Hi again everyone ^^

Although I'm Adm I do not have intention to create new rules without asking the community about it. So here's the matter:

There's a rule already in the wiki that says that when creating a page it must have at least 3 of the 7 sections filled or else the page will be deleted after a determined time. I'm not really picky about that, specially since some crack pairings don't have much info to put in their page.

But then I started thinking, if there`s no info to put in the article, specially the ämong the fans"section, doesn't that means that this pairing is not supported inside the fandom? Then it's really necessarily to have that pairing here?

My concern is that at some point, people start to match random characters just to create a new page, and then we'll have a bunch of pages with pratically no information or fans.It's not necessarily to find  community supporting that pairing, but you need to find at least one fn. If you find a fanart of the pairing, then you already found support of that pairing.

Maybe I'm just overreacting over something small ^^", but that's why I wanted to ask how everyone feels about it.Should we make a rule about that? Should we leave as it is for now? Or should we forget about the "pairings supported by the fandom" goal and leave to any possible pairing?

Sorry if this sounds like a scold to nyone.It's not my intention. If you disagree with me, please comment. The intention of the blog is to talk about it ^^

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