Unofficial evidenceEdit


During the omake after episode 16, Naruto brings Temari and Kankuro to the Konoha Hot Springs to show them how great Konoha is. While bathing, Temari demands Kankuro to toss her the soap, as she had forgotten hers. Naruto offers to do it instead with an attempt of peeping. However, his attempt fails with a bucket thrown at his head by Temari.

Video GamesEdit

In Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, Naruto compliments Temari, telling her that her body is light as feather and she totaly stole the show, to which Temari replies that she already knows.
In Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, Temari asks Naruto why he is able to turn from a nervous wreck to his normal composture so easily. Naruto replies that it is because of her glare and Temari asks him if she's too scary. Naruto confirms that she is, causing Temari to scold him for being too blunt.

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