Hello everyone. This blog was created with the intent to reunite the active editors so we can discuss about the wiki's format.

There're many great editors here recently and everyone is making great contributios. But some of us think that things are getting a little out of hand. First I'll say my personal opinion about the subject and I hope everyone show your opinions and suggestions about it.

My opinion is that we should decide together a single base format for every article in this wiki and padronize all of them. For an example most articles have this format: The Couple - Their Relationship - Evidence - Among the fans, because that's how the founder of the wiki create the articles I believe. But them many articles are being created with diferent formats, and I admit being part of it, since I add the "Unofficial Evidence" section to some articles and not yet for others. An now the whole amount of pages in diferent formats it's bothering me. To me, for the wiki to be an organized and fair one, all pages should have the same format even if does not have the same amount of information.

I just think that while the wiki it's supposed to be about a community, we end up working by ourselves alone. If I did something that anyone did not liked in the editions please tell me. Do not be afraid to talk, we need that if we want to work together.

That's my opinion and Iapologize already if someone felt offended by that. I have suggestions for a basic format of thepages, but for now I want to hear everyone's opinions.

Thank you Hikaru89 (talk) 22:01, July 4, 2013 (UTC)

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