The Couple Edit

ObiSasu (Japanese オビスザ ObiSasu) is the term to refer the romantic relationship between Obito Uchiha and Sasuke Uchiha.

Their Relationship Edit

Itachi Persuit Mission Edit

When Obito said that Sasuke looked just like Itachi, Sasuke glared at him which frightened him to back away.

Fated Battle Between Brothers Edit

Obito kept Naruto and his teammates at bay while Sasuke fought Itachi, and later rushed to the battlefield after Itachi died. Obito' s reason for this was so that he could speak to Sasuke after Itachi was dead because Itachi always suspected he intended to manipulate Sasuke for his own agenda. When Sasuke awakened, Obito proceeded to tell him the truth of Itachi slaughtering the Uchiha clan at the Konoha elders' orders to protect Sasuke but minimized his own involvement. Sasuke was hostile towards him and refused to believe him until Obito pointed out that Sasuke was still alive. As Sasuke realized the truth, Obito led him to conclude that the village was guilty of ruining his and Itachi's lives and encouraged him to seek revenge against Konoha.

Eight Tails Jinchuriki Edit

Obito offered Sasuke to take Itachi's eyes but Sasuke refused. Obito then offered Sasuke help from the Akatsuki in exchange he and his team Taka capture the Eight Tails jinchuriki. Sasuke accepted but made it clear he didn't consider Obito as an ally and the Akatsuki was no use to him. Obito retorted he didn't mind and only wanted Sasuke to honor their agreement. When Sasuke decided to kill everyone in Konoha and he would never change his mind, Obito was satisfied but had some dougts Sasuke would actually ignore Itachi's wish for him to protect Konoha.

Five Kage Summit Edit

When Sasuke failed to capture Killer B, Obito told him to kill Danzo at the Kage Summit as he was the true conspirator of the massacre, and Sasuke agreed. Obito then told Naruto, Kakashi and Yamato about Itachi in order to justify Sasuke's actions. When Sasuke is nearly killed fighting the Kage and their bodyguards, Obito stepped in to save him and speak to the Kage himself, and sent him away to be healed.

After declaring war on the Five Great Nations, Obito lets Sasuke free to fight Danzo. After Sasuke kills Danzo and is confronted by Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi, Obito comes in to aid him and takes him back to his hideout, where he performs the eye transplant on Sasuke.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Confrontation Edit

Obito refuses to hand Sasuke over to Kabuto but agrees to do so after they win the war.

Fourth Shinobi World War: Climax Edit

After reuniting with Itachi and learning about Obito's intents behind the war, Sasuke was angered that Obito had used him and was outraged that Obito dared to fight against all five nations. Disapproving of the war, Sasuke agreed to stop Kabuto in order to help Itachi undo the Reanimation Jutsu, thus making Obito lose majority of his military power. After speaking to the four reanimated Hokage and learning about Konoha's past, Sasuke decides siding with Obito will anul Itachi's sacrifices and decides to fight against him.

Ten Tails Jinchuriki Edit

After being struck down by Minato and Sasuke saying he is disappointed that Obito was defeated so fast but relieved the war was over, Obito was amused Sasuke thought the war was over and was not surprised Sasuke turned on him. Obito then becomes the ten Tails jinchuriki.

Sasuke teamed up with Naruto to fight against Obito, who in turn tried to kill them. Ultimately, they succeeded in defeating Obito. Sasuke wanted to kill Obito right away but Minato said it would do no good since Obito had a change of heart.

Kaguya Otsutsuki Strikes Edit

When Kaguya is revived by Black Zetsu and she sends Sasuke to another dimension to separate him from Naruto, Obito decides to help bring Sasuke back with the aid of Sakura. With his Kamui and receiving chakra from sakura's 100 Healings Seal, Obito manages to help Sasuke return.

Resuming the battle with Kaguya, she uses her gravity dimension on them and attempts to kill Naruto and Sasuke. Obito and Kakashi stand in front of them to protect them but Obito also saves Kakashi, taking the hit himself and dies. Although surprised at first, Sasuke said they need to focus on Kaguya because Obito was beyond help.

Evidence Edit

  • Obito was always interested in gaining Sasuke's loyalty.
  • Obito saved Sasuke twice.

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