I've never been a SasuSaku shipper; I had hoped Sakura would realize Sasuke was no good for her and she would end up with Naruto. But since that didn't happen and she ended up with Sasuke after all, I've gotten used to it and been keeping up with the anime to see the epilogue moments between them. But I've always wondered something. When and where did they get married, and when and where was Sarada conceived and born? Of course, an October doujinshi will show what their wedding likely was like, but we'll have to wait if Sarada will be included. I've always wondered if Sakura left Konoha to find Sasuke, they got married and she got pregnant during the traveling? If Sasuke returned to Konoha, married Sakura, conceived Sarada but they didn't find out until they started traveling together?

I think it's everyone's assumption that that she chased after him after the end of The Last, he quickly married her and got her pregnant during their traveling, due to what Karin said to Suigetsu in chapter 710. Anyone have opinions?

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