When I came to this wiki it had barely any editors and anonymous people were rulling over. The few editors would just make editions as they wish. Before I decided to adopt the wiki things started to get better, a few active users appeared and started to contribute with many good info and editions. I became Adm, and together with the active users we made many decisions including the creation of the MoS.

But then more users appeared, new pages were created, many editions were made and even some fights started. And It's been too much for me to handdle alone, considering that my personal life does't leave much free time.

That's why after thinking a lot, I made the decision to give Adm rights to another user so our wiki will have 2 adms instead of one.

And I decided to ask the user SasuSakuKAWAII if she wants to accept the "job".

REASONS: I know SSK-san from before I became ADM, and honestly, this wiki would not be what it is today without her. I think she have everything an Adm needs to have and I think she'll probably be a better ADM than me. She makes great editions, she helps with many articles and works like a professional.

SSK-san, will you accept to receive Administrator's rights? - Yes it sounds like I'm proposing or something XD

I want to let everyone know, and if anyone have anything against it, don't feel afraid to say, but please be polite.

Thank you Hikaru89 (talk) 21:39, September 27, 2013 (UTC)

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