I found this very cool interview for us Sasusaku fans,but unfortunately,it was on French.Luckily for you,I'm quite good at french so I translated it! Yay! Here you go! 

Question : " What did Sasuke do after he " knocked out " Sakura ? "

M.Kishimoto : " Honestly,when Sasuke " knocked out  " Sakura he wanted to keep her under custody,but due to dangers that might occur,he left her on the bench.
Q: " Was there a gesture that Sasuke would have given Sakura while she was unconcious? "
M.Kishi : " (laughs) Could be good,I don’t know, it is up to you to guess and wait for the upcoming revelations ! Who knows..! "

Q: " In the first episode of Shippuden,when Sasuke and Sakura ”re-met”,if Sasuke wanted-could he attack Sakura for real? "

M.Kishi: " I want to keep it a secret(laughs) If there is one person that Sasuke is unable to do evil to,it’s Sakura.It’s impossible for him to do it because she’s the only one that gives him enough love to ”survive”.She believes in him and you better be aware that he knows it."
Q: " Therefore,he loves her? ? " *im squeeling*
M.Kishi : " Hm.I don’t know,his feelings are still confused ,but I’m saying that we should not lose hope. "

Here 's a link to the original interview for the french SS fans :3 Feel free to point out some grammar mistakes!

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