Hello everyone! Natsue here!

Today I want to talk about adding the source of the fanarts we share on the wiki. As you may all know, pictures are protected by Copyright laws, and that's a serious thing. Most of the time, we share fanarts without knowing  what kind of copyright permissions they fall under, some aren't even allowed to be shared around the internet. Outside all this legal thing we don't have many information about, there's another matter related to sharing art. Artist spend hours, days, weeks and even months working on the artworks we see around everyday. They work really hard on them and if we not give them the proper credit and/or ask for permission, it's just the same as stealing it. Some (especially japanese artists) are sick of people sharing their artworks without their authorization, and they simply just stop drawing and they end up deleting them from their webs. That's not fair for them. It's just rude and unpolite of our part letting things like this happen. 

It's hard to ask them for permission before downloading or sharing them,but there's one little thing we can do about this, and that's giving credit. I don't mean ex: "Found on google images" or pages like Zerochan/WeHeartIt/Photobucket,etc (by the way I wonder if it's allowed to mention another webs?). I'm talking about taking a little of our time and trying to search the real artist on art pages like deviantart,pixiv,tegaki,etc.

You may say "that's impossible!" but it's not true. Finding the original picture is easier than it seems. If you go to google images, you can find an option that allows you to upload a picture or the url of it, and search for the source! amazing isn't it?

My point is, the art is not ours, and we have to make clear who it really belongs to. We're helping the artist and we're avoiding ourselves legal or personal problems with them :D

What do you think? Please leave your comment about this, it's important!

Love, Natsue <3

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