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The CoupleEdit

Shino and Hinata - Profile Image
ShinoHina (シノヒナ ShinoHina) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Shino Aburame and Hinata Hyuuga.

Their RelationshipEdit

Part IEdit

In the beginning of the series, Shino and Hinata had become teammates along with their other teammates, Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru. They had not been enthusiastic about the idea, but eventually became good teammates and began to work out together.

During the Forest of Death, Hinata agreed with Shino's suggestion to be cautious, rather than rush towards potential danger, stating that he has a point. Later she was shown to share Shino's hesitation at Kiba's idea to collect more scrolls.

Before Shino's fight with Zaku, Hinata voiced to Kiba her concern if Shino would be alright to which Kiba assured her that Shino was strong.

After Shino and Zaku's fight during the Chunin Exams, Hinata and Kiba had both complimented Shino on his performance, with Shino meerly telling them to do the same.

During Hinata's fight with Neji Shino was shown to acknowledge a change in Hinata's growth. At first being surprised by her determination and then later noticing that she was in control of the fight.

Part IIEdit

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  • Both Shino and Hinata are on the same team and have a somewhat of a close relationship
  • It is shown that Hinata isn't shy around Shino which suggests that she's comfortable around him.
  • Hinata admires Shino's hobby of taking care of his bugs, to the point where it makes her want to find a hobby of her own too.[1]

Among the FansEdit

ShinoHina is actually somewhat popular in the fandom.  Many people probably support it due to the fact that both characters are shown to be calm and collected as well as not saying much.  It's a rival pairing to NaruHina and KibaHina.

References Edit

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