The Couple

The CoupleEdit


ShiShi (also known as ShikaShiho) (シカシホ ShikaShiho) is the term used for the romantic relationship between Shikamaru Nara (奈良シカマル, Nara Shikamaru) and Shiho (シホ, Shiho).

Their RelationshipEdit

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Shiho trying to look her best for Shikamaru.

When Shikamaru went to Konoha's Cryptanalysis Squad to get help with Jiraiya's code, he met a blonde bespectacled girl named Shiho. Shiho immediately showed an attraction towards Shikamaru and tries hard to be around him, although Shikamaru doesn't seem to notice. When Konoha was attacked by Pain, Shiho stayed with Shikamaru.


  • Shiho has indicated a number of times she is attracted to Shikamaru.
  • When he first left the Cryptanalysis Squad, she blushed and tried to fix her hair in a mirror, hoping he would return.
  • Later, she blushed again when she asked if she could go with him to report their findings.
  • The side bar to chapter 407 mentions how nervous and excited Shiho gets around Shikamaru.
  • She stayed with Shikamaru through the entire Pain attack.
  • Shikamaru broke his leg trying to protect her during the Pain attack.
  • Shiho more resembles the quiet non-trobulesome girl Shikamaru said he would like to marry.

Unofficial EvidenceEdit

  • During a filler episode set after Pain's defeat, Shiho heavily flirts with Shikamaru.

Among the FansEdit

ShiShi received a boost of popularity when Shiho first appeared and stayed through the Pain arc. But it has never gotten even remotley close to the massive popularity of ShikaTema and ShikaIno. It is obviously a rival couple to those two pairings.