The Couple

The CoupleEdit

ShinoKiba ( シノキバ ShinoKiba) is the term to describe the romantic relationship of [[w:c:Naruto:Shino Aburame|Shino Aburame] and Kiba Inuzuka, in which, Shino plays the dominant role and Kiba the submissive. When the roles are reversed the term is KibaShino (キバ シノ KibaShino).                 

Their Relationship Edit

Part IEdit

Chunin Exam ArcEdit

Shino completed the first two rounds of the Chunin Exams with Kiba and Hinata.

Part II Edit

Shinobi World War ArcEdit


  • Shino has expressed desire to become closer to Kiba (Along with everyone else he knew)
  • Their relationship has a similar dynamic to Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki.
  • Kiba had onced mentioned that shino is good looking.

Unofficial EvidenceEdit

Part IIEdit

Shinob World War ArcEdit

When the White Zetsu Army had infiltrated the Allied Shinobi Forces and began assassinating each member one by one, Team 8 were sent to a cave that was a hole to the allies' defenses. Team 8 encountered the White Zetsu clones but an explosion occurred and everyone had scattered. Afterwards Shino found that one member of the accompanying Sealing Team was stabbed with a kunai after the explosion had occurred. Knowing that the White Zetsu could absorb the chakra of their enemies to impersonate them, Shino (who did not have any physical contact during the fight) was the only one who could not be impersonated. Team 8 distrusted each other as the imposter but Shino figured out a way to discern the imposter with a game of rock-paper-scissors. Shino and Kiba (who had figured out the signals during that game) rooted out the White Zetsu clone impersonating Hinata and defeat it.

The next day, the Sound Four were reanimated and summoned to the battlefield to fight against their former opponents, only to purposefully be defeated so they could use a strange technique to trap their souls into a barrier. Choji, Shikamaru, Neji, Akamaru, and Kiba were caught in their jutsu. Shino found Neji, Kiba, and Akamaru unconscious with a weak pulse. After Hinata discovered that their chakra flow was halted, Shino deduced that they were put in a state of suspended animation and won't last long. Determined not be left out again, Shino used his insects to transfer his chakra into his friends, despite the strain of it not being a natural ability of his insects. Shino did this for an extended period of time, never leaving Neji or Kiba's side, despite the strain it put on him and his bugs. Eventually, Naruto found the barrier and destroyed it, allowing Inoichi, telepathically, to dispel the technique and free the Konoha ninja. Upon awakening, Kiba and Akamaru thanked the indifferent Shino for his assistance in saving them.

Among the FansEdit

ShinoKiba is not very popular among the Naruto fans, but is fairly known. It is most likely shipped because of Kiba and Shino's different personalities. Its rival pairings are KibaHina and ShinoHina.

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