Hi guys, here's the deal, long time ago we decided that the fanart pictures must have proper creditation, and yet there're lots of fanarts in the galleries without credit or source. There's also the problem that many new users start editing by uploading new pics without crediting them. If this continue I'll consider to remove all Fanart galleries.

So I decided that I'll start a fanart mass deletion soon. Pictures that will be removed:

  • Uncredited/ Unsourced pics;
  • Pictures from artists that asked to not have their artwork reposted;
  • edited fanart;


If you uploaded any fanart to the gallery and do not want it to be removed, please find the original source, check if the original artist doesn't say they don't want their artwork reposted (this is specially for pixiv illustrators), and then credit and source the picture. Otherwise the pictures will be removed.

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