Unofficial EvidenceEdit

Fillers - Part IIEdit

Twelve Guardian Ninja ArcEdit

When Team Kakashi is sent to chase grave robbers, Sakura and Sai are forced into battle. Managing to escape from his attacker, Sai saves Sakura from an enormous spider but gets injuried in the process. This puts Sai into the hospital and is replaced by the key character of the arc; Sora

Power ArcEdit


Sai save Sakura

In episode 294, Sai went to rescue Sakura when he saw her got restrained by Hayate and the other reincarnated shinobi that was about to explode. He even save her from the explosion and got injured. Later, Sakura heal Sai in episode 295.


Sakura's deadly blow

Sakura deals a blow to Sai

  • During the omake after episode 212, Sakura, Sai and Naruto are in a store reading magazines. Sai who was reading, "How to make a girl's heart stir?" approaches Sakura. Whispering into Sakura's ear, Sakura reacts to punching him unconscious as she sends him into a ceiling. Noticing this, Sakura quickly apologizes and pulls him down as she desperately tries to slap him awake.


Naruto Shippuden the Movie: The Lost TowerEdit

Naruto, Sakura, Sai and Yamato are assigned to capture Mukade, a Konoha missing-nin. When a light envelopes Naruto and Yamato, Sakura attempts to follow them into the light, but Sai stops Sakura from getting sucked into the Ryūmyaku by catching her on his ink bird.

Rock Lee's Springtime of YouthEdit


Sai in love with Sakura

In chapter 22 of the manga, a magic scroll with a jutsu designed to make people fall in love with the first person they see, ends up loose in Konoha. When Sai pick up the magic scroll, he sees Sakura and falls in love with her. Sai tells Sakura that she was just his type and her face doesn't matter as long as her body is rocking, which makes Sakura angry.

In chapter 30, Sai told Naruto and Sakura that he is working on drawing both of them. Not knowing that his drawing of Sakura was ruined by Lee, Tenten and Neji, Sai shows his drawing to Naruto and Sakura as he says that he thinks he have made Sakura a little too cute. This makes Sakura angry and punches him.

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