The Couple

The Couple

SasoSaku (Japanese サソサクSasoSaku) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Sasori and Sakura Haruno.

Their Relationship

Sasori and Sakura first meet during the Kazekage Rescue Arc in Part II, where Sakura and Sasori's grandmother, Chiyo, have to team up to battle him.

Sakura vs Sasori

Sasori VS Sakura

Throughout the battle, Sasori finds himself impressed with Sakura's abilities, both as a fighter and a poison specialist. After being defeated, Sasori says that he wouldn't have cared if his grandmother had died, that she was just another human life he would have taken. Enraged, Sakura punches him in the face and asks him what he thinks human life and blood ties are, and why he can't think of another way.

Later, he rewards Sakura for defeating him by telling her of a spy he has working for Orochimaru, dying just as he tells her about their planned rendezvous.


  • Sasori was impressed with Sakura's abilities.
  • It is believed that Sakura's last words to Sasori had an effect on him emotionally.
  • Before his soul was released from Edo Tensei, one of Sasori's last thoughts was Sakura. And what's interesting was that he was simply remembering her, without any spite or anger.

Among the Fans

SasoSaku is a fairly popular pairing among fans. It is the most popular hetero Sasori pairing and has a fair amount of popularity among Sakura pairings. Fans likely support it due to the interesting relationship they had during their battle as well as Sakura's last words to him. Its aesthetic appeal may also play a part in it. Their rival couples are NaruSaku, SasuSaku, SasoDei, and SaiSaku.