Fillers - Part IEdit

Konoha Invasion ArcEdit


Sasuke is Temari's type of guy

In Naruto episode 72, Sasuke wanted to finish his and Gaara's match that they didn't end, due to the invasion. Kankuro, holding Gaara, got nervous and wanted to protect Gaara. But Temari stepped up and said that she would fight Sasuke, so that she would waste time on him. Temari also commented that Sasuke is her type of guy.


Temari fights Sasuke

They quickly fought, while each both trying to perserve their chakra, Temari not having as much from her and Shikamaru's match. Sasuke then threw a paper bomb at her, but she was too slow to dodge. She was scooted back, falling on her fan, and blood coming out of her mouth. Sasuke then mentioned to her that he was wasting time on her, with an upset Temari.

Video GamesEdit


Temari says "" to Sasuke

In Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution 2, if the players plays Temari fighting against Sasuke, Temari immediately responds Sasuke and says, ""

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