• Lillymo


    July 2, 2013 by Lillymo


    Hello, I'm not sure what to say, but I decided to add my own blog *Whisper: It is more likely isn't very good*

    Anway, I was looking at the earn pionts things and one is for adding comments on a blog and I just thought "But nobody has blogs, whaa!" So I decided to create one so people can try and earn their pionts XD Yeep. Now than, let me think. Hmm~


    My name is Lillymo *Ha. as if you don't know that!*

    I'm 18 years old XD

    I like many different anime and manga, nothing really gets to me.

    Yuri, Yaoi, Straight. Me fine with them all!

    I adore many different characters from many different thing. Roxie from Kingdom Heart is number one! Followed by Miharu and Yoite *MY top yaoi couple* from Nabari no Ou and Then Hinata and Sakura from Naruto!


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