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    Rating: T

    I respect all pairings, and different point of views (I like PeinSaku). But there are some pairings I just can't wrap my head around. Although, well-written fanfictions usually soften you up when it comes to that, sometimes you end up in the darkest corners of and don't come out unscathed.

    The pairing I...tried to like a few years back was OroSaku. I'm not sure why, but I thought, "Hey, I never expected to like PeinSaku, who knows, maybe I'll find a good fic."

    But since I'm an idiot, I picked THE two fics that would change my mind about this pairing forever. One involved dear Orochimaru and little Kabuto kidnapping Sakura and impregnating her (yes, both of them) and the other was about Sakura ending up in his Lair and…

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