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The Couple

The Couple


NaruSaku (Japanese ナルサク NaruSaku) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno

Their Relationship

Part I

Introduction Arc


When Sakura first makes an appearance, Naruto is shown blushing, stating she was a very cute girl who he liked. Thinking she might sit next to him due to the fact she was looking in his direction while smiling, he waves his hand to welcome her. However, she instead shoves him away and steals the seat next to Sasuke Uchiha, much to his annoyance and dismay. Naruto is shown to envy Sasuke, much of this due to Sakura's interest in the Uchiha

When the teams are finally revealed, Naruto cheers in delight at the announcement of the pink haired kunoichi's name while she looked down in dismay. Later, Naruto decides to lock away the Sasuke to give a chance for him to talk to Sakura. Transforming to Sasuke, he would approaches her. Sitting alone on a bench, Sakura is shown thinking to herself about her flaws. Looking up, she sees Naruto in Sasuke's form who compliments her forehead, causing her to blush. Wanting to know her personal view on himself, the Uzumaki asks her. Sakura replies, saying she thought Naruto was annoying. She then confesses to the transformed Naruto that she just wants the Uchiha's acknowledgement and leans in to kiss him. While leaning to receive the kiss, he realizes to himself why he liked her so much, but this is quickly interrupted with a stomach ache. Upon rushing to the restroom, Sakura comments to herself of how shy he was.


Sakura wanting to be nicer to Naruto.

When later called annoying by Sasuke, Sakura realizes how wrong she was to treat Naruto so poorly and decides to be nicer to him while also blushing and smiling. Upon returning back from the restroom, Sakura greets him, but this instead causes Naruto to become suspicious if it was just Sasuke who transformed into her. His stomach begins to rumble again and he rushes back to the toilet, angering Sakura. The next day, when the just newly formed team is waiting for Kakashi, Naruto decides to prank him for being late by planting an eraser on the door. Although she scolds him for doing such a thing, Sakura's inner self is shown to approve of this. When Kakashi finally arrives and is hit by the eraser, her inner self is shown cheering for the success of Naruto's prank.


Team 7

When the team is finally chosen to introduce one another, Sakura is shown to be baffled by Naruto stating that he wanted to become Hokage. When it is her turn to express her likes and dislikes, she plainly points out that she dislikes Naruto, much to his dismay. During the bell test when Naruto shows off his Shadow Clones, Sakura is shown to be impressed, even stating that he was "pretty good".

After the team fails to pass the first test, they are given another chance. Though ordered to not share food with the tied up Naruto, Sakura decides to go against it after the Uchiha and is shown to be the one to eventually feed Naruto who was blushing at the time. At the end, the team passes.

Land of Waves Arc

Naruto-Chapter113 zps24ea64ea

On their way to Tazuna's, Naruto decides to be overly cautious, sensing that somebody was following them. After Kakashi Hatake confirms to his group that they are being followed, he tells everyone to duck and Sakura is shown protecting Naruto with her body. It is revealed the enemy is Zabuza Momichi

Naruto-Chapter134 zps1a5eef8f

During their battle with by Zabuza, Sakura is shown scolding at Naruto, who runs towards the enemy. However, it is revealed that he had wanted to grab his headband. Surprised by his action, Sakura is shown to be admiring his will and soon begins to notice his improvements in training as well.

85px-Naruto is proud of sakura

Naruto cheers Sakura on

When the team is practicing tree climbing, Sakura completes it with ease, showing off her chakra control and earning Naruto's praise. Naruto pleads for Sakura's advice where they then whisper in secret. During another encounter with Zabuza and finally Haku|Haku, Sakura is shown to worry over the safety of Naruto and the rest of her teammates. At one point, she screams for Naruto's safety as he falls from the top of a tree, but is relieved when it turned out to just be a joke (and gets worried/angry when Naruto actually does start to fall). She later is relieved when Naruto is shown to have defeated Haku. When she asks about Sasuke's whereabouts, Naruto can only give her a pained look and is unable to watch her grieve over Sasuke's "dead" body.

Chunin Exams Arc

Naruto-Chapter341 zpsa8705ac0

After the completion of their mission, the team meets up in the morning, preparing for a new mission. Kakashi is however three hours late and is later scolded by Sakura. After the return of the mission, Sakura is shown carrying an exhausted and injured Naruto, scolding him for pushing himself too hard.

Konohamaru believes that

Naruto's reaction to Konohamaru

The group is approached by Konohamaru Sarutobi and his team and Konohamaru asks Naruto if Sakura was his girlfriend. As Naruto blushes at the thought, Sakura punches him in annoyance before walking away. However, Konohamaru begins to mock her and this causes her to chase the two around in a comedic fashion. When Team 7 enters the room with the rest of the genin, Sakura notices how unusually quiet Naruto is and is about to cheer him up, thinking he was nervous and scared, and is irritated when he immediately banters with the other genin. During the writing test, Sakura notices Naruto's struggle and begins to forfeit with intention of protecting his dream of becoming Hokage, but stops when she sees him lifting his hand up and slamming it down in resolve to keep going on.

In the Forest of Death, when Sakura and Sasuke are left paralyzed by Orochimaru, Naruto quickly comes to their aid, with Sakura immediately praising him. Sakura and her teammate then watch in horror as Naruto attacks the enemy ninja. When Naruto is knocked out, Sakura pins him to a tree with her kunai to keep him from falling. She then screams to Sasuke that Naruto it's not like him, but at least he's not a coward. When Sasuke is down, Sakura pleads for the unconscious Naruto's help.

During Sakura's encounter with the sound ninjas, Sakura's desire to protect Rock Lee, Naruto and Sasuke, the people who've protected her, and inspiration to fight back. After the Sound Ninja's leave, Naruto dreams about saving Sakura from Orochimaru. He then wakes up startled and notices her chopped hair, but Sakura tells him she wanted an image change. Before the preliminary rounds, the group open the scrolls that summons Iruka Umino, congratulating them on their advance. Before they go off, they ask about the purpose of these scrolls and Iruka explains the Heaven and Earth process of how one needs the other to be complete. He then adds on by comparing Naruto to Earth while Sakura to Heaven.

Cheering On

Naruto Cheers Sakura On.

During the preliminary matches exam, when Sakura was to face Ino Yamanaka, Naruto, along with Lee and Kakashi, cheer her on. When Ino tries to make Sakura forfeit, Naruto loudly cheers her on, telling her not to give up. Thanks to his cheering, Inner-Sakura awakens and
Sakura rules
forces Ino out; the two finish their battle and it ends in a tie. Before Shikamaru Nara's battle, Sakura tells Naruto he should worry about himself, but also thanks him for cheering for her, even saying that had he not, she would've lost. When Naruto faces Kiba Inuzuka, Sakura is shown to silently encouraging him. When Kiba begins to mock Naruto, Sakura is shown thinking to herself how she used to think the same, but how wrong she was. Silently and to herself, she tells Naruto to show everyone who had always doubted him to be proven wrong. As she says this to herself, Naruto is shown to quickly get up and finish his face off, him being the victor. During Naruto's match with Neji Hyuga, Sakura is shown cheering him on with the rest of what will become the Konoha 11

Invasion of Konoha Arc

95px-Naruto saved you

Naruto saved you

When Sakura is immobilized by Gaara's sand, Naruto fights Gaara, promising to save her. When thinking about his similarities with Gaara, Naruto lists Sakura among the people who first acknowledged him and saved him from his loneliness. With her life at his stake, he manages to summon Gamabunta while telling himself that he'd protect Sakura no matter what. He then tells Gamabunta to avoid hurting her, while pressing the urgency of saving her. Even after being out of chakra, he checks on Sakura from a distant and notices her unconscious form before turning back to Gaara with determined look on his face. One last time, he manages to call forth chakra. After the defeat of Gaara, when Sakura and Sasuke watched Naruto train, Sakura thanked Sasuke for saving her. Much to her surprise, he confesses that it was Naruto. Thankful, Sakura turns to watch Naruto and gives him a smile.

Sasuke Retrieval Arc

When an unconscious Sasuke is embraced by a relieved Sakura, Naruto smiles sadly at the two before walking out. Tsunade then notes Naruto is more sensitive than he looks.

During the fight between Naruto and Sasuke at the hospital's rooftop, Sakura pleads her teammates to stop, but with no avail. Not wanting to watch the fight any longer, she pleads again for the two to stop and rushes in between both of their attacks, only to be saved by Kakashi. A distracted and worried Sakura is then approached by Naruto, who tries to cheer her up. Sakura then decides to confess to Naruto about Sasuke's unusual behavior and the possible path he might take. Naruto cheers her up and assures Sakura of Sasuke's decisions.

Later, Sakura asks Naruto out on a date. During the date, Teuchi praises Naruto for bringing his girlfriend on the date. Naruto imminently confesses that he wasn't her boyfriend while blushing at the same time. But instead of becoming angry, Sakura does nothing. Still worried, Naruto reassures Sakura that Sasuke wouldn't do anything bad, because he's strong. Reacting to this, Sakura tries to give the Uzumaki a smile.

After Sasuke leaves the village, Naruto and his team are shown waiting outside the gate. They are approached by Sakura who then desperately begs Naruto to bring back Sasuke, believing him to be the only person who can. Looking at the crying Sakura, Naruto gives her a pained smile and confesses that he knows her feelings for Sasuke and know how it pains her, telling her how much he can understand.

Promise of a LifeTime

The promise

Naruto makes a "lifetime promise" to bring Sasuke back. Surprised and feeling guilty, Sakura has a flashback on how she used to always look down on Naruto, but how Naruto always knew, was always there for her, willing to do anything; these thoughts quickly brings her to tears. The team also brings up the lifetime promise to Naruto several times while encouraging him to continue after Sasuke. When the team comes back and Sakura finds out that he failed the mission, she doesn't hold it against him, but tries to cheer him up. When the Uzumaki notes to Sakura that he hasn't given up, she promises him that she'll be stronger so next time they'll do it together. In reality, however, Naruto secretly felt that he had failed in his promise, and became depressed. The two part ways as Naruto leaves the village to be trained by Jiraiya while Sakura decides to take a similar route and requests that Tsunade take her as her apprentice.

Part II

Kazekage Rescue Arc

Zekrom676-3814053 413 300

Sakura blushing while asking Naruto if she has grown.

When Naruto finally returns to the village, Sakura is one of the first (first in the anime) to greet him. She is shown surprised by how much he's changed, both physically and mentally, and appears to be attracted to these changes given her inner dialogue, facial expressions, and the fact she occasionally blushes. When she asks Naruto if she looks more womanly, he plainly answers (in an attempt to compliment her) that she looks the same, much to her chagrin, to which Jiraiya replies to himself that Naruto still can't understand a girl's feelings, although Sakura quickly gets over it. She also noted how Naruto had clearly matured more, and is further attracted, but when he finally claims to have come up with a technique even more perverted than his Sexy Technique, she punches him for ruining all the admiration she held for him.

When they train together later, Naruto is shown to be impressed (and terrified) by Sakura’s strength as he and Sakura work together to retrieve the bells from Kakashi. They start trying to work together despite no underlying requirements of teamwork (which the two are saddened about), and they lean in very close while creating a humorous plan to get the bells. The plan succeeds, and Naruto and Sakura hold up the bells to Kakashi while smiling playfully together. After training, Naruto and Sakura start up a conversation, completely ignoring Kakashi's words as they plan a Team 7 get-together. Kakashi bails, however. Naruto then nervously points out that the two are alone. He asks Sakura out for a date based on the get-together's premise, and unlike she usually does she agrees only if he pays (and he doesn't have the money, though they still go on the date). The two then walk around town together, and as Naruto complains about various things with his arms behind his back, Sakura is shown leaning forward, giving him a beaming smile and stare. She also giggles when Naruto outbursts over how he is the only remaining genin among the group that competed in the Chunin Exams.

After the news of Gaara's capture and meeting Chiyo, Sakura later learns one of Naruto’s burdens and is greatly saddened when Naruto tells her that he was the container of the Nine-Tailed Beast, questioning him on how long he has been targeted by Akatsuki in fear. Having a flashback of Naruto alone as a child causes Sakura to ponder upon what would happen to the Jinchuriki if the beast was extracted from them. When Chiyo explains that they would most likely die, Sakura bursts into tears. After saying Sakura cries a lot, Naruto then claims that he would rescue Gaara which causes Sakura to frustratedly exclaim she is worried about him, but she is quickly cut off by him walking away, leaving her further worried.

You're great

"'re great."

Sakura later proves her skills as a talented medical ninja by saving Kankuro's life. While removing the poison from his body, Naruto comes into the scene and is shown to be impressed. While the medical nin is shown explaining to a group about the complicated medical procedures, Naruto is again shown impressed, commenting to himself how great she was. It was shown that Naruto asked Sakura to carry her backpack and she handed it to him.


The group later runs into Itachi Uchiha, and after discovering who he was Sakura became angry because Itachi had caused Naruto and Sasuke so much suffering. During the fight with him, one of the genjutsu's used against Naruto was his failed promised towards Sakura. As Naruto struggles to break Itachi's genjutsu, Sakura and Chiyo transfer chakra to his body, causing him to break free. However, Naruto is shown to still remain dazed. Noticing this, Sakura puts her hand on his face, causing him to snap out of his trance but clearly be shocked by what she was doing. Later during Sakura's fight with Sasori, she is shown using Naruto's life time promise as one of her motivations.

When Naruto chastises everyone for not understanding the jinchuriki, Sakura worriedly looks at him and says his name. The two also team up to give Chiyo their chakra. After Gaara's retrieval and revival, Naruto and Sakura mourn over the death of Chiyo together.

Sai and Sasuke Arc

When Sai is introduced to the group, Naruto, who had met him earlier, greets him in disgust, whereas Sakura is shown surprised by his similar looks towards their former teammate. When Sakura is later torn up by how Naruto was over Sasuke, she tells Sai that the two were like brothers. Sai then questions her actions to why she was being gentle with Naruto, but is quickly interrupted by the Uzumaki himself. Sakura's deep concern for Naruto is later shown when Naruto enters his beast form. Seeing how much pain he was in, she has a flashback of a smiling Naruto and quickly runs to his side in tears while pleading with him that she'd save Sasuke for him. However, she is knocked away by and receives a major gash on her arm from one of the tails, due to him being unable to distinguish between friend and foe. After Kabuto mostly heals her and Naruto is qualmed, Sakura runs back over to Naruto in tears, showing no resentment towards him but rather concern.


Sakura healing Naruto

Naruto-Chapter29711 zps55bc8d0f

When healing Naruto afterwards, Sakura expresses her desire to be useful to Naruto. Despite her wound, she continues to heal the Uzumaki and soon asks Yamato to teach her the technique to stop Naruto's Kyubi form. She is quickly saddened when he tells her that he was the only who had this ability, saying that, as usual, the things she can do for Naruto are small and meaningless. Noticing this and her wound, Yamato claims that the important thing is Sakura's strong feelings, causing her to look up in confusion. Smiling, Yamato tries to say that he can tell she likes him by just looking at her, but he is quickly cut off as Naruto begins to awaken. Upon waking up, Sakura is shown to shed tears of joy upon his revival. Seeing this, Naruto thinks Sai insulted her, and immediately tries to "aid" her, getting punched in the gut for his dense nature in the process.

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Later on, the trio is shown discussing about Sai's betrayal. When Yamato finally decides that they should go after them, Naruto begins to stretch his arm and immediately faints, causing him to fall to the ground. Sakura then quickly rushes to his aid, and holds him in her arms. Noticing his heavy breathing, she becomes worried and concludes that he hasn't fully recovered yet. When Yamato advises her to leave him there, she quickly outbursts in disagreement. However, Naruto quickly holds her hand for the first time and assures her that he would be alright, although Sakura is still noticeably worried. Standing to his feet he claims that he would be following the group, but is shown struggling not to fall causing Sakura to be more concerned.

1456833 363046120498712 662211245 n

The three then begin their pursuit on Orochimaru. While traveling through the forest to reach their destination, Naruto and Sakura are both shown struggling with their injuries. Naruto is quickly shown to lose consciousness from time to time to the point of almost being hit by a branch, which Sakura notices. Sakura who is swinging behind the group slips from the pain in her arm and begins to fall. Naruto then desperately tries to grab her, but Yamato managed to catch her instead. Naruto soon expresses his concern over her condition, and leans in close to her as she leans against a tree. Looking at the injury on her arm, he questions her where as she lies that it was from Orochimaru. Yamato then says that Sakura must heal herself, since the mission depends on her healing. Although Sakura says she'll be fine, Naruto sides with Yamato and advises her to not to push herself too hard; he even compliments her every juncture which causes the medical nin to blush and look down until he mentions about her "Brute strength." While Sakura is sitting alone healing herself, Yamato confirms to Naruto that it was him while in his beast form who wounded her which leaves the Uzumaki shocked and devastated. Yamato then advises that if he wants to save Sasuke and protect Sakura, he has to do it with his own strength; Naruto, having an illusion of Sakura walking, agrees.

Later, the group reunites with Sai and runs into Sasuke. Sasuke chides Naruto for chasing him around rather than train to be Hokage, but Naruto makes a reference to his promise by saying that he can't be considered a Hokage if he can't save his friend. When Sasuke tries to cut down Naruto, Sakura gasps and tries to stop Sasuke verbally. After Naruto gets knocked down by Sasuke's Chidori Current, Sakura remembers that she said she and Naruto would bring Sasuke back together, and finally sums up the will to attack Sasuke. This was also done recklessly, as had Yamato not intercepted the attack, she clearly would've been stabbed. After the group fails to retrieve Sasuke, Sakura tells Naruto that even if they failed here, they'll continue to get stronger together. After the mission report, Naruto asks Sakura out, but instead of outright declining she says that they were ordered to remain home; Naruto then tries to make excuses on how they could avoid getting noticed, while Sai watches the whole time.

Tumblr inline miqwvaLesd1qz4rgp

Some time after returning to Konoha, Naruto is shown walking outside for some fresh air while Sai is seen studying books in the library. He is shown reading aloud about suffixes and the importance of each to himself. Curious, Sakura approaches Sai and greets him to where he in embarrassment, tries to cover the books that he was reading. Naruto who is still walking through the village has a flashback about the encounter he had with Sasuke and just as he snaps out of his trance, Sakura and Sai arrive to see him sitting on a bench. Naruto then questions Sai's presence and complains that both Sakura and Sai interrupted him while he was devising a plan to go with Sakura on a date. The medical nin then advises him that he should better go study ninjutsu instead. While Naruto argues with Sakura, Sai notices the close relationship between the two from what he learned previously in his books about the importance of suffixes. Watching the two, he blushes and asks to join them to where the two stare at him in confusion. Sai goes on by saying he had read a book on how name suffixes and nicknames work, and Sakura gives him poor advice by saying he should focus on one's qualities, giving Naruto the nickname "Stupid Naruto", causing him to gently try to appease her. When a misled Sai promptly calls Sakura "Ugly Dog", she tries to attack him; Naruto holds her back, resulting in both of them getting slapped.

Hidan and Kakazu Arc

Naruto is shown training with both Kakashi and Yamato as he tries to learn a new technique with Sakura and Sai watching in the background. While watching, Sai is shown to be glancing back and forth between the two in awe. Sakura is shown to come visit casually and is quickly impressed by the Uzumaki's vast improvements. Upon returning home, she is seen looking at their Team 7 photo and sheds a tear.

Naruto-Chapter3438 zps907c4fb0

At the end of the mission, Sakura is shown healing Naruto’s broken arm and warns him that it’s too dangerous to use his newly learned jutsu. Naruto replies that it'd be alright as long as she heals it for him. While eating ramen with Sai and Sakura, Naruto complains he can’t eat because of his broken arm and Sakura, seductively moving her chair and leaning in closer to him, gives him a flirtatious look and offers to feed him, which leaves him happily surprised and blushing. The moment, however, is interrupted because of Sai, who tries to feed Naruto himself. Sakura and Naruto immediately get on his case. When Kakashi comes by, he tries to appease everyone by feeding Naruto himself, and eventually is the one to do so, much to Naruto's dismay.

Invasion of Pain Arc

Sakura Hugs Naruto (It finally happened)00:29

Sakura Hugs Naruto (It finally happened)

Sakura Thanks Naruto

When Naruto discovers that Jiraiya has been killed, Sakura tries to stop him from leaving a meeting in frustration, even trying to reason with Tsunade to let her go follow him.

After Pain attacked the village, seeing the village in ruins, in the midst of despair and disaster, Sakura screams to the top of her lungs for Naruto (and no one else) to come soon; coincidentally, he returns immediately afterwards. Sakura then finds herself watching him from afar with the help of a Hyuga as he attacks the village invaders, and silently cheers for him when he defeats the Asura Path in a single blow. Sakura is shown being concerned for his well being when she found out he transformed into the Six Tails.

When Naruto returns back to the village after his talk with Nagato, she scolds him and hits his head for being careless, but thanks him for saving everyone by hugging him for the first time, while the rest of the Konoha 11 smiles happily at the scene. She is later seen standing next to him holding her hands together and looking at him admiringly as the rest of his friends congratulate him, and was among those who hoisted him into the air multiple times.

Five Kage Summit Arc


Naruto comforting Sakura.

When Kiba informs Team Kakashi that Danzo has become the Sixth Hokage Candidate, Sakura immediately disagrees, with Naruto following suit. As Sakura and Naruto confront Sai about Danzo is planning regarding Sasuke's matter, they are suddenly interrupted by the arrival of two members of Team Samui who demand to be told all they know about Sasuke. Not knowing who they were, they begin to fight, with Sakura being hit and thrown on the ground by Omoi. Naruto then interrupts the battle by rushing immediately towards her to catch her. Naruto and Sakura are shocked upon discovering tha Sasuke is with Akatsuki, with Sakura even crying now that Saske fully intends on killing Naruto. At the end, Naruto, discovering that Killer B is a jinchuriki, agrees to tell the Kumo shinobi of Sasuke. As he does, Sakura worriedly says his name, but he assures her he will be fine. After Naruto left with them, however, he again refused, remembering that Sasuke is a comrade and about his promise to Sakura, knowing that Team Samui wants to kill Sasuke. This results in him getting brutally (and willingly) beaten by one of them, Karui. When Sai bandaged his wounds, he asked if Sakura should check on Naruto, but he refuses to let her know, not wanting her to see him in such a state, and also saying that he will heal soon enough.

How can I

I can't even keep my promises.

Seeing this selfless act, Sai is later shown thinking about the bond between Sakura and Naruto in comparison to himself. In a flashback, Sai bluntly asks Naruto if he likes Sakura after the two have talked to her, to which the Uzumaki quickly gets embarrassed. Sai continues to say he read about a book that says when you are with someone you like, you always smile and that Naruto had always done that around Sakura. He then adds on if Naruto has ever told Sakura how he felt to where the Uzumaki replies by stating that since he wasn't able to keep his promise to her, he really can't.

Feeling compelled as a friend, in the present, Sai then tells Sakura about him getting beat up, how he has left to convince the Kage to spare Sasuke, and how he didn't want her to know, which makes her sad. Sai goes on by saying that, even though he doesn't know Naruto and Sakura well, doesn't understand feelings, and has no idea what the promise of a lifetime was, all of Konoha, and "even I can tell - that he really loves you"! After thinking of all the things that Naruto has done for the promise at the cost of a future with her, Sakura eventually starts weeping from the shock of this revelation. Sai continues to tell her that he thinks she's hurting Naruto by encouraging him to keep the promise to bring Sasuke back, which she takes as fact. Finally wiping away her tears, the medical-nin asks Shikamaru to let her be the one to talk to Naruto about the group's decision to kill Sasuke, citing that Naruto is a fool for liking her, which he agrees to do. Sakura then vows to herself that she won’t be a failure anymore, and decides to kill Sasuke and console Naruto herself to release both of them of their suffering.

In an attempt to release Naruto of his suffering, Sakura, accompanied by Kiba, Lee, and Sai, travels to the Land of Iron where she confesses her love towards Naruto and that she no longer loves Sasuke, and asks him to come home and be with her while also give up on his promise and Sasuke, much to Lee and Yamato's dismay. She also hugs him again and cited that, while Sasuke keeps breaking her heart, Naruto has always been by her side. His defeat of Nagato eventually made her realize that the prank-filled loser she once knew now was an amazing man that she can be eternally close to. Although shocked at first, Naruto claims the confession is false and merely an attempt to cheer herself up, even saying he hates it when people lie to themselves, since no one would travel across the continent just to confess feelings. He also says that, regardless of the promise, he would still go after Sasuke, although this might have been a coverup for his encounter with Tobi. Sakura angrily defends that her confession is true and tells Naruto he has to think of himself for a change instead of getting himself hurt by the Akatsuki, eventually leaving in frustration. Using an ink clone, Sai, along with the Sand Siblings, eventually tells the truth to Naruto about Sasuke and Sakura (although leaving out that he told Sakura of Naruto's feelings), who hyperventilates and passes out from the stress, now that he is alone in his quest for Sasuke.


After regaining consciousness, Naruto overhears from Yamato that Kakashi has gone after Sakura to save her and kill Sasuke himself. Knowing that his teammates will die in the resulting conflict, Naruto tricks Yamato with a shadow clone and follows Kakashi. When Sakura makes a failed attempt to kill Sasuke, Naruto comes to her rescue before the Uchiha can kill her with a poisoned kunai, carrying her in his arms while also getting a scratch on the cheek from the kunai; Sakura thanked him for this. Setting her down, Naruto then chastised Sasuke for trying to kill their teammate, and rebukes him when Sasuke says that Sakura is not his teammate. Sakura tried to back Naruto up by citing Naruto's resolve to help Sasuke even when all of Konoha didn't, but in response Sasuke states his plan to destroy Konoha. When the two surrogate brothers charge at each other with the Chidori and Rasengan, Sakura pleads for the two to stop, shouting Naruto's (not Sasuke's) name. She is also concerned when Naruto says he will be satisfied if he and Sasuke die together the next time they fight, as well as moved emotionally by Naruto's speech (the only one to react this way). When Kakashi offers to deal with Sasuke himself in order to keep Naruto safe and allow him to be Hokage, Naruto again makes a reference to his promise. At this point, Sakura decides that she is a failure that always leans on Naruto's shoulder, and that all she can do now is "have faith in" both of her teammates. After this encounter, Sakura silently thanks Naruto for helping her with their dream of seeing Team 7 smile again, and that she would help him convince the Konoha 11 to let Naruto handle Sasuke. Naruto then falls unconscious from Sakura's poisonous kunai and Sakura freaks out upon realizing the cause. She then assists him when he is one the verge of vomiting, while laughing nervously in the belief she is the cause of Naruto's poisoning (which Kakashi agrees with). She also smiles at him when he sleeps peacefully. When the group returns to Konoha, Sakura defends Naruto when the rookies question him on what happened and how he wants to handle Sasuke to the point where it works, although she also starts to wonder what Naruto is hiding. The two later walk together to help with the rebuilding, where Sakura states that she believes in Naruto and knows he is doing the right thing, resulting in Naruto getting a double shock (both from the comment and from Kakashi and Guy's "last" competition). 

Before the war, Sakura excitedly tells Naruto who was eating ramen at the time that Tsunade had finally awoken from her coma. As Naruto makes a 'hell yeah' pose, Sakura gives him a big grin.

Shinobi World War Arc

Naruto-Chapter5732 zpse523912a

When Sakura is approached by a injuried ninja couple, although the orders were to not take in anymore patients, Sakura was unable to turn them away after the kunoichi begged them as she didn't want her husband to die in her arms. Right after Sakura agrees to help, the couple reveals themselves as impostors and attacks Sakura and Shizune. However, they are quickly saved by Naruto's clone. Sakura is shown to be surprised and worried that he came to the battlefield as she says his name.

Later when she rushes to Naruto's aid with the rest of Konoha 11, she is shown thinking about Naruto and the tasks that he is always put upon, promising to him and herself that they are going to be together this time on the battlefield, before remembering to add in all of the Allied Shinobi Forces.

Ten-Tails Revival Arc

When Neji sacrifices himself for the sake of Naruto and Hinata, Sakura is shown watching in horror as one of the members of Konoha 11 falls. After somehow surviving the attack, Konoha 11 and the rest of the Shinobi Alliance rallies around an exhausted Naruto. With the shinobis' losing hope, she reassures them and rallies them with a speech, telling them that Naruto considers them all comrades, and that they must all be willing to die for him and each other as she heals Naruto.

When the shinobi's are attacked by a Tailed Beast Ball, everyone is surprised when it quickly disappears. Minato Namekaze then appears on the scene and asks if he's late. Shocked and aware that he is an Edo Tensei, Sakura becomes worried and ponders if he's with the enemy. Noticing her doubts, he quickly assures her. Looking at the medical nin healing his son, he ponders.


"Well, that's more or less of it."

He then bluntly asks if the two were in a relationship. After thinking about it for a bit, Naruto then answers him that "more or less" was true. Sakura then headbutts Naruto and tells him to save energy (although she didn't outright deny they were in a relationship, and was willing to heal the injuries she herself caused), resulting in another argument. Minato then asks for the medical nin to take care of his son, thinking to himself that Sakura reminds him of his wife, Kushina (a parallel to Kushina's desire for Naruto to finda girl like her), to which she smiles in response. 

When Sasuke arrives on the scene, everyone is shocked by his arrival, excluding Naruto. When Naruto and Sasuke start to leave for the battlefield, the former tells Sakura to get some rest after thanking her for healing him. However, they are quickly followed by Sakura. Sakura then states that she's also a student of one of the Legendary Sannin and refuses to watch them from behind, accusing them of thinking she is worthless in fighting. After hearing this, Naruto smiles to her and agrees. When Sakura demonstrates her newly found power, Naruto is surprised and notes to himself that he wouldn't get on Sakura's bad side again in the fear she might "kill" him. As Sasuke and Naruto work together to attack the Ten-Tails, Sakura heals the troops.


Later as the battlefield rages, Sakura, sensing something, quickly turns to a Byakugan user and asks the status of Naruto and her teammate. She is then confirmed that the two are safe and are "smiling". After the attack of the God Tree is calmed, Naruto's feelings and memories are spread throughout the troops. During the transfer, the medic-nin is shown to be shocked and overwhelmed by the many hardships her teammate has endured, even saying that she can feel his heart. When Sakura notices Shikamaru's healing speed, she notices it being the cause of Naruto's chakra. Growing worried, she thinks to herself about Naruto and exclaims that he shouldn't do too much. But this is reassured by Ino that he is doing all of this unconsciously. Watching the battlefield when Sakura spots the Rasengan that belongs to Naruto and the members of Konoha 11, she is shown silently cheering them on.

Final Arc

Fear of a Loss

Sakura Fearing over Naruto's Death

When a near-dead Naruto is brought to Sakura, she is shocked to see his state and quickly rushes to his aid. Being taken by Gaara to heal Naruto by Tsunade's order, she quickly ponders what happened to him. Noticing his state, she continuously begs him to stay alive, telling him that he's strong. Soon, she comes to the fear of thought that Naruto might die, while Karin has similar thoughts regarding a fatally stabbed Sasuke.

1622812 222745777929438 1647208931 n

Sakura performing CPR on Naruto

As Naruto's heartbeat becomes weaker, Sakura finds her medical ninjutsu to have no effect. After being informed by Gaara that the only possible hope in keeping Naruto alive was to carry him to Minato, Sakura slices open Naruto's chest and grabs his heart. Using the little chakra she still has, she manually begins pumping his heart and performs CPR on him, essentially "kissing" him for the first time. Remembering Naruto's proclaimed dream to become Hokage, and realizing that he was, in fact, going to become the Hokage, a determined Sakura tells him that she would not allow him to die. When they arrived at Minato's area, she was shown tirelessly plumping Naruto's heart, as the Fourth began to transfer yin Kurama's chakra into Naruto, only to be stopped by the Black Zetsu that intercepts his action and absorbs all of the chakra. When Kakashi teleports Naruto and Sakura into Kamui's dimension, Obito Uchiha arrives soon afterwards and tells her he wants to save Naruto. Although Sakura is worried at first, she eventually chooses to trust him and lets Obito transfer Kurama's chakra into Naruto, saving his life.

Narusaku save

Naruto saves Sakura from Madara's clones

As Team 7 prepares to face Madara Uchiha, he suddenly appeares from the other dimension, possessing both of his Rinnegan and with Obito now being under the control of Black Zetsu. Even though Sakura was wary at first, she charged head forward at him, releasing the Strength of a Hundred Technique in an attempt to create a diversion. She was soon stabbed by Madara's staff but ignores the attack, trying to land a blow at him, only to be stopped by an invisible wall. A shocked Naruto rushes to rescue her and brings her to a safe area, showing concern for her condition. Sakura assures him that she is okay, and that he doesn't need to worry. She is also shown to be amazed when Naruto heals Kakashi's eye.

NaruSaku - Sakura thanking Naruto - 680

Sakura thanking Naruto

Later inside Sasuke's Susanoo, Naruto defends her and Kakashi when Sasuke tells them that they were of no use at that moment. The Uzumaki comments that Sakura and Kakashi would had devised a better plan to defeat Madara than Sasuke (even saying that he himself couldn't make a better plan), but Kakashi eventually appeases him. Once Kaguya comes out, she summons another dimension alterating the terrain right into a river a hot lava and Team 7 begins to fall into it. When Sasuke summons his hawk to save himself and Naruto as well, he ignored his pleas to save Sakura and Kakashi too. However, Naruto  is relieved when he sees both Kakashi and Sakura hanging safely to a rope made from a scroll and tied to a kunai. Sasuke confirms to Naruto that the only reason Kakashi and Sakura were still there is because during the Infinite Tsukuyomi, they just happened to be there when he activated the Susanoo. Naruto sticks up to the team, reminding the Uchiha of the bridge scene. Sakura is then seen thanking Naruto and is later saved by one of his tailed-beast hands (along with Kakashi) when falling into the lava stream. After placing her by one of his clones, he entrusts it to keep Sakura along with Kakashi safe.

After Kaguya is defeated, Naruto talks with Minato, asking him to tell Kushina that he is keeping all her wishes. Kakashi and Sakura are shown staring at him blankly when he says that his feet aren't always properly washed. He eventually remembers his mother's wish for Naruto to find a girl like her, but starts stammering and eventually says that he hasn't quite fulfilled everything Kushina asked. After the Hokage pass on, Sasuke announces his intent to destroy the Five Kage as well as all remnants of the Tailed Beasts (including Naruto) to create a revolution that will place him on top of the world to prevent any clan-wide massacres from happening again. Desperate, Sakura confesses to him again with Kakashi backing her up, which leaves Naruto shocked and saddened. Sasuke, however, calls her annoying and knocks her out with genjutsu all over again (without saying thank you); Naruto immediately says he had no need to do that, though Sasuke says she would've interefered in their final battle had she been conscious. After Sasuke leaves for the Final Valley to fight Naruto one last time, Naruto reveals to Kakashi that his lifetime promise to Sakura has been standing the whole time, and entrusts her life with him. As Naruto gives pursuit, Hagoromo tells Kakashi that the only reason he made Naruto Asura's reincarnation was because Naruto alone would be able to make love conquer hatred, and he alone can fulfill his promise. When Kakashi asks what he should do now, Hagoromo says that the only thing he can do is "have faith in" Naruto and Sasuke (similar to Sakura's quote in the Five Kage Summit Arc).

In Sakura's genjutsu, she has a flashback of Naruto and Sasuke's spar as children, while she looks on worriedly as Naruto yells at Sasuke for not respecting the battle after flooring him. Sakura wakes up shortly afterwards, and immediately asks Kakashi, now alone with her, where Sasuke and Naruto are. She is clearly worried when Kakashi says that they are fighting their final battle.


  • In the beginning of the series, it is revealed that Naruto has feelings for Sakura.[1]
    • Sakura knows of these affections (unbeknownst to him) thanks to Sai, but her feelings for him (according to the Databooks) are confused and unspecified.
  • Kushina's dying wish was for Naruto to find a girl like her so that Naruto can receive her love even when she was gone. Sakura was compared to Kushina by Naruto's father, noticing their striking resemblance in personality.[2]
  • Throughout the series, Naruto and Sakura have been shown to share mutual admiration and strong respect for one another.
  • In Iruka's lesson of Heaven and Earth, he makes a real-world example of Naruto and Sakura, showing that each of them can't survive without the other.
  • Sakura has been shown to get angry and yell at people who insult Naruto, such as Sai and even Sasuke, who was her crush.
  • Sakura has been teased and/or pointed out as Naruto's girlfriend by Konohamaru, Gamakichi and Minato respectively, among others.[3]
  • Despite having feelings for Sakura, Naruto acknowledges her feelings for Sasuke. He also made a "lifetime promise" to bring Sasuke home, which is seen as both a positive and negative element of their relationship.
  • Sakura has shed tears for Naruto on numerous occasions whether due to his life being in danger or simply due to his commendable words and actions.
  • Naruto has been shown to recklessly save Sakura numerous times when her life was in danger, likely more than anyone else has. [4]
  • Sakura is shown to be openly protective over Naruto and constantly concerned for his well-being.
    • Additionally, Sakura realizes that Naruto has done a lot for her and wishes to repay the debts outside of "small and insignificant" things such as healing him.
  • Sakura has professed her love to Naruto, although whether or not it was true is debatable.
  • Sakura greatly admires Naruto, particularly after he defeated Nagato.
  • Naruto and Sakura are known to constantly bicker, often ending with Sakura comically punching Naruto for being stupid, although they quickly get over each one.

Unofficial Evidence


  • In Naruto Ending 12 - Parade, Sakura catches a falling leaf while Naruto walks away. Staring at the leaf, Sakura holds it until it breaks into several pieces, forming a human-like shape. As the figure holds out its hand, Sakura reaches to grab it, but suddenly wakes up in her room. In the background a poster is seen that says "Live a life of love".
  • In Naruto Shippuden Opening 2 - Distance, there is a series of shots that jump between Naruto's bloody hand rising and clenching into a fist, and Sakura turning to her right and crying out something.
  • In Naruto Shippuden Opening 8 - Diver, Naruto is drowning in a sea of red water, when Sakura puts her hand on his back, at which the water changes to blue, and pushes him toward the surface. Later (notably after Sakura), many other supporting characters also place their hands on Naruto's back.
  • For Naruto Shippuden opening 9 - Lovers, the lyrics appear to relate to Naruto consoling Sakura about her decision to kill Sasuke and how much they have been through together. Lovers (Original and English translation lyrics).
  • In Shippuden Opening 10 - Newsong Naruto is shown running recklessly. In the middle of a plain where Sakura appears to be waiting for him, Naruto suddenly stops rather close to her and starts leaning in close to her face, while she leans backwards in embarrassment.
  • At the beginning of Naruto Shippuden opening 12 - Moshimo, Naruto and Sakura are seen walking together through the village, thinking about Sasuke.
  • In Shippuden Ending 12 - For You, Jiraiya pushes Naruto toward Sakura, causing Sakura to flinch in surprise, and Naruto to walk away in embarrassment.
  • In Naruto Shippuden Ending 16 - Mayonaka no Orchestra (Midnight Orchestra), a naked Sakura stands against a steamed window as she draws Naruto's face.
  • In Naruto Ending 17 - Freedom (Second Version), Sakura is walking with a stormy sky above her, but as she gets closer to her destination the sky becomes very sunny. She eventually comes to Naruto, who is sitting on the ground watering a plant. Standing up, he gives her a big grin; after initially looking worried, Sakura smiles back at him.
  • In Shippuden Ending 22, Sakura raises her hands upwards, and the shot fades out to one of Naruto in such a way that Naruto's head appears between her hands.

Shounen Jump

Shounen Jump's 2010 Calendar

Tumblr ml6azyNcoh1s0xldoo1 250

A calendar released by Shounen Jump in 2010 had April 3rd marked as ナルトがサクラを好きになった日, which can be translated as "The day on which Naruto fell in love with Sakura", or "The day Naruto came to like Sakura", since 好き (suki) is used to mean both like and love in the Japanese language and is also commonly used for simple crushes.

Shonen Jump's Valentines Da

Shounen Jump Valentine's Spread

In Shonen Jump's Valentines Day edition, main characters featured a female from their series' in hearts. Sakura appeared as Naruto's valentine.

Fillers- Part I

Land of Tea Arc


Naruto carrying Sakura on his back.

When Naruto creates a Rasengan underwater, a whirlpool appears. Naruto is able to save Sakura from drowning, swimming to the surface with her. Naruto carries Sakura on his back, but trips, causing the two of them to fall to the ground. Sakura pretends to be passed out, hoping Sasuke will perform mouth-to-mouth on her. However, Naruto attempts this instead of Sasuke, disgusting Sakura, who quickly pushes him away.

Late on the mission, Idate flirts with Sakura, greatly angering Naruto.

At one point, Naruto and Idate decide to execute part of the mission alone; Sakura immediately protests and is only stopped by Sasuke.

Land of Rice Fields Arc

While on a mission with Sakura, Jiraiya and a girl named Sasame, Naruto battles a man named Kagerou and eventually hits him with a Rasengan. However, the Kagerou is able to escape with the aid of his two allies. After being reminded of Sakura by Jiraiya, Naruto quickly runs to her side, but asks Sasame of her well-being first, angering Sakura.


Naruto catching Sakura.

In Orochimaru's hideout, Sakura nearly falls into a trap with spikes at the bottom. Naruto is able to save her, walking on the walls with his chakra, but due to poor chakra control, he slips himself.

1001217 609052482459314 1077524775 n

Sakura crying for Naruto.

Sakura later finds a room and meets Kabuto. After nearly being hit by a kunai, Sakura is protected by Naruto, who tells her to be wary of their enemy. They briefly battle with Kabuto and suddenly, Kabuto uses chakra threads to squeeze his heart, causing Naruto to take damage as well. Sakura attempts to cut the chakra thread allowing Kabuto to control Naruto, but to no avail. Sasame hands Sakura a special tag that is able to cut the rope. Naruto and Kabuto separate as the chakra seems to have hurt both parties badly. Naruto falls over and Sakura goes over to see how he is. Naruto looks dead and Sakura begins to cry saying out Naruto’s name; then his heartbeat returns and Sakura looks up to see Naruto’s face all red. Naruto says his chest hurts and gets a punch for making Sakura worry.


Naruto protecting Sakura.

Moments later,Sakura,Naruto,Sasame were facing the mutant form of Sasame's cousin. Naruto begins fighting and Sakura is forced to knock Sasame out in order to prevent her from interrupting the fight.Naruto is wrapped into a cocoon-like shell and sliced in half by Arashi supposedly. Instead, the real Naruto comes out and defends an attack that was aimed towards Sakura and saves her life, risking his. Sakura begins crying and apologizes.

Trap Master Arc

In the beginning of the arc, Naruto is seen walking with Sakura. As Naruto talks about the recent construction on the Leaf Village, he notices Genno. Genno and Naruto decide to go to Ichiraku Ramen, taking Sakura with them. After Naruto accepts Genno's unfinished bowl of ramen right after finishing his, Sakura scolds him, only to be dismissed by Naruto, telling Sakura that she is the most harsh person, greatly angering Sakura. In her defense, Sakura replies that the reason she is so harsh to Naruto is because he is always at fault.

The next day, Sakura greets Naruto when he wakes up outside his window. They walk together to the Hokage's office.

During the Trap Master Arc, it was shown that Naruto "needed" Hinata, but in actuality, needed her to check something out with her byakugan. Sakura was with Hinata at the time, and seemed angry, thinking the same thing as Hinata. She got angry and a bit jealous even.

Fillers - Part II

Twelve Guardian Ninja Arc

A kunoichi called Fūka trapped Naruto in order to use her Kiss of Death technique, attempting to extract his chakra. Moments later, Sakura and Sai arrived at the scene and Sakura became angry after seeing Naruto "making out" with the villain kunoichi.

In episode 71, Naruto is trying to bring Sora back to his normal mental estate, but Kurama's chakra overpowers him,making him go berserk. Naruto continues to try to talk to Sora. Sora, however, launches a projectile at Sakura, which Naruto deflects. Naruto charges forward, but his leg was grabbed by Sora and slammed to the ground. Sakura runs over to heal him just as Sora creates a white ball of chakra in front of his mouth.Shikamaru notices the chakra and tells Sakura to duck down. Yamato covers all the other shinobi with a wooden barrier. Naruto protects Sakura with his own body, and he is relieved after he saw she is unharmed, although she is concerned. She runs over to him when he collapses from his multiple burns sustained while protecting her.

Hidan and Kakuzu Arc


Sakura has a flashback of Team 7

As Naruto is shown training with Kakashi and Yamato, Sakura is shown watching from afar with Sai. Moments later, Sakura is shown collecting ingredients from the pharmacy to create a soldier pill and comments to herself how Naruto was pushing himself too hard and she has to do her best to support him. In the following day, Sakura arrives to the training grounds with Sai following behind her. Ensuring her that he would most likely need the pills, the latter leaves with Kakashi delivering the basket. Upon receiving the gift, both Naruto and Kakashi are surprised by the note that came along with it, which explains what the soldier pills are and encourages Naruto to keep working hard with a "Hell yeah!". Surprised by how much Sakura cared for him, he eats one of the pills but spits it out in disgust due to the flavor and soon returns to training. Sakura is then shown to casually visit the Uzumaki as he trains and is shown impressed by his vast improvements. Oblivious to the pills' taste, she continues delivering dozens of them daily, along with further notes such as "Hell yeah! Hell yeah! Hell yeah"! Eventually, Sai (who had a pill himself) tells Sakura how they taste. She denies this, but finally eats one herself, causing her to freak out.

Upon returning home, she is shown staring at their Team 7 photo and remembers the moments the Team shared. In one of her flashbacks, she is shown impressing Naruto to where he compliments on how awesome she was at tree climbing. After blaming herself for not being able to do any important things for Naruto, she then remembers Yamato's words about her feelings for Naruto. From the training grounds, Naruto notices a shooting star while he lays on the grass to rest. He is shown holding tightly to his heart the notes Sakura had written for him. 

After reaching a more advanced stage in his training, Naruto struggles in depression as Sakura observes and expresses her slight doubt on his success. However, after hearing Sai insult Naruto, Sakura is angered and threatens to hit him if he continues, mentioning Naruto's feats and reaffirming to him her confidence in Naruto's success. Sai reveals that he tricked her using a book on how to get a woman to express her feelings, knowing all along that she believed in Naruto. Calmed down, Sakura continues to watch and support Naruto in his training, with regained confidence in him.

Konoha History Arc

(NaruSaku Moment)00:29

(NaruSaku Moment)

In filler episode 179, Sakura comes out from a tent with two water gallons. Naruto comes right behind her and offers to get the water himself. Sakura accepts and offers for them to go together while Naruto is pleasantly surprised. As they head out, Sakura then says that, had she left both of the gallons up to him, who knows where he would go, causing Naruto to grumble that she could trust him more. Kakashi sees them working together and thinks to himself Naruto..who would have imagined?. Then, he remembers the old days when he first got the position as their sensei.

In his flashback, Naruto can be seen spying on his new team in class. Naruto was terribly jealous because Sakura only had eyes for Sasuke. The next day, we see Naruto tying up Sasuke so that he can imitate him and go to Sakura, only for his plan to fall apart as he has to rush to the toilet just as he is about to kiss Sakura. After Naruto comes back, he finds Sasuke much to his surprise, but when he notices Sakura so upset thanks to something Sasuke obviously did, he angrily challenges Sasuke to a fight. After they fight a while, Naruto attempts to catch Sasuke with a sexy jutsu but ends with a shuriken in his butt cheek. Kakashi looks at Sakura and Naruto both running after Sasuke, ending the flashback.

Back in present, Kakashi looks at Naruto and Sakura while they were walking together. He then notes that their close relationship may further hinder the need to stop Sasuke for them.

Adventures at Sea Arc

922999 148595425321314 619852644 n

Naruto confesses he loves Sakura

In filler episode 235, Naruto is on the ground with a kunoichi who is distressed over a law that forces her to marry someone she doesn't love. In order to show her that destiny can be changed, Naruto admits his feelings for Sakura. He goes on by saying that Sakura instead loves Sasuke in the cutest way, and though he would never force her to love him, he will do anything in his power to win her over just as she does for Sasuke, and that the kunoichi should do the same for the person she truly loves.

Later, the kunoichi asks if Naruto will ever profess her love to Sakura, to which he admits he doesn't have the courage. When asked if he was satisfied with that, he says that, although it would mean the world to him if Sakura chose him, he would be fine if Sakura chose Sasuke, as long as she's happy, because regardless he will be watching over her.

Naruto vs Mecha-Naruto


Naruto hands Sakura a flower

Prior to Mecha-Naruto's introduction, Sakura is shown with Food Pills which she intends to give to Naruto to encourage him while he trains. Walking with her, Sai asks what is it about Naruto that makes her go so far, causing Sakura to smile.

When Mecha-Kurama attacks Konoha, Sakura is shown crying and screams to the top of her lungs for Naruto to return. Naruto, who wears Mecha-Naruto suit, appears in Konoha and reassures Sakura that everything is fine. Before he left battles with Mecha-Kurama, Naruto hands Sakura a flower and tells her, "You protect the flower, Sakura. And I will protect the Sakura who protects the flower". At the end of the episode, when Naruto cries over Mecha-Naruto's sacrifice, Sakura appears and blushes as she tells Naruto that she have protect the flower like she promise while he protect her and the village.
10615629 828298360534083 7578675920603753134 n

Sakura blushes

Naruto sadly tells Sakura the one who protect the village was actually Mecha-Naruto. Sakura, however, continues holding the flower throughout the rest of the episode. The villagers then celebrate Naruto's victory and the episode ends with Gaara trying to drown Deidara with his Sand Tsunami but comically drowning the village instead.


Naruto likes Sakura's breast size NaruSaku01:00

Naruto likes Sakura's breast size NaruSaku

  • During the omake after episode 10, Sakura takes Tsunade an interview, praising her and asking her what her beauty secrets are. While Tsunade is ranting about her beauty secrets, Naruto intervenes and tells Sakura not do to like Tsunade because she will end up with a huge chest,which in his opinion,is not appealing and ridiculous. He also says that he likes very much Sakura as she is with her current breast size, and that she looks so much better compared  to Tsunade. This backfires, however, when both Sakura (for commenting on her breasts in public) and Tsunade (for insulting her breasts in public) punch him.
Rivals in Love-001:01

Rivals in Love-0

Rivals in Love

  • During the omake after episode 27, Naruto and Lee talk about Sakura and how much cooler she has got since the last season but they end up arguing who loves her more and who gets to win her love. Naruto claims that he has the better chance to win her love because he and Sakura are in the same team but Lee ends up pulling out a trump card by reminding Naruto about kissing Sasuke by accident, causing Naruto to end the short in embarrassment.
  • During the omake after episode 57, Naruto has a dream about Sakura and him about to kiss. He woke up due to Sakura, and then she scolded him for not cleaning up his apartment room. She sees a cockroach on the floor, causing her to fall into Naruto's belongings and angrily punch a semi-conscious Naruto.
  • During the omake after episode 129, Naruto and Sakura are at a festival together, which Naruto tells the audience is a date, though Sakura denies this. While walking in the woods together, the two seem to see the ghost of Hiruzen, which frightens Sakura, holding Naruto tightly, making Naruto blush and have his eyes have neon pink hearts in them. She then lets go of him and punches him, but after Naruto recovers they are shown seeing fireworks together, with Sakura saying that she hopes to do this next year with Naruto.
  • During the omake after episode 142, Hinata has gotten the show more popular by saying "Naruto-kun" in omake 121. Naruto then asks if that is cool to Sakura, getting Sakura jealous. She then says that she could also make the show popular by saying the same thing. Afterwards, though, she was shown getting mad at the director for saying that she wouldn't need those lines. This is the only (official, not canonical) time that Sakura has ever given Naruto a name suffix.
  • In the omake for episode 296, Sakura is being interviewed, at which point she relates her encounter with the Iwa shinobi. The reporters pester her about the other person she loves, causing Sakura to get angry and break the table. While the manga and anime said the person was Sasuke, it is never specified in the omake, Additionally, Sakura only reacts this way around Naruto, whereas she is open about her feelings for Sasuke.


Naruto Shippuden: The Movie

In Shion's vision of a false future, Naruto is impaled and killed by the tentacles of a large purple dragon-like beast. Sakura is one of the few recognizable people present at his funeral; she is shown to be very distressed, and is presumably crying (her eyes are obscured from view).

A few days earlier in the real timeline, Sakura gets annoyed when Naruto is late for a meeting with Tsunade. Both also notably react in identical fashion (slumped over, with blue steam marks above their heads) when they discover that Rock Lee is substituting for Sasuke and Sai on their next mission. The two are also seen bickering throughout the rest of the film, notably when Sakura keeps elbowing Naruto when they first meet Shion. When Shion sees Naruto's death, Sakura tries to assure him by saying it will cure him of his stupidity, much to his fury.

At the end of the film, when Naruto has survived, Sakura is also seen looking at Naruto with Shion, frowning with her arms crossed as if out of jealousy for the close bond they now share, and opened her mouth in shock when Shion asked if Naruto could be the father of her children.

Naruto Shippuden Movie 2: Bonds

When Naruto is told he is to go with Hinata and Sakura on an escorting mission, he is in denial due to wanting to help fight, as well as because of his hostile relationship with Amaru. Sakura then gives him a good-luck charm from Jiraiya, convincing him to come along.


Naruto catches Sakura

Sakura and Naruto found themselves in front of an evil monster who identified itself as a version of the tailed-beasts and apparently has taken over Amaru. Sakura tried to fight with it, but was proven to be no match for the monster as she was immediately thrown to the ground. Seeing this and the rest of his friends, Naruto became enraged. The monster traps and taunts Naruto to use his inner power. This eventually causes him to enter his initial jinchūriki form and eventually evolved to his four-tailed state. After fighting with the monster for a while, he turned back to normal when a seal on Naruto given by Jiraiya came off and reminded him of how the tailed beast chakra hurt his friends in which he immediately turned back to normal. After the fight, Naruto holds Sakura in his arms while talking to Amaru. When Sakura woke up, she looked up to see Naruto looking down upon her and gently asking if she was okay. After a few seconds, she misinterpreted the "all weird" look on Naruto's face (bottom right corner of the photo), and badly slapped him, much to his confusion.

Naruto Shippuden Movie 3: Inheritors of the Will of Fire

While Sakura is healing Sai, Naruto asks if he is doing okay. Instead of replying, Sakura punches Naruto against a wall and then pulls down his shirt at the collar, revealing a gash he sustained on the shoulder. Sakura then chastises him, saying that had he thought out a plan he never would've gotten the wound. As she continues to jabber at him, Kakashi looks at the sky and notes how the two are so similar to Obito Uchiha.

Later, Naruto and Sai are recovering, but the former thinks they have made a full recovery and against Sakura's intentions and Sai's protests the two sneak out of the hospital to have a barbecue with the rest of the Konoha 11 (with Shikamaru paying). When they arrive, however, Sakura suddenly appears and slaps both of them into unconsciousness, much to everyone's dismay. Sakura then takes Naruto and Sai back to bed and slap their backs as punishment. As the two reluctantly get back into bed, however, Sakura smiles and compliments to herself Naruto's good healing, even calling him "My Naruto". As she leaves, Kakashi comes in and gives Naruto and Sai gifts to ease their boredom (in reality parting gifts). Sai's gift is a guide into how to tell if a woman likes you, and as he reads passages over the course of the film, most, if not all, are direct references to Naruto and Sakura's relationship, with the first passage read being "A girl will try to hide her concern for you by getting mad and acting violently" - which, ironically, had just happened twice, causing Naruto to grumble.

Sakura later hears from Shikamaru and Tsunade that Naruto has been imprisoned to prevent him from going after Kakashi. Immediately heading over there, she arrives and questions the atrocity of the act. After Naruto tells her about how Kakashi was acting weird, Sakura suggests that they don't do anything because of what Tsunade ordered. Naruto, however, shows her his parting gift from Kakashi - the bells from the bell test - and how people who abandon comrades are worse than scum, before making another lifetime promise to bring Kakashi back. Remembering the original promise, Sakura becomes concerned for him again, even shedding tears, but makes an excuse by questioning why he doesn't want her to come, and punches him while also breaking down the bars. The two escape, and notably are the only ones to work to find Kakashi throughout the whole film.

Towards the end of the movie, Naruto is in danger, and Sakura states that she will deal with the threat to a petrified Sai and Shikamaru. Sai then explains to Shikamaru that one of the passages in the book was that when the person one loves is in danger, the lover develops insurmountable fortitude to rescue the beloved; Sakura immediately tells him to shut up. At the end, when everyone thinks that Kakashi made a romantic move on Naruto, Sakura gives them a stare and sighs, slouching forward.

Naruto Shippuden Movie 4: The Lost Tower

Naruto, Sakura, Sai and Yamato are assigned to capture Mukade, a Konoha missing-nin. When Mukade manages to absorb the seal the Fourth Hokage, Naruto tries to stop him and disappears along with Yamato. Sakura tries to follow them, only to be stopped by Sai's ink bird while she cries and screams Naruto's name.

Almost "immediately" after, Naruto and Yamato come back from the past but they don't remember what happened to them. As Team Kakashi leaves the ruins, they are approached by a girl who claims that she felt a disturbance on the Ryūmyaku. The girl says she's the daughter of the former Queen of Rōran and bears a Konoha Chakra Blade, telling them that her mother received it from a hero in a dream. As she leaves, Naruto claims that he has the feeling he saw her in a good dream. Annoyed, Sakura then grabs and pulls on Naruto's ear and yells at him for having "perverted daydreams".

Naruto Shippuden Movie 5: Blood Prison

When Naruto is accused of the Raikage's murder by Tsunade, Sakura is the only one to outwardly defend him despite the plan being to all accuse Naruto of the crimes.

At the end of the film, Sakura is desperately healing Naruto, weeping and screaming while everyone else can only look on. She also hesitates to let Ryuzetsu heal Naruto, and jumps back in shock when Ryuzetsu holds Naruto's face and kisses him to save his life at the cost of her own. When Naruto wakes up, the first thing he says is Sakura's name upon seeing her. In the novel adaptation of the film, the two also hug each other once Naruto is able to sit up right.

Naruto Shippuden Movie 6: Road to Ninja


There's no place like home. Sakura notably smiles once Naruto does.

This film is notable for featuring many NaruSaku hints due to them being the film's main characters.

While he was walking on the streets of Konoha, Naruto meets Sakura, who had an argument with her family and also stormed out, grabbing Naruto's hand and telling him to go on a date with her. He claims it's just a way for her to take her anger out on someone, resulting in him getting pulled by the ear.

The two go to the park, and while they are on the swings together Sakura rants about her parents. Already feeling lonely due to being the only Konoha 11 member to not get to be congratulated by a parent for the mission that day, Naruto suggests she is being too harsh. Sakura then grumbles why he has to be here, and that Sasuke would understand her. Naruto tries to outburst in disagreement, but before he can, Tobi appears in front of them, and after a brief fight, he activates the Limited Tsukuyomi.

Naruto and Sakura talking.

Naruto and Sakura are absorbed in a flash of light, with Naruto standing in front of Sakura as if to protect her, and later find themselves still in the same park they were before with no signs of Tobi.

While heading over to tell Tsunade what happened, they run into Team 8. Hinata threateningly asks if they were on a date. Embarrassed, Sakura tries to say otherwise, but also suspecting so Hinata leans in close to her and whispers her a death threat. Frightened, Naruto and Sakura flee into town, where they meet Team 10, who also acts differently than normal. Sakura chastises them for that, but immediately calms down when Naruto places a hand on her shoulder. The Konoha 11, including Sasuke, go to a bathhouse later. There Hinata gets on Sakura's case again, trying to lower her self-esteem by calling her "flat-breasted" as a way for her not to be in a relationship with "Menma" (Naruto). After the group chases after Lee, Naruto and Sakura stand alone in the girls' bathroom, barely clothed and wondering what is going on. After they sit down and talk about all that happened at the Hokage Monument, they realize they are in an alternative reality created by Tobi. Sakura decides to get more info, and leaves before playfully calling Naruto "Menma", much to his chagrin.

Naruto and Sakura meet in the morning to try to gather more information about their current world, although Sakura enjoys this world as she has more freedom and is well loved by the village thanks to her father's actions. Naruto as pleasantly surprised seeing how well she gets along with children, although he scolds her for enjoying more the fake world rather than the real one; wanting to go back to the real world as fast as possible. In Tsunade's office,they meet Naruto's parents, who are alive in this world. Tsunade sends Minato and Kushina on a mission to take down the "Masked Man", and Naruto, figuring this man is Tobi, immediately requests to go along. Sakura tries to say otherwise while gripping his arm, but Minato allows the two to come with them.


Sakura reasons with Naruto.

In the morning, while they were preparing for the mission, Kushina goes to Naruto and tells him that instead of sulking he should look nice for the hero's daughter, referring to Sakura. Sakura then shows concern when Naruto complains about how he isn't Menma. After they succeed to retrieve the scroll of the Red Moon from the chief toads, Naruto and Sakura walk home together discussing about the events. Naruto, feeling guilty over his parents, quickly runs home saying he has something to do, leaving Sakura alone. Sakura now finds her home too lonely and wonders if Naruto's always felt this way. After seeing Sasuke flirting with other women, she decides to run to Naruto's house, determined to help him find a way to break the genjutsu. Looking trough his window, Sakura sees how happy he is after he accepted Minato and Kushina as his parents, and wonders if they should really leave.

Sakura later meets Naruto at a corner, with their roles completely swapped, and asks him if he wants to stay. Although he denies it, he later thinks to himself that he truly does not want to leave. They walk home without saying goodbye over even looking at each other. At the moment, the masked man destroys the village and demands the scrolls be brought back. He overpowers Minato, Kushina, and Tsunade, and then Naruto and Sakura arrive. They realize that this was the man Tsunade was talking about, and that he knows Tobi. Sakura tried to land a hit on him while citing Naruto's philosophies but she is quickly slammed to the ground. After he overpowers Naruto, the masked man kidnaps Sakura in exchange for the scroll and leaves. Naruto tries to save Sakura, but Minato prevents him. Despite the fact that his parents were pleading not to leave, he takes one of Minato's kunai and the scroll, leaving with Sakura's father's Hokage coat, determined to save the girl he loves at all costs - even the world.

Sakura wakes up finding herself tied up, and meets Tobi who is in this world is a ghost. Naruto arrives to save her, much to Sakura's relief, and the battle between him and the masked man begins. He soon finds out, after the masked man's face is unveiled that he is, in fact, Menma.

Sakura helping Naruto up.

In the battle Naruto is barely able to win, but after being helped by Kurama he manages to knock out Memna. However, Tobi takes over Menma's body and attacks Naruto. As Menma overpowers Naruto, the latter tries to use the scroll when he notices the moon had turned red, but Menma cuts the scroll, causing Naruto to look into Menma's eyes. Naruto's memories are erased, but Sakura rescues him before Kurama is extracted from him.

Naruto catches Sakura.

She fights Memna until Naruto is able to break free of the genjutsu just in time to save Sakura when she is thrown into the air, catching her and carrying her in his arms while the two give each other an amorous stare, and then defeats Tobi the same way his father did, breaking the Limited Tsukuyomi. Tobi, using his ghost body, attacks again, until Minato and Kushina arrive. Tobi decides to give up and exits the genjutsu world just as Naruto and Sakura are enveloped in a bright light, returning to their world, but not before Naruto thanks to Kushina and Minato for saving him.

As they both return home, Naruto watches Sakura as she meets her parents, happily hugging them. He approaches her, asking her out on a date at a later time, but Sakura tells him they just came back from the longest date ever, much to Naruto's shock. As he heads home, however, he realizes he isn't truly alone even without parents.


Narusaku ova

Sakura crying over a wounded Naruto.

Shippū! Konoha Gakuen Den!

After Naruto and Sasuke save the girls from the gang members, Ino bothers Sakura about having a crush on Naruto and the scene shows Sakura giving him something, then later blushing and kicking him.

Naruto x UT

Sakura cries, holding a seemingly dead Naruto, with his chest severely wounded, in her arms with Kakashi behind her, her tears falling heavily on her face. At the very beginning, Naruto's arm had fallen down heavily while near Sakura's face, suggesting he was comforting her before the OVA started. Afterwards flashbacks are shown during their moments together as Team 7, and also Naruto and Sasuke battling each other. After the flashback, Naruto regains conscience and places his hand on Sakura's face, causing her to jump back in shock. The two then smile at each other before joyfully embracing.

Video Games

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Impact - part 130 Walkthrough - Naruto Ending10:23

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Impact - part 130 Walkthrough - Naruto Ending

narusaku moment from 6:25

  • In the ending of Naruto Shippuden Ulimate Ninja Impact we see see Naruto sitting on the grass, thinking about Sasuke. Sakura appears, and asks if she can join him. She thanks him for everything he has done for her and praises him for never giving up hope. She also says that she believes in him while Naruto is speechless.bAfter that they are both shown walking on a path together.
Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Friendship Event-102:46

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Friendship Event-1

Sakura doesn't admit that she is paying the meals for Naruto by telling him that she is actually helping Hinata

  • In Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, there is a chat between Naruto, Sakura and Hinata in the Friendship Event. Hinata wanted to treat Naruto for lunch, but he started to wonder why was she  buying lunch for him. Hinata wanted to tell Naruto that Sakura has paid some  money for it too, but she was stopped by her, not wanting Naruto to know about it. After  lunch, Naruto thanks them for the treat,and tells Sakura that he knew she paid some of the money. The later  tells Naruto that she has done it for Hinata and not for him because Hinata wasn't having enough money. Naruto smiles and thanks them again as they both leave; commenting that the food was yummy.
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 03:54

Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 "Full Burst" Friendship Event 2 (Naruto,Sakura,Tenten & Ino)

Sakura covers for Naruto during her conversation with the girls about him

  • In Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, there is a chat between Naruto, Sakura, Ino and Tenten in the Friendship Event, which is a sequel to Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 (Chat between Naruto, Sakura, Ino and Tenten in the Friendship Event). Naruto was shown walking towards Sakura but she tells him that he came at a bad timing and it is better for him to leave. Upon hearing this,Naruto  gets depressed. When Sakura was about to explain the reason why Naruto should leave, Ino and Tenten appeared and saw Naruto. Then they both invite him to join them. Once they were in the dumpling shop, the girls continue their previous topic, Naruto being the main subject of their conversation.  Ino and Tenten mostly talk about Naruto's negative points. After seeing how depressed Naruto looks, Sakura decided to help him out by telling Ino and Tenten about his good parts, which made him feel better. After their conversation, Ino comments that they have a lot more things to say about Naruto but Tenten tells her to save it for next time because if not it will be boring. Naruto then thought to himself that Tenten is a demon and she is nothing like Sakura, who really was thinking about him and saw  her as an angel. Before the girls leave, Sakura tells Naruto to be very grateful to her and that he has to buy her a special anmitsu as a payment for helping him out just now. When the girls leave, Naruto claims that he was wrong since there are no angels in his world.
  • At the non-canon end of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, Naruto heads out to go help with Konoha's rebuilding, while Sakura compliments him in narration. Coming to the site, Naruto runs into Sakura, who is the first to see him, immediately standing up to greet him despite going over plans with others. Naruto smiles at her, but before he can do anything else the chakra spirits of Minato and Kushina push him forward towards Sakura, and the two make small talk while the other ninja gather around. The scene then focuses on the picture of Team 7, with Sakura's narration saying that Naruto is a hero whom she loves.

Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth

530994-naruto sneaks

Naruto's love letter to Sakura

In the second part of episode 2, Naruto and Rock Lee writes love letter to Sakura and put it in Sakura's bag when Sakura was not looking. Later, Naruto and Lee was upset when they saw Sakura holding a love letter that is theirs (it was actually from them but Naruto saw Lee's love letter and Lee saw Naruto's love letter. They didn't know that they both wrote a love letter to Sakura) and demands to know who would had wrote it. In the end of the episode, when they both grab the love letters, they shred the papers up. Upon seeing the contents inside the letters, they point out that it was their own as Sakura comes over to ask them if they had seen the letters anywhere but its no use and she disappointingly walks away. Lee and Naruto then realize there never was a third love letter and the Naruto takes a moment to explain that a while after Lee snuck his letter into Sakura's bag, Naruto had done the same thing.

In the second part of episode 9, Tenten points out to Hinata and Rock Lee that Sakura is more Naruto's type, then explains that she is a confident girl who can always set up the punchlines and that people are drawn to people who compliment their personalities.

In the first part of episode 11, Naruto and Lee compete to be on Sakura's team for a research mission, but get stuck with Neji. They settle on tailing her, and try to sneak away.

In the second part of episode 12, Sakura is alone in the rain when she sees Naruto with an umbrella. Sakura immediately scrambles under the umbrella, and as the two "snuggle" underneath it Sakura thanks him; Naruto says anything for her, and walks her home.

In the first part of episode 23, Naruto is shown trying to peep in on Sakura while she is bathing, only for Ino to catch him and Lee.

In the first part of episode 32, Naruto fakes illness to be tended to by Sakura, only for Lee to do the same thing.

In the first part of episode 39, the Hidden Leaf Village holds a big Christmas party. In the present exchange war, each team in the survival race. Whoever finishes the race first gets to choose the present first. Naruto and Rock Lee rival on who will get Sakura's present. When they headed to the finish line, they both finished the race at the same time so they get to choose the present first but Naruto and Rock Lee have realized there's one problem. They did not knew which is Sakura's present. In the end, Naruto gets Rock Lee's present and Rock Lee's gets Naruto's present.

In the second part of episode 40, as the New Year approaches, Naruto and friends wrote wishes on the paper. Naruto and Rock Lee wrote the same wish which is "Take Sakura on a date to Shinobiland" and they both fight. Then, Sakura punches them and says "No" and also scolds them. Besides that, Neji claims that Naruto publicly declared that he likes Sakura.

In chapter 16, there is a Road to Ninja special. In the special, Naruto and Sakura are sent  in the genjutsu world and they realized  everyone in the village was acting strange. In the meantime, as they decided to get some ramen at Ramen Ichiraku to calm their nerves, Charasuke, Kakashi and Guy are seen in the restaurant eating ramen with them. Naruto seemed angry seeing Charasuke flirting with Sakura. Naruto was shown jealous when Charasuke grabbed Sakura close to him and told her to come a little closer. 

Naruto and Lee

Neji, Naruto and Lee faints

In chapter 20 and episode 46, when Naruto and the others find out that the girls are invited to go for a bath house by Tsunade, they decided to peep on them. When they are in front at the bath house, they  heard the girls conversation. Neji blushes and faints after he heard Hinata's and Tenten's conversation about Hinata's chest. Later, Naruto and Lee blushed and faint too after hearing Sakura's and Ino's conversation about Sakura's chest.

Among the Fans

NaruSaku is one of the most popular couples among the fans, rivaled by NaruHina. It's likely supported due Naruto's feelings for Sakura and the development of their relationship. It is a rival couple to SasuNaru, NaruHina, and SasuSaku.

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