• In the omake after episode 54, Team 7 and Team 10 (excluding Shikamaru) are eating BBQ. After Naruto stopped Sai who almost insulted Chouji by naming him a nickname called "fatty", Ino give some of the meats to Sai. Seeing this, Sakura then told Ino to stop acting like a bimbo because it was sickening. Angered, Ino falsely accuses Sakura for trying to start a romantic relationship with Sai. Despite the boys attempts to calm the girls down, Ino insulted Chouji by calling him "fat" and causes damage to the restaurant. Sai pays for the damages, commenting that coming up with nicknames are hard.


  • In Shippuden Opening 20 - Empty Heart, the shot transitions from Ino looking sideways to Sai under a body of water. Sai opens his eyes and stretches out his hand, at which point another person (heavily implied to be Ino due to the events of the Shikamaru Hiden arc) grabs his hand and begins to pull him upward.

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Ino's Ruined Date

Ino has Sai go on a date with her while saying she had simply wanted to talk to him. When Naruto walks up to the pair Sai asks if Naruto would like to come with Ino and him. Sai's preposition angers Ino. Ino yells at Naruto for trying to get in the way of her and Sai's date. Naruto questions Sai about their date, but Sai tells him "No, she only told me that she wanted to talk..." Sai tells Naruto that he isnt very good with people so he thinks it'd be a good idea that Naruto should come with him. It's implied that that is why he was looking for Naruto in the first place. After Sai realizes that Ino lied to him he's shown to be uncomfortable. Naruto himself tells Sai "I see. Yeah, I'd worry a bit if you were on your own here, Sai." Naruto offers to help Sai through the ordeal so Sai doesn't slip up and say anything wrong. 

During their date, Sai did what Naruto had whispered to him; that is to keep his mouth shut. Sai just stayed quiet while Ino keep blabbing on by herself. Ino then begins to asked Sai some question about him but he didn't answered them and stayed quiet. Seeing Sai is being too quiet, Naruto tries to speak for Sai every time when Ino ask Sai some question but Ino angrily yells at Naruto, telling him that she is not asking him. Later, Ino angrily accuses Naruto that he is ruining her date with Sai.

After the date, Ino angrily told Naruto that it is his fault that she couldn't be charming on her date and said that it is okay if Sai doesn't say much because cool guys never do. Ino seems happy enough to only talk about herself while Sai says nothing. Before they leave, Ino turn to Sai, asking him whether she can ask him out again and next time they should really talk to each other but Sai didn't reply Ino's question and just stayed quiet. Naruto then try to speak for Sai again but Ino looks at Naruto and Sai, telling him that she is not asking him and leaves with Sai.

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