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    Hey guys! Yes, I realize that a quarter of the picture was accidentaly chopped out courtesy of me and my first time editing a photo. You can see the rest of the faces by clicking the original (Click the photo and it will take you to its source) or you can read below the picture (It's filled with all of the couples I marked on the meme). Me with my first actual blog post that wasn't posted out of the boredom of a sick and restless girl! I found this on DeviantART and I thought that I would do one of my own and here it is! Keep in mind that this are just a few of my opininions. If it's confusing, I'll write it out here with explainations(Sorta?)

    You can do your own by editing the image. Find the blank version by clicking the photo.

    ~Love Secto…

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    May 19, 2014 by Yuri Bara

    I am making this blog post one: Because I have nothing better to do and two: I don't remember the second reason...

    I have been spamming the Recent Wiki Activity for hours. How many Edits have I made in the last 24 hours? (Thirty-one. I counted. Two of which really shouldn't count because I added pictures that had already been added, even though I checked that there were no copies 4 times).

    It's 12:31 where I live, but I always stay up until at least 1:00. *Sigh* I need a purpose in life. Oh, wait, I have one. To be a fangirl. That's why I've been on Wikia all day.

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