Kishimoto's drawing

Hey guys! I was online facebook and I found this in a Sasuke Uchiha page. They(NaruHina and SasuSaku fans) said that both of these pictures are drawn by Kishimoto Masashi. They also said that Kishimoto have his reason drawing the picture background so can I know are all this reason are really from Kishimoto or they just made up?

Hinata picture

They said that the meaning of Hinata's name is "place in the sun"(some say the meaning of Hinata's name is "towards the sun") so that is why Kishimoto draw Naruto in the background of the the picture looking at the sun. Besides that, they also said that Kishimoto purposely draw the sun and the necklace that Hinata is wearing looks just like the symbol of the Uzumaki clan. This picture is Kishimoto's first depiction of Hinata.

Sakura picture

They said that Kishimoto use some names for the Uchiha abilities from the Shinto myth. The reason Kishimoto draw Sakura at the beach as the background of the picture is because in the Shinto myth Ninigi no Mikoto and Konohasakuya-hime meets and fall in love with each other at the beach. Which is why in Naruto Shippuden, the ending 14 - Transient Firework is shown Sakura singing her feeling about Sasuke at the beach. Besides that, they also said that Kishimoto purposely draw Sakura holding a fan is because the symbol of the Uchiha clan is a fan and the surname "Uchiha" is another way of pronouncing "Uchiwa"(it means paper fan in English) and on the fan there is the symbol of the Konoha Military Police Force.

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