• OceanaBlu

    Killer B's Dreamworld

    October 11, 2015 by OceanaBlu

    I actually liked this episode because:

    -Jinchuriki bonding

    -Killer B

    -Bijuu bonding



    During Naruto, I actually wanted all the Jinchuriki to team up and fight against Madara or Kaguya, like it would have been such an epic battle. Unfortunately we all know that when a Bijuu is extracted from a Jinchuriki, they obviously die. I just wished that Kishimoto would have changed that and added a Team Jinchuriki. It's like the Akatsuki. I felt that Kishimoto killed the Akatsuki off a little too early but then again I suppose it was needed so Madara and Kaguya could come in.

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