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The Couple

The Couple

SasuMei (サスメイ SasuMei) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Sasuke Uchiha and Mei Terumī.

Their Relationship

Five Kage Summit Arc

During the five Kage meeting, Mei tells Sasuke he is a good-looking man and says that she will give him a kiss to remember her by.

Mei quotes

During the fight, Mei seals Sasuke with her in an adjacent hall so she can destroy him by filling the hall with a corrosive mist. At that time, Mei said to Sasuke that it always hurt her heart to melt a good-looking guy.


  • Mei said Sasuke is a good-looking guy.[1]

Among the Fans

SasuMei is not very popular in fandom, but does have a number of supporters. This pairing was supported due to what Mei said to Sasuke during the fight between her and Sasuke in the Five Kage Summit Arc. The relationship between Sasuke and Mei is considered a crack pairing because there is not much evidence was shown in the manga and anime. Its rival couple are SasuSakuSasuNaru, and ChoMei.

External Links


  1. Manga: Chapter 465, 466

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