The Couple

The Couple


SuiKa (Japanese スイカ) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Suigetsu Hozuki and Karin.

Their Relationship

Part II

Itachi Pursuit Mission Arc



Suigetsu and Karin are recruited by Sasuke to help track down Itachi; Sasuke's older brother. It is shown that Suigetsu and Karin greatly depised eachother upon meeting one another.

Suigetsu mocking Karin

Mocking Karin

While being teammates they are often shown having comedical bickerings with an annoyed Karin punching Suigetsu from time to time. When the team eventually is able to recruit Juugo, Suigetsu mocks Karin by comparing her to an animal; much to her annoyance and reacts to beating on him as the other teammates watch from afar. At one point, he reveals to Karin that he knows about her past with their team leader. He reveals that he knows how they met; annoyed and flustered by this, she beats on him again. At some point after the battle between Deidara, Suigetsu is sitting by an unconscious Sasuke's side while muttering to himself that Karin was taking a little too long and should be back by now from shopping.

Pain's Assault Arc

Worried Karin


When Suigetsu and his teammates battle against the Eight-Tails, Suigetsu uses himself as a human shield to protect his heavily injuried teammates. He also comments to himself that it's amusing how he's risking his own life to protect others. Karin is then later shown worried over his unconscious body. She quickly claims to the other team members that they can't leave or run away like this. When the team successfully escapes, Suigetsu scolds Karin for leaving his sword behind but is able to recover it sometime later.

Shinobi World War: Confrontation Arc

Gonna Find Karin

Suigetsu gonna find Karin

When Suigetsu and Juugo finally escape from their prison cells, he comments to himself that Juugo is a lot nicer then Karin and therefore, he likes him. However, he still states that it's too quiet without Karin around. Suigetsu then decides to go look for Karin. As Juugo and Suigetsu escape from the prisoner hold, he mentions that even if they were to be reunited with the other members, it wouldn't be a grand reunion. He then mockingly notes that they'll just get in Karin's way which is his second favorite thing to do; his first is gathering sword. Upon escaping, Juugo questions Suigetsu why he decided to join Taka. Smirking, Suigetsu claims that it's to get in the way of Karin and break her relationship with Sasuke; noting that he just loves to break things into two. Remarking that Suigetsu is quite reprehensive, he argues back that Sasuke is worst.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax Arc

Karin Suigetsu work-together

Suigetsu and Karin working together

When Orochimaru is "revived", Suigetsu is shown having the creeps and at one point, tries to escape. However, his escape fails when he is brutally attacks by an enraged Karin who had been tracking down the team. He would later note to himself that another idiot had joined the fray. After the team's reunion they are quickly split up again; Suigetsu and Karin going with Orochimaru to the location of the Kages while the other two members headed off to the battlefield. As Suigetsu and Karin finally meet their destination, they are both shown in disgust as they comment about the the slugs. They are then shown to have a comedical bickering, but is soon forced to cooperate with one another when they are threatened by Orochimaru. After working together to heal the Kages, the team leaves for the battlefield.

Birth of the Ten-Tails' Jinchūriki Arc

When Karin and Suigetsu finally arrive at the battefield, he reminds Karin of her job of healing the injuried to where she comedically defends herself that she already knows. As the two watch their team leader Karin thinks to herself that she should've went too, but Suigetsu again jokes with her that she will just get stabbed again. Hearing this, the Uzumaki pounds on him in rage.

SK - Survival

Coming to Karin's Aid

Karin soon begins tearing up, noticing this Suigetsu tells her to quit but is shocked with the rest when she states that she can no longer sense Sasuke's chakra. All at once, Karin stands up and barges through with chains connecting her back; breaking everthing in sight. A shocked Suigetsu comments on how amazing Karin can be with the other members impressed. Inspired, the team charges forward with Karin in the lead. However, Karin is approached by the zetsu clone and is stabbed. Coming to her aid, Suigetsu quickly shoots down the zetsu's head with Juugo carrying the Uzumaki's body and Orochimaru immobolizing the clone. Quickly, the team comes together and continues charging forward to save their fallen comrade.


  • Suigetsu stated that "When he sees them together, he wants to cut them apart". "Them" is referred to as Sasuke and Karin.[1]
  • Suigetsu noted that he had grown fond of Karin
  • Karin had worried for Suigetsu's state when his body had melted down during the Killer Bee battle
  • Despite being continuously pounded by Karin, Suigetsu never fought back
  • Suigetsu claimed that his second favorite thing to do was to bother/annoy Karin


Suigetsu to Juugo about Sasuke and Karin - Chapter 574:

  • "Ya know, when those two're together, I can't help but want to cut them apart..! It's something like..Being driven by this urge to want to cut things in two, right...That's me!!"

Karin to Sasuke about Suigetsu - Chapter 350:

  • "I hate Suigetsu, always running his mouth!!"

Suigetsu about Karin - Chapter 663:

  • "No way.. Karin's amazing.."

Among the Fans

SuiKa or SuiKarin is actually very quite popular in the Naruto fandom. It is most likely supported due to their love-hate relationship as well as the small hints of Suigetsu showing care over Karin's well-being as well as his teasing. It is a main rival couple to SasuKarin.


  • Karin's special ability is to heal people. People bite Karin and suck her chakra. Ironically, it should also be noted that Suigetsu has sharp teeth.
  • According to Naruto Databook 3: Sha no Sho, Karin's hobby is collecting perfume. The Japanese word for perfume (香水 Kōsui) is written with the first kanji of Karin's name (香) and the first kanji of Suigetsu's name (水).

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