his father and one of the hunter nin telling her that Utakata killed his master and fled the village, she then thought that Utakata was nothing like Shiranami. Utakata questioned what will he do with Hotaru and got angry when he said he will use her as a vessel. Utakata started having a flashback about him and Hotaru were in a field and the words in her letter, Hotaru was running towards a pond while Utakata blew a bubble towards, when she made it towards the ponds she walked slowly on it then turned to Utakata, who snapped his fingers making the bubble near Hotaru pop, startling her causing her to fall in the water annoyed. Hotaru apologized to Utakata in her mind and how she was so foolish. After Utakata and Naruto broke free of Shiranami's control, Utakata ran to Hotaru while Naruto distracted Shiranami. When Utakata, Naruto and his clones made it to Hotaru, Utakata called out to Hotaru asked if she was alright, even though she was still under Shiranami's control. Hotaru chanted 'no' in her mind while looking at Utakata as Shiranami activated the forbidden jutsu.

After Shiranami demonstrated the forbidden jutsu on Utakata and Naruto, Hotaru broke half free from Shiranami's control she saw Naruto and Utakata laying on the ground unconscious, she fell to her knees crying thinking that she killed Utakata before being put back under Shiranami's control fully. Utakata rushed to Hotaru's side again after he bonded his hands and Naruto punched him in the face. Utakata asked Shiranami what's wrong with Hotaru when she begins glowing, he replied that taking in too much chakra energy. Utakata became more worried about Hotaru and called out her name. Utakata begged for the Six-Tails to give him some of it's power for Hotaru. When Utakata looked into Hotaru's thoughts, he saw all the places he and Hotaru have visited. After the swarm of bubbles floated past him, Utakata saw the boulder he and Hotaru first met, he heard cry and ran to the boulder to see Hotaru crying on the ground saying she never wanted to hurt anyone yet she hurt Naruto and Utakata. Utakata said that he and Naruto are fine. Hotaru looked at him for a moment then said she saw it happen, apologized to Utakata and she should just disappear along with the forbidden jutsu. Utakata said he wouldn't allow it and a good student should always listen to their master, which surprised Hotaru. Utakata then said they have to head back, Hotaru said thank you while wiping her tears. Hotaru suddenly felt the forbidden jutsu, Utakata asked what's wrong Hotaru pushed him away and told him to go and run away from her, saying the forbidden jutsu was tearing her apart and was going to explode. Utakata said that everything's going to be alright, Hotaru called his name, he said to trust her master. Utakata hugged Hotaru, causing her to be surprised, then Utakata put one of his hands on the forbidden jutsu. Utakata transformed out of Six-Tails, now holding Hotaru as Naruto came back asking if they were alright. Hotaru woke up to see Utakata staring at her, she called him her master, while he replied he has a troublesome student.

Hotaru returns to the village with Utakata and Team 7, saying that she is going to be traveling with Utakata to train then return back to the village another time. Later, Utakata and Hotaru leave for training they stop at the boulder they had first met. Utakata told her to wait there because he wanted to ask for permission to leave Kirigakure instead of running. While Hotaru was waiting, unaware that Utakata was defeated by Pain and his Six Paths. Utakata whispered last words about Hotaru that she must live then blew a bubble to the sky. Hotaru blithely danced amongst the flowers waiting for him, a plethora of bubbles erupted over her as she laid down. She gazed into one of her hands to see a bubble, unaware that her beloved master would never return.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax Edit

A reincarnated Utakata took Naruto into his subconscious to talk to him. Utakata told Naruto about how told Hotaru to wait and being defeated by Pain and his Six Paths, then said his true feeling for Hotaru. After their conversation, Utakata's remaining consciousness faded away.


  • Utakata is protective of Hotaru.
  • Utakata got angry at the Magaki group and demanded them to tell where Hotaru is.


Utakata's last words:

  • "Hota…ru…you…must live…"

Utakata to Naruto:

  • "I was like a bubble floating aimlessly in the wind, and Hotaru showed me the way."

Among the FansEdit

UtaHota is a filler couple with a small fanbase.

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