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The Couple

The Couple

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NaruHina (Japanese ナルヒナ NaruHina) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyūga.

Their Relationship

Part I

Chūnin Exam Arc

In the beginning of the Chūnin Exams, Naruto's opinion on Hinata was that she was "weird" and "timid," explaining on how everytime he was near her, she would always stutter and blush.


Hinata offering to help Naruto cheat during a test

During the written exams, Hinata sees Naruto struggling to complete his test. She offered her own test as cheating source, but before he responded to her, Naruto pondered if her offer was a trick set by Kiba Inuzuka, her teammate. Realizing Hinata would never do something like that, Naruto nearly agrees, though he does question her on why she would let him cheat off her paper.


"He does care..."

In reply, Hinata shyly states that it would be nice for all of the nine rookie ninja to stay together. Naruto smiled, and was about to cheat off her test, only to stop himself at the last moment, as he saw the instructor watching him. Finally, Naruto decided not to cheat off her paper, and told Hinata the reason for him refusing was not only he would get in trouble, but she would. Blushing, Hinata quietly states, "He does care."

During the second phase of the Chūnin Exams, Hinata signs the paper that Anko Mitarashi, their proctor, had told them to sign, alone by herself in the back. Seeing her, Naruto asks Hinata why she is by herself. Replying she was fine, Hinata sees a cut on Naruto's face. Wanting to give Naruto healing ointment, she starts to dig in her pocket. However, before she can hand the item to Naruto, he leaves.


Hinata gives ointment to Naruto

After Naruto and Kiba's fight during the preliminary matches, Hinata attempts again to give him some of her ointment. She almost fails, due to Naruto not knowing what she was holding, but Kurenai Yuhi aids Hinata, explaining what the ointment was for. Accepting the ointment, Naruto smiles, thanking Hinata.

Yay Hinata!

Naruto cheering for Hinata

When Hinata's turn to fight comes, she is matched against Neji Hyuga, her cousin. Though she is discouraged by Kiba and advised to back down from the match, Hinata refuses to do so. Hinata is quickly put down by Neji who continually calls her worthless and tells her that she will always be unable to change herself. However, Naruto shows obvious disagreement and shouts in Hinata's defense. Telling Neji that Hinata will change during their fight, Naruto tells Hinata to defeat Neji. Hinata silently thanks Naruto in her thoughts and the match begins. Sakura Haruno mentions to Naruto that Hinata was quite like him and points out that she was always watching him. Throughout the match, Naruto cheers for Hinata. At one point, Hinata is hit with a hard blow, causing Naruto to nearly break the container of ointment she had given him.


Naruto's vow to Neji using Hinata's blood

After Hinata is beaten, she lays on the floor, due to Neji's internal hits. Yelling her name, Naruto rushes to her side. Hinata is able to ask him if she changed even a little before soon passing out being carried away and taken to the hospital. With Hinata's blood still on the ground, Naruto grabs some of it, holds it out to Neji and vows to defeat him in her place.


Naruto likes people like Hinata

Naruto is eventually partnered with Neji to fight at the final stage of the Exams. Before the said match, Naruto visits Hinata at the hospital. Before he arrives, however, Hinata admits that she admires Naruto because he is able to keep trying despite his imperfections and difficulties. Before Naruto leaves, he tells Hinata that he once thought she was weird and plain-looking, but he continues saying that he really liked people like her, much to Hinata's delight.

During Naruto's fight against Neji in the finals, Hinata is seen rooting for Naruto, but due to her wound not yet recovered from her fight with Neji, she faints and misses the rest of the fight. After Neji talks about his personal life, Naruto stands up for Hinata by saying that he's not the only one who is special, and that Hinata suffered as much as he did. In the manga, after winning, Naruto runs around the stadium in search of Hinata, wondering if she had seen the match.

Sasuke Retrieval Arc

Hinata is shown watching Naruto as he leaves the village, silently vowing to become stronger as he has.

Part II

Sasuke and Sai Arc

Hinata, not having seen Naruto in two and a half years, hides behind a fence upon first seeing Naruto. Realizing Hinata's location, Naruto greets her, causing her to faint.

Itachi Pursuit Arc

When news reaches Konoha that Sasuke Uchiha killed Orochimaru, Team 8 is sent on a mission alongside Team 7 to find Itachi Uchiha and then Sasuke. Kakashi Hatake summons his ninken and divides the team into groups. Hinata is put in Naruto's group and, blushing, says, "Let's work together Naruto-kun."

Naruto and Hinata are approached by Kabuto Yakushi, who explains that he wanted to see Naruto. Seeing Kabuto, Hinata asks what he wants with Naruto. Kabuto reveals that he wanted to give Naruto a book containing Orochimaru's information on the Akatsuki.

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The relieved Hinata

Later, the team regroups and Kiba is able to find Sasuke's trail. On their way to Sasuke's location, a worried Hinata warns Naruto, trying to tell him that there is someone around. They then come across Tobi, who stops them from going farther towards Sasuke's area. A battle ensues, and Naruto is knocked into a pond. Hinata is shown to be worried and then relieved after seeing Naruto stand.

Invasion of Pain Arc

Hyuga Hinata - Confession - Same Nindo

A wounded Hinata approaches Naruto

Hinata defends naruto

Hinata protects Naruto

After realizing Naruto was fighting the Akatsuki's leader, Pain, alone, Hinata attempts to aid him in his battle. However, she is halted by , who tells her that she will only be a burden to Naruto. Hinata seemingly accepts his words, but after Naruto is pierced to the ground by Pain, Hinata immediately rushes to his side, despite knowing the grim odds. Naruto pleads with Hinata, telling her to flee for the sake of her own life, but Hinata refuses. She tells him that she is unafraid of death; If it is to protect him, she has no worry. Hinata is able to strike and slash through the metal rods pinning Naruto to the ground and is able to confess her feelings to him. She is then pierced by Pain, who shows confusion to why she would risk her life for Naruto when it was so clear she would die. After seeing Hinata get stabbed, Naruto becomes enraged and transforms into the Kyubi, growing six tails and later nine.


Sakura realizing Hinata's love for Naruto.

After, Naruto regains his consciousness and stares at the destroyed Hidden Leaf. After being informed of the situation, Naruto immediately remembers Hinata and the villagers. Staring in horror at what he had apparently destroyed, Naruto remembers Hinata. Adding to his horror, Naruto begins to think that he killed Hinata, but senses her chakra, confirming her safety. Katsuyu notifies him that no villagers had been harmed and shedding tears of relief, Naruto repeatedly mutters "Thank God". Hinata is shown being healed by Sakura, who notes her feelings for Naruto.

When Naruto informs the Great Toad Sage of all the times he had let the Kyubi take over his body, he mentions that when he saw Hinata get stabbed by Pain he became so full of rage, he allowed the Nine-Tails to take over his body without thinking.

Shinobi World War Arc

Naruto saving Hinata

Naruto saving Hinata

When Hinata attacks three White Zetsus, Naruto appears and protects her from them. Hinata is surprised at his appearance, but Naruto only asks if she is alright. The two fight more, with Naruto defeating several more White Zetsus and Neji appears. He shows distrust, showing suspicion to whether Naruto was a Zetsu Clone or the real thing. However, Hinata tells her cousin that she is able to tell it is Naruto by looking into his eyes.

When Hinata becomes distressed, Naruto, being able to sense her negative feelings, he reminds her that she is strong, reminding her of her bravery when fighting Pain and mentions being able to see everything in her eyes.


When Naruto have a conversation with the Kyubi about the hatred of an entire war and Sasuke, Naruto remembers him and Sasuke in their academy days. Naruto thinks of the time he Sasuke were set to spar with each other in the Academy. Hinata is shown cheering for Naruto, but her voice is drowned out by the other girls cheering for Sasuke.

Ten-Tails Revival Arc

Tumblr me6vliLSRa1rfr9o1o1 500

Kiba talks with Naruto about Hinata

While Naruto battles Obito with a technique, Hinata and the others watch. Ino Yamanaka and Hinata mention Naruto's flawless performance of the Shadow Replication Technique. Kiba smiles and yells to Naruto, saying he shouldn't act tough just because of Hinata's presence.

When the Hyuga clan arrives at the battlefield, the entire clan firmly states they will protect Naruto. Hinata tells everyone that the war is not only to protect everyone, but Naruto as well. Hearing this, Naruto smiles and thanks her.


Hinata encouraging Naruto

Later during the war, the Ten-Tails attacks, sending thousands of sharp spikes careening through the air and onto the ground. One of these attacks heads towards Naruto and Hinata steps in front of him with the intention of being struck instead, willing to risk and sacrifice her life for his own. However, Neji instead is hit when he throws himself in front of Hinata, causing extreme damage to his body. His life quickly fading, Neji tells Naruto that his life is not his own anymore, but everyone's, as all of the shinobi were willing to sacrifice their lives for his. After Neji's death, Obito taunts Naruto, mocking his resolve, pointing out how he said he wouldn't let any of his friends die. Obito offers Naruto a hand, persuading him to lose hope, but Naruto is stopped by Hinata, who slaps him across the face, reminding him of Neji's words. Regaining himself, Naruto thanks Hinata, takes her hand, and transfers chakra to her and the rest of the Allied Forces.


Naruto and Hinata holding hands

After receiving the chakra from Naruto, Hinata deflects one of the Ten-Tails' attacks with her 8 trigrams 64 palms. Before Naruto rejoins the battle again, he allows her to fix his dislocated shoulder by using the Gentle Fist.


Hinata wants to be by Naruto's side

During Hinata's flashback, it was revealed that Naruto was smiling at her during the time they were holding hands. During the counterattack on the Ten-tailed Clones, as Hinata almost fails to complete her combo, she has a flashback of Naruto. After the flashback, she says to herself that she wants to be by Naruto's side forever, and that she has figured the trick in connecting and successfully completes her 64 palm combo.

As Naruto charges ahead into the battlefield, Hinata stays behind with the troops and is seen watching him with her Byakugan. At one point, Sakura asks Hinata about Sasuke and Naruto to which the Hyuga calmly replies that the two were, "smiling".

After the attack of the God Tree had calmed, Naruto's memories and emotions are transferred into the troops. Hinata is then shown to sympathize with him by muttering his name. When everyone talks of wanting to be by Naruto's side, Hinata notes to herself that she must also work hard, for she wants the same.

Final Arc

Sensing Naruto's presence as he is brought by Gaara, Hinata quickly turns around in curiosity. Assured by Kiba that Naruto is near by, she quickly activates her Byakugan and notices his slow heartbeat. Scared at the thought of Naruto dying, she rushes to his side. However, she trips. Clenching to herself, out of exhaustion, she prays for Neji to protect Naruto.


Hinata's dream


Hinata and Naruto mourning Neji

As the Infinite Tsukuyomi genjutsu begins, Hinata is one of the many caught. Calling Naruto's name as she descends into the genjutsu, she states she can no longer move. When she is finally caught within her dream, Neji and Hanabi are shown spying on both her and Naruto while they seemingly are together as a happy couple.

After the war, at Konoha, a memorial service is held for Neji. Naruto and Hinata can be seen standing near each other.

Post-Part II

The Last: Naruto the Movie

Naruto and Hinata are the main characters of the movie and it is a love story between them.


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Naruto with Boruto (left)
Hinata with Himawari (right)

Years after the Fourth Shinobi World War, the Five Great Shinobi Countries have come to peace. Naruto and Hinata were later married and have a son and a daughter named as Boruto Uzumaki and Himawari Uzumaki, respectively. Hinata can be seen visiting Neji's grave with her daughter while Naruto lectures his son for doing pranks.


  • It is revealed that Hinata has a crush on Naruto in the beginning of the series.[1]
  • Naruto has shown to care for Hinata and worry about her well being in many occasions.[2]
  • Before his fight against Neji, Naruto tells Hinata that he likes people like her.[3]
  • They both admire each other for their strength and resolve.
  • During the Chunin exams, Naruto cheers for Hinata in her fight with Neji. Likewise, Hinata also roots for Naruto during his fight with her teammate, Kiba.[4]
  • Naruto and Hinata have confesses to each other.
    • Hinata confesses her feelings to Naruto before getting stabbed by Pain, which caused Naruto to go on rampage.[5]
    • Naruto confesses to Hinata before Toneri appears to take her away[6]
  • Naruto fell in love with Hinata[7]
  • Both Naruto and Hinata mentioned that they could see the truth through each other's eyes[8]
  • Naruto holds Hinata's hand after she encourages him to continue to fight the Juubi and thanked her for always being by his side.[9]
  • Naruto and Hinata kiss each other twice.
    • Naruto and Hinata kiss while floating in the sky.[10]
    • Naruto and Hinata kiss during their wedding day.[11]
  • It is revealed that after Naruto and Hinata married, they have a son named Boruto and a daughter named Himawari.[12]

Unofficial Evidence


In Naruto Shippuuden Ending 21 - "Cascade", both Hinata and Sakura appear in parallel with scenes of Naruto and Sasuke fighting. It is seem that Sakura appears for Sasuke and Hinata appears for Naruto.


Opening 15 - "Guren" (left)
Ending 29 - "FLAME" (right).

In Naruto Shippuden Opening 15 - "Guren", Hinata is shown hovered into darkness as she looks up with tears. Upon the next scene, there is a hand reaching out to grabs her's.

In Naruto Shippuden Ending 29 - "Flame", there are two hands can be seen reaching out to grab each other's hand.

Shounen Jump

Weekly Shounen Jump Magazine


In Shounen Jump 2nd Valentines Spread, main characters from each series' featured a female from their series'. This time, Hinata appeared as Naruto's valentine.

Fillers - Part I

Introduction Arc

During a class, it was Naruto's turn to perform the Imitation Jutsu, and while he stepped forward, Hinata was shown looking at him, blushing, and tapping her index fingers together, telling Naruto within herself to do well. She was also shown upset (and distracted) when she was not on Team 7 with Naruto.

The Search for the Rare Bikōchū Beetle Arc


Naruto and Hinata face-to-face

Team 8 decides to visit Kurenai at the hospital, to which they find Tsunade and Shizune. Kiba and Shino both mention how Hinata fainted when she saw Naruto covered in bandages, and an embarrassed Hinata states that she will be fine. But as soon as she finds Naruto yelling to Tsunade, they come face-to-face. Hinata starts to blush, and Naruto apologizes for yelling at her. Being oblivious to her crush, she asks if she has a fever, touching her forehead. Hinata starts to scream, hitting him on the forehead and knocking him to the floor, promptly fainting after.


Naruto hugs Hinata

During their mission, Hinata protects them from something, and Naruto starts to hug her. She blushes, innerly commenting on the sudden attention. Later, when she washes her face, she blushes again, think of Naruto hugging her.


Hinata dances in the waterfall

Late at night, Naruto wakes and goes to the forest, having to do his business. In the forest, he finds a waterfall with a nude girl seemingly dancing in the water. Naruto watches, amazed, and tries to walk up to the girl who is oblivious to his presence. However, he slips on a rock and the girl, hearing the commotion, runs away, leaving Naruto, who wonders who the girl could be.

Hinata's clothes are shown, revealing that she was the one who was in front of the waterfall. In the morning, Naruto tells Kiba of the girl, embarrassing Hinata, who chooses to keep her identity secret. Kiba doesn't believe the story, telling Naruto it could have been a dream.


Naruto catches Hinata

Sometime later, when Hinata appeared to be dead, Naruto became extremely angry. Despite being trapped and beaten, Naruto manages to hold his head up. When he does, it's shown that he is accessing the Nine-Tails Chakra. He promises to tear their captors limb-from-limb for what they did to Hinata. Later in the episode, Hinata uses her Protection of the Eight Trigrams: Sixty-Four Palms to destroy all the bugs, Shino tells Naruto that it is Naruto that changed her to become more confident. He is then amazed of her performance. After she does the jutsu twice, she is weakened and falls to the floor. She is then caught by Naruto. He then compliments Hinata on her jutsu and calls it "amazing." She then blushes and says, "Naruto-kun", and snuggles with him.

Imposter Arc

Kiba, Naruto, and Hinata are assigned a mission to find treasure. Naruto and Hinata have lunch together, and Hinata makes a Naruto-like rice ball. Naruto finds it weird, then eats it. He then compliments her on her cooking, to which Hinata blushes at. They often come to different pathways, and Naruto and Kiba argue on which way to go. Kiba says that he and Akamaru know that using each of Naruto's way is dangerous, but Naruto doesn't care and decides to go anyway, with Hinata following him. Though he is always proven wrong, Hinata follows him. Kiba is always there, waiting for them. Finally when they make it to find the treasure, the Kedoin clan shows up and copies their looks. Then they are left inside the cave tied up with paper bombs. Naruto, Kiba, and Akamaru help bite Hinata's rope so that she could protect them using the Protection of the Eight Trigrams: Sixty-Four Palms.


Hinata faints on Naruto's shoulder

After she protects them, she tries to untie Naruto's rope, only to quickly blush and faint. Kiba then complains that she can untie them then faint. Hinata wakes up and unties them. When the Kiba and Akamaru do their Fang over Fang jutsu to open up the cave more, it is revealed that Hinata has a cut on her leg. Naruto worries about her, but she says that she can do it by herself. When the rocks crumble down, Naruto grabs her, escaping. After they come out, he continues to hold her, and asks if she is okay, which Hinata blushes and leaves, falling on her injured leg. Then Kiba wraps her leg in bandages, and leaves off to find out something, leaving the two alone.


Naruto holding Hinata

Some smoke bombs come out from bushes, which Naruto and Hinata hug each other to keep each other safe. Later, when Kiba and Naruto leave off to fight the impostors and stop them from entering the village, Naruto and Hinata smile at each other for a long time before Kiba grabs Naruto's collar and tells him that they have to leave.

While Kiba goes off to fight his own and Naruto's imposter, Naruto goes after Hinata's imposter. He chases her for a bit before she throws smoke bombs on the floor. Naruto finds her anyway, and accidentally grabs her hand. She blushes, saying the she is the real Hinata. He smiles at her and says that now they can both go after the imposter, which he was the one who was holding her hand. They decide to go their separate ways as the smoke clears off, which they try to let go of each others' hand, but the imposter pulled Naruto's. He smiles to himself and says that it is the imposter Hinata, and attempts to attack her. The imposter, though being scared, fainted before Naruto got the chance to attack.

After the boys defeat the impostors, they find the real Hinata limping over to them. By then, Naruto had taken off his chest he had on, which was their only way of knowing that he was the real Naruto. She smiles while Naruto runs over to her. She looks at his back, and couldn't see the chest, so she thought he was an imposter. As soon as Naruto got to Hinata, she used Gentle Fist on him, knocking him out.

Land of Vegatables Arc

When Naruto introduced who they were, he explained that he was Naruto Uzumaki, and his friend, Hinata Hyuga. Choji had to explain who he was. They were seen on numerous occasions together, such as pulling the carts together. Once after Hinata made a trap, she jumped right back to Naruto, saying that she had set up a trap. Naruto said that they didn't need one, because nobody was following them.


Hinata going against Jiga

When Naruto tried to fight Jiga, he failed to, getting hit with a rock wall. Hinata had his headband, then put it in her coat, and went into the battlefield. She was looking for Naruto's hand, then immediately pulled it up when she found it. Naruto then told her to go away and get out of here. That Jiga was too strong for her. She refused, and decided to fight him anyway.

She attempted to hit him, yet realizing that he was made of iron. She escaped his kunai throw, but got a few inside of herself. He met her at the end of the cliff, yet Hinata had hit one of his chakra points no matter if he was made of iron or not. She was weakened, and began to fall into the magnetic sand that Jiga had used as a weapon.

Naruto and Choji got worried about Hinata after their own fight with Ruiga, so they went looking for her. They found her being sucked into a vortex of metal sand, which Naruto used a chain of shadow clones to catch her before being permanently sucked inside. Hinata awakens in Chouji's arms, yet Naruto complimented her saying that she was great. Hinata smiled at him afterwards.

Naruto hinata0190

Hinata watching Naruto with Onbu on his back

A Legend from the Hidden Leaf: The Onbaa!

During episode 185, Naruto has a pet that he named Onbu. Hinata was watching Naruto, hearing the rumors about Naruto's Onbu. Yet, when she saw it, she blushed and fainted. Naruto quickly went up to her and asked if she was okay, shaking her. She then woke up, looked at Onbu, and fainted again.

Trap Master Arc

Naruto found something suspicious, and wanted either Neji or Hinata to take a better look at it. He went to Hinata first, and said that he "needed" her. Hinata, blushing, said that she didn't know what to say, with an angry Sakura. He pleaded, with Hinata using an embarrassed expression each time, then he groaned, then mentioned that he was going to Neji instead, leaving a sad Hinata.

Fillers - Part II

Sasuke and Sai Arc


Hinata misinterpreted Naruto's words

There is an extra scene added in Naruto Shippuden episode 33. Just when Hinata regained her consciousness, Naruto came to her and asked, very vaguely, to come with him on his mission, telling her "don't say a word and come with me". The tomato-faced Hinata misinterpreted the words and promptly passed out again.

Three-Tails Arc

When Hinata was stuck in Guren's crystal, Naruto had been very worried, and was angered when Gamatatsu dropped her, cracking the crystal. Though, after the crystal was cracked, and Hinata was okay, she told everyone that she had surrounded herself in chakra to protect herself. Naruto smiled at her afterwards, and she blushed at him.

Later, Hinata was paired up with Team Three, the sealing team, which requires advanced chakra control. Hinata mentioned that she wasn't a medical ninja and never trained to become one, to which Shizune reassures Hinata, saying that she has chakra control of one. Then Naruto smiled and said that she could do it and that she was "great".

Invasion of Pain Arc

During the time Hinata fought Pain, she remembered the first time she met Naruto when they were both kids. As a child, Naruto was always getting into trouble, and one day shouted to everyone that he was going to become Hokage one day, before running angrily away. People after began talking about the Nine-Tails attack, with Hinata and her bodyguard, Ko, listening. Hinata then asked what the Nine-Tails was, with Ko smiling, reassuring her that it was nothing.


"It's that boy..."

Before entering the Academy, Ko took Hinata to take a look at the building before she had entered. He told her that she would one day enter the Academy, with Hinata asking if she was going to make it and graduate. She then heard creaking, and saw Naruto swinging on the swing nearby. She then said to Ko that it "was that boy", with Ko pulling her, telling her that it was ready to go and practice her training.

Once, Hinata had to spar her younger sister, Hanabi, and she had lost, due to her gentleness and kindness. She began to run away, feeling ashamed of herself, before bumping into three older boys, knocking down their ice cream down. They took her to a bush, telling her to apologize, but she ran away. One of the boys then grabbed her by the shirt, and forced her to bow and apologize to them. When that wasn't "good enough", they pushed her head down. She began to cry, and apologize, with Naruto telling them to stop picking on Hinata.

They asked Naruto if they wanted to fight, and he agreed to, punching the leader down. The other two began to beat Naruto up as well, knocking him over. Ko appeared, scarring the bullies away. He told Hinata that it was time to go home, but Hinata told him that Naruto had saved her. Ko didn't listen, and pulled her along anyway, leaving Hinata watching a passed out Naruto.

Later when Hinata is fighting Pain to save Naruto, she is able to break several of the rods in Naruto that were holding him down with Her Gentle Step Twin Lion Fists, before getting stabbed by Pain.

Adventures at Sea Arc

In episode 232; The Girls' Get-Together, Hinata can be seen excited when Shikamaru said her that he and quite a few of the other members of the Konoha 11 had seen Naruto on their mission. Hinata then was happy when Shikamaru told Hinata that Tsunade was looking for her, which she hope Tsunade had in fact requested her to go on a mission so she could see Naruto. After Hinata left, Kurenai commented that Hinata is always been happy when it comes to Naruto. When Hinata is looking for Tsunade at the Ninja Tools Division, Tenten told Hinata that Tsunade have left, Hinata begins to ask Tenten about her meeting Naruto during her mission. During the girls' gathering at the Yakiniku Q, the girls talked about Naruto and the past, reminiscing about the first Chūnin Exams. When Hinata talked about Naruto, she can be seen glad that she have took the Chunin exam and said to the girls that because Naruto cheered for her back then, she was able to do her best. When Sakura mention that this time is their turn to protect Naruto, Hinata can be seen blushing, Hinata thought about protecting Naruto and vows to become stronger. After the gathering, Neji and Hinata walked home together. On their way home, Hinata told Neji that the war is to protect Naruto so she have to become much stronger because it was Naruto that have made her come this far.

In episode 240; Kiba's Determination, Akamaru bring Kiba to the place where he used to race with Naruto and friends during their academy days and there he saw Hinata training alone. Hinata told Kiba that ever since their academy days, she has been here training sometimes because Naruto used to run here all the time. Hinata can be seen blushing as she continues telling Kiba that Naruto runs here a lot because he was so determined to break his record. In the flashback, it was a raining day. Hinata can be seen walking with an umbrella. Hinata saw Naruto run pass her to the finish line and he runs back pass her when he didn't break Kiba's record. When Naruto break Kiba's record, Hinata, who is training alone, can be seen blushing and turn around after she heard him yelled happily that he did it. After the flashback, Hinata, who is still blushing, telling Kiba that Naruto ran every single day until he beat his record then turn to look at him and smile, asking isn't it just like Naruto.

Hinata hyuga by redflamewolf-d5i5ytt

Hinata blushing while Kiba says that Naruto is one of her favorite things

Fourth Shinobi World War

In episode 279; White Zetsu's Trap, while Team 8 was playing rock-paper-scissors to ask questions about themselves, Hinata had lost one round. Shino asked what her favorite things were, which she answered with "sweet things". Kiba then said that it was a lie, with her asking him what was wrong. Kiba then said that it was Naruto, making Hinata blush. Kiba laughs at her, but then says it was a joke.

632232-horriblesubs naruto shippuuden 306 720p.mkv snapshot 04.21 2013.03.28 22.35.49 1024x576

"I'm definitely coming"

In episode 306; The Heart's Eye, Hinata is training with her cousin, Neji as her father, Hiashi had left the village on other duties. When Hinata took a walk the next day, she was called out by Sakura. Sakura ask Hinata if she could join her at the firework display which is in honor of Tsunade on becoming the Fifth Hokage. Sakura then told Hinata that she was planning to sneak Sasuke out of the hospital and go to the firework display with him, just the two of them but Naruto insist on coming.

Naruto-shippuden-episode-306-the-heart s-eye-pic2

Hinata blushes before she runs away

Sakura then points at Naruto to Hinata, making her blushes as she continues that if there is a partner for Naruto, she can have her alone time with Sasuke. Hinata continue blushes and fantasizes on what it would be like to go to a firework display with Naruto. This eventually causes her to run around in excitement. Hinata then runs back to Sakura, telling her that she is definitely coming. Hinata then looked at Naruto and begins to fantasize again; making her blushes and runs away. When Hinata left, Naruto walks to Sakura and asked her what is wrong with Hinata.


Sakura's plan

Naruto and Sakura haven't seen Hinata around for a couple of days. They decided to look for her and they were shocked when they found out that Hinata strained her eyesight during her training with Neji. When Naruto and Sakura overheard Neji's conversation with the doctor about the Eye Medicine Plant which fabled to grow in the Valley of Judgement, they decided to accompanied Neji to find the plant. When they accompanied Neji, Sakura was thinking about her plan; going to recover Hinata's eyesight so Hinata can come and have the chance to be with Naruto while she has the chance to be with Sasuke. However, in the end the group fails.

Later, during the firework display, Team 7 is seen watching the firework display together while Hinata sat on her veranda for the display.

Chikara Arc

  • A worried Hinata let Naruto lay down his head on her
  • Hinata heal Naruto and notices the Nine-Tails clone
  • Hinata stand up and defend Naruto

In episode 293; Power - Episode 4, the rest of Konoha 11 arrive to help when the Nine-Tailed Naruto clone tries to attack Dokku and the orphans. While Guy and Lee fights the Nine-Tails and rest the Konoha 11 fights Kabuto, the worried Hinata rushes towards Naruto and let him lay down his head on her. When Hinata heal Naruto, the Nine-Tails Naruto clone comes to absorb Naruto's chakra. Hinata then stands up and tries to defend Naruto but is sent flying as Neji catches her in his arms.


Prologue of Road to Ninja

642751-naruto shippuuden episode 311 screenshot 046

Hinata blushes

In the Prologue of Road to Ninja, Lee trains on top of the female changing area and falls through the ceiling, getting himself caught by an angry Ino. In the anime, when the boys went to the female changing area to see what was going on and Hinata is seen blushing when she sees Naruto. After being accused as a pervert, everybody chases Lee and he tries to run away.
  • An impress Hinata
  • A disappointed Hinata
However, knowing that Lee was not one to peep, Naruto attempts to stand up for Lee. After speaking in Lee's defense, Hinata is seen proud of Naruto's words, but is disapointed after seeing the undergarments attached to his towel.


  • In the omake after episode 33, Kiba and Hinata were talking about how much they have grown. Kiba teases Hinata, telling her that her habit of fainting at the sight of Naruto has not changed at all. He goes on, saying that Naruto was nearby, causing Hinata to panic.
  • After episode 87, Team 8 rests for a while, with Kiba asking them when their next mission will be. Hinata then plays in water, with Kiba asking her if she likes Naruto, with Hinata blushing and leaping out of the little pond she was in.
  • During the omake after episode 96, Hinata makes Valentine's Day chocolate. Sakura appears and sees Hinata baking and quickly points out that she is making too little chocolate for Valentine's Day and Sakura adds to the recipe. Later, Hinata says that she was unable to give her chocolate to the one in mind and runs away. Kiba questions who she had been planning on giving it to and is soon answered by Shino, who tells him that it was most likely Naruto.

Naruto and Hinata laughing together

  • During the omake after episode 110, Sakura, Kiba, Naruto and Hinata are eating together at Ichiraku Ramen. Naruto begins to wonder what Shino would look like without his sunglasses, and they begins to discuss. During the discussion, Naruto and Hinata, who are sitting next to each other, are shown to look at each other and laughing.
  • After episode 121, Hinata wants to ask Naruto something, but is too shy to say it, and says, "Naruto-kun..." Kakashi looks at Hinata and asks her if she could say his name. She begins to say his name in different ways from different people. It was shown that the director had been recording all that time, and said that they could use those quotes later in the series, leaving Hinata embarrassed.
Hinata in Costume

Hinata tries to cheer up Naruto

  • In the omake after episode 134, Naruto wasn't invited to the anniversary party of the 350th episode of Naruto, making him upset. Upon his leave, Hinata appears and attempts to cheer him up.
  • During the omake after episode 165, Sakura angrily accuses Hinata of trying to steal her role as the main heroine after seeing Hinata got her own ending, "Naruto Shippuden Ending 13 - Jitensha". Naruto then appears and tries to defend Hinata by explaining that it was the fault of the Hinata fans in the staff that got out of control. It is possible that the accusation made by Sakura was also a hint for the next episode which was centered on Hinata.
NaruHina My Role Model01:05

NaruHina My Role Model

My Role Model

  • During the omake after episode 166, Hinata remembers her Academy days about Naruto. Hinata silently claims that Naruto will always be her role model, thank him and apologizes for never telling him her feelings sooner.
  • After episode 168, Guy interviews Hinata about her maturity, but goes a little deep when he asks her who was her crush. Guy begins to think of random guys she might like, but Hinata accidentally uses her Palm Bottom on him, sending him into the wall.


Naruto Shippuden the movie: Bonds

Hinata blushes

"Naruto-kun, let's do our best"

After the attack on Konoha by the Land of the Sky, a three-man team, consisting of Naruto, Hinata and Sakura, was assigned to escort a young girl, Amaru and her sensei, Shinnō, back to their village. When Naruto knows about the three-man team, Hinata is shown blushing telling Naruto that he is one of the three-man team. After Sakura give Naruto a good luck charm from Jiraiya to him, Hinata blushes and told Naruto "Let's do our best".

Later, while Hinata helps the villagers onto the ship, Amaru asks Hinata where the button was to activate it, where Hinata says it is a little stone. As Amaru tries to push it, rocks interrupt her path to the button, and Naruto gets there instead, asking Hinata if the release button was where he was at, and Hinata calls out his name in surprise.

Naruto Shippuden the movie: Blood Prison

Hinata and the other members of the Konoha 11 help Naruto to fight against Satori. Hinata was extremely worried when Naruto is impaled but gets relieved when he survives due to Ryūzetsu's kekkei genkai technique.

Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie


Road to Ninja Poster

On a poster of Naruto Shippuden: Road to Ninja, it shows the regular cast of the Konoha 11, with Hinata shy, but below it shows the counter, with her about to kiss Naruto's cheek, with him smiling nervously.

Hinata smile

Hinata blushes and smile after Naruto tells her to cheer up

When Hinata is fighting one of the "dead" Akatsuki members, Naruto passes by her and tells her to cheer up, with Hinata agreeing and smiling at him.

Alternate Hinata

Alternate Hinata asking Naruto

Later, when Naruto and Sakura enter the Genjutsu World, the alternate Hinata was shown attracted to Naruto, thinking it was his counter-self, Menma. She asked if the two were on a date, which Sakura blushed saying that they weren't but alternate Hinata told her to back-off with her Byakugan on. Naruto interrupted, which she grabbed his collar and asked if he was covering-up for them. Alternate Hinata then got into a fighting position, which Naruto used a Transportation Jutsu to get away from them, Sakura following.

At the bath house, Hinata and Sakura were still arguing about if "Menma/Naruto" and Sakura were dating, which Sakura denied. Hinata still didn't believe her, until she felt Neji watching them both with his Byakugan.

For more information: MenmaHina

Video Games

Naruto Video Games (NaruHina Team Tag Name)

Naruto and Hinata's team tag tittle
Secret Lovers (left) and Joined Hands (right)

In Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, 3, Generations and Revolution, Naruto and Hinata gets the title "Secret Lovers" when they are put together as a team. However, in Revolution, when Naruto teams up with Hinata in his bijuu mode, they get the title "Joined Hands" but they were titled "Secret Lovers" when Naruto is not in his bijuu mode.


Hinata wanted to treat Naruto for lunch

In Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2, there is a chat between Naruto, Hinata and Sakura in the Friendship Event. Hinata wants to treat Naruto for lunch. Naruto then starts to get curious and wonders why Hinata is buying lunch for him. Sakura help Hinata by telling Naruto that he shouldn't doubt her like that. Hinata then told Naruto that he is always doing nice things to her so this time she wanted to pay him back a little bit. When Hinata wants to tell Naruto that Sakura paid some of the money too, she was stopped by Sakura, telling her that she doesn't want Naruto to know about it. After his lunch, Naruto thanks Hinata for the meal and thanks Sakura too, telling her that he knew she paid some of the money. Sakura tells Naruto that she did it for Hinata and not for him because Hinata didn't have enough money. Naruto smiles and thanks them again as they leave. Naruto then giggles and says the food was yummy.

Naruto's girlfriend

Killer Bee mistaken Hinata as Naruto's girlfriend

In Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, Hinata asks Naruto to go on a mission with her to send documents to the Hidden Cloud Village. At Hidden Cloud Village, after they give the documents to Killer Bee, he asks Naruto who is this girl and he points out that Hinata was Naruto's girlfriend. This makes Hinata feeling shy and nervous and Naruto calms her down by saying to her that Killer Bee was just joking. Hinata was then shown feeling depressed. When they went back at the village, seeing how depressed Hinata looks, Naruto tries to comfort her.


Ultimate decision for "Super Maiden Showdown" mission

In Naruto Shippuuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, Adventure mode, there's a side quest where Ino and Sakura ask Naruto what kind of girl he likes, brisk personalities like theirs, or innocent personalities like Hinata's. The Legend choice is the one where he chooses "Innocent", which says that he should tell them what he really thinks.

In Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, there is a chat between Naruto, Hinata, Temari and Kurotsuchi in the Friendship Event. Naruto runs into Hinata, Temari and Kurotsuchi and wonders what they are doing together. In the shop, Naruto asks what were they talking about. When Temari and Kurotsuchi said to Naruto that this has nothing to do with boys and he should stay out of this, Naruto tells them that it was also Hinata's business and she is upset. Hinata tells everything to Naruto that Temari and Kurotsuchi want to be feminine like her. After Temari and Kurotsuchi tells Naruto the reason they wanted to be feminine when Naruto assk them about it, Naruto is happy for Hinata that she is getting so much attention as she tells him that she rather not be. When Naruto says that Temari and Kurotsuchi are mad all the time, they yelled that they are not like that and begin to argue who is more feminine. Then, Temari and Kurotsuchi ask and demand Hinata to know how to be feminine like her. Hinata suggests that they can try being a little quieter as Naruto laughs inside his heart and thinks about Hinata, "tell it like it is, Hinata".


Hinata doesn't like Temari and Kurotsuchi picking on Naruto

Once outside, when Temari and Kurotsuchi were discussing about what Hinata have suggests to them, Naruto talks to Hinata, telling her good job and saying to her that he didn't think she can just straight-up saying what she thought. Hinata thanks Naruto as she thought to herself that she is saying it to Temari and Kurotsuchi because they looks like they were picking on Naruto and she didn't like it. Hinata then said that she is glad that Naruto looks happy.

In Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution, Mecha-Naruto Story, Naruto overheard Hinata's conversation with Kiba. When Kiba left, Naruto walks to Hinata and asks her what happen. Hinata said she is on a mission on delivering things to the Festival Island. Naruto then goes on the mission with Hinata since he does not want her to go alone.

Mecha-Naruto in love

Mecha-Naruto falls in love with Hinata

After they finish their mission at the Festival Island, Naruto decides to take a walk at the island. When they decide to go back to the village, Hinata asks Naruto if she can be his partner for the Ninja Tournament. When Naruto agrees to form a team with Hinata, they heard a strange sound and they decides to check it out. They then found a strange robot which look like Naruto and when the robot is activate and say its name is Mecha-Naruto, they have an argument about who is copying whose name. Hinata tries to stop the argument and Mecha-Naruto then falls in love with Hinata. Later, when they heard Mecha-Naruto lost his memory due to a missing part of Mental Stone, Hinata remembers the Mental Stone was the prize for the Ninja Tournament. Hinata then asks if Mecha-Naruto wants to join the Ninja Tournament with them since he needs to get the Mental Stone to regains his memory.

10560400 547213505412085 539097457669480968 o

Hinata makes Naruto and Mecha-Naruto dolls

The next day, Naruto and Mecha-Naruto wait for Hinata at the Konoha front gate. When Hinata arrives, Naruto says to Hinata that it is not like her to be late. Hinata explains that she wants Naruto and Mecha-Naruto to get along so she makes Naruto and Mecha-Naruto dolls. Mecha-Naruto was happy about the doll as he begins to praise Hinata and he puts the Naruto doll on him. Hinata tells Naruto that she would be happy if he would put the doll on him too but Naruto says he does not want to make it dirty since it is very a well-made doll. Naruto thanks Hinata as he keeps the Mecha-Naruto doll and they then headed to the preliminaries matches for the Ninja Tournament.


"As long as you're with me, Naruto..."

After the preliminaries, they were discussing what to do about the main battle since the main battle has to be a team of two. Naruto then asks if Hinata is ok. Hinata answers that as long as Naruto is with her...but she quickly cuts it off and she then tells Naruto and Mecha-Naruto not to worry about her and they both should go to the main battle since she only join them because Naruto let her in and Mecha-Naruto has to get back the Mental Stone.

Later, Mecha-Naruto, who was being looked strangely by the villagers, went to look for Naruto at the training ground and switches body with him. Mecha-Naruto (who is in Naruto's body) went to see Hinata and convinces her that Mecha-Naruto withdraws from the tournament. Hinata, who does not know Naruto is actually Mecha-Naruto, agrees to join the tournament with Naruto. When Hinata sees the Naruto doll she makes for Mecha-Naruto on Naruto's arm, she wonders and asks Naruto about the doll. Naruto (Mecha-Naruto) explains that Mecha-Naruto gave it to him and wishes him for the best. Hinata still feels something is not right about Naruto.

3513163 Revolution 63136129

"I just know it"

When Naruto (who is in Mecha-Naruto's body) wakes up, he goes back to the village and found Sakura and Shikamaru. Naruto then explains everything to Sakura and Shikamaru but they did not believe him. The nine rookies (except Sasuke) then gather together and discuss this matter. As they keeps saying to Naruto that he is lying, Hinata, who just finish her tournament, appears and says he really is the real Naruto. Hinata then explains to everyone that she feels strange when she is with the other Naruto and says that she just know it that the other Naruto is not the real Naruto. When Naruto asks what did Hinata means "just know it", Sakura angrily scolds Naruto and says if Hinata says so then it is true because she has been watching him more than anyone. When Naruto was about to asks Hinata a favour, Hinata replies that she know what he is going to ask and says that she is fine for him take part for the final in her place. Naruto then thank Hinata.

The next day, Hinata inform Naruto that the rules for the final tournament have changed. The worried Hinata then asks if Naruto is going to be okay to which Naruto replies that everything is going to be fine. They then go to the tournament. At the tournament, Hinata cheers for Naruto and she is shown relieve when Naruto gets his body back. After the battle, Mecha-Naruto apologizes to Naruto and Hinata.

When Naruto give the Mental Stone to Mecha-Naruto, Mecha-Naruto recall his memories and his kyubi mode is activated. After telling Naruto, Hinata, Sakura and Shikamaru about Mecha-Naruto seals him with his memories, Kyubi Mode leaves to begins his destruction. Tsunade tells the group that the Five Great Nation decides to destroy Mecha-Naruto. Naruto angrily yells that he will not let it happen because he and Mecha-Naruto have just become friends and leaves.


On their way to save Mecha-Naruto together

When Naruto was about to leave, Hinata stop him and informs him the location where Mecha-Naruto is. Hinata then says that she is going with him to save Mecha-Naruto because she feels the same thing as he is. The two then left to save Mecha-Naruto.


Naruto tells Shikamaru to take Hinata and go on ahead

When Mecha-Naruto was about to explode, Hinata refuses to leave, leaving Naruto no choice but to use his Shadow Clone Jutsu to take Hinata away while he stays to save Mecha-Naruto. Naruto then tells Shikamaru to take Hinata and go on ahead.


Naruto OVA 3:Hidden Leaf Village Grand Sports Festival!

When Naruto makes a trip to the bathroom, the men's side is closed for cleaning. Growing impatient, he turns to the women's side, but is confronted by Hinata. Hinata attempts to tell him something, but stutters and finds it hard to speak. Right before she gains the confidence to speak, Tsunade announces another race's start. Hinata asks Naruto if he will be participating, to which he says that he will. After Naruto wins the race, Hinata congratulates him, blushing.

Naruto OVA 5:Shippū! Konoha Gakuen Den!

180px-Shippuu Konoha Gakuen den date

Hinata on top of Naruto at their date

A local gang leader and his followers come to settle their differences with Naruto, but the gang were defeated by Naruto's yo-yo-based techniques. Hinata was then shown to admire Naruto and said he looked pretty cool.


Kishimoto's sketch of his first concept of Hinata with Naruto in the background

Later, Hinata, along with Ino and Sakura were shocked when they see Naruto challenges Neji and defeats him. When Sakura is asked by Ino about she fell for Naruto and replied Ino, "why would I fall for a coarse, clueless guy like him", Hinata told Sakura that she shouldn't put Naruto down so much. Hinata then was seen giving a note to Naruto, and bowing her head. Later, it showed that Naruto and Hinata went on a date together. While on their date, the bench they were sitting on broke and they both fell, with Hinata falling on top of Naruto. Naruto was surprised with the fall, and Hinata became embarrassed. Their classmates had been spying on them, and Ino moved her hand as if to say, "Go on..." but Hinata was too embarrassed. She quickly fled from their date, ending it.

In these OVA, the dress that Hinata wears during her date with Naruto looks similar to the dress Masashi Kishimoto used for the first concept art of her.

Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth

In the second part of episode 6, Sakura and Tenten are tending to Naruto's wound. Hinata can be seen standing behind them with a shocked reaction. Hinata's shocked reaction could be due to Naruto's wound.

8d442c631ad4063adf31878ae645ef061337631317 full

Hinata freezes out

In chapter 9 and the first part of episode 9, in the anime, Neji heads home to watch Hinata train but the rest of his team follow him. When Naruto appears asking what's going on, Neji forces him to leave by saying Sakura is looking for him because he doesn't want Naruto to interfere Hinata's training, knowing Hinata will faint when she sees Naruto. Later in the Hyūga House, when Neji claims that he wishes to help Hinata as much as he can, his teammate offer to help him to help her. Kiba and Shino then come in and they also offer to help, since they're on her team. In the anime, Naruto offer to help too but Neji sends him away, knowing how much distraction he would cause for Hinata. Everyone then informs Hinata that they wish to help her. When Lee point out that they should be focusing on Hinata's weak point, Lee and the other(excluding Neji and Tenten) all dress up as Naruto in order to help her to behave normally around her crush; Naruto. This makes Hinata to freeze out and stand still for so long. Neji then attacks the others but ends up knocking them into Hinata, causing her to run off again. In the anime, an angry Naruto comes in and demanding to Neji that what's the problem for hitting him with no proper reason but once again Neji sends him away.

Meanwhile, Hinata is seen taking a walk in the town. Hinata is happy when she sees Naruto and thinking if he is practicing his shadow clone technique, upon seeing four of him but they turn to reveal themselves and they're four rogue ninja instead of Naruto. Hinata asks them why they all dressed up as Naruto and they reveal that they found out her weakness when they spied on them. When Neji came and save Hinata, the others arrive to help too but they both find it confusing since the rogue ninjas and the others all dress up as Naruto as well. Confused, Neji and Hinata just attack everyone and send them away. Shortly afterwards, Hinata runs into the real Naruto which makes the tomato-face Hinata faints and ends up crashing into a nearby building. Neji then beats up Naruto. In the anime, when Neji beats up Naruto, Hinata is seen lying down on the ground with her face red.

Naruhina scene in rl show dream sequence by sasha545-d510o2d

Naruto and Hinata's date(Neji's imagination)

In the second part of episode 9, Lee and Tenten help Hinata to get closer to Naruto but Lee's plans fail. After this fail, Tenten struggles to cheer up both Lee and Hinata as she talks to Hinata, Tenten gets an idea. Tenten points out that Sakura is more Naruto's type, and then explains that she is a confident girl who can always set up the punchlines and that people are drawn to people who compliment their personalities. If Hinata can be set up, she could do a punchline that's bound to impress Naruto. Neji also shows up to help Hinata out. Hinata and Neji begin to practice and "fight" against each other. Neji then gets very angered when they reveal to him why Hinata is doing this and he imagine of how Naruto and Hinata hang out on their date alone if Hinata get to date with Naruto. Though after a bit of a violent struggle, Hinata manages to provide the perfect reaction and Neji gives in. So with this new method a sure fire hit, Hinata goes to see Naruto and try again. But before she can even do it, she stops herself and Naruto notices her there. Naruto then admits to Hinata that one of the things he likes about her is about how nice she always is. This makes Hinata very happy and she realizes that maybe she is fine just the way she is.

In the first part of episode 11, Naruto and Lee thought that Sakura and her team would be at the temple so they run off to the temple but they don't find them. There, Naruto was called out by Hinata. Hinata is seen shyly hiding behind a pillar of the temple and she walks towards Naruto, trying to speak to him. Twenty minutes eventually pass, Hinata still hasn't said anything and she then finally comments on they are lucky that they got such a nice the weather.

Naruto Wall

Hinata's "Innocent Love" Story

In the second part of episode 17, Tenten overheard Tsunade and Shikamaru discussion about the new movie was still missing a critical piece and is a big one but they has no idea what this exactly is. Lee, Tenten and Neji then begins to go over what they believe may be missing from the movie. Later, Team 10 shows up as Kiba telling them that they have been listening to their conversation. When Lee asks them that do they have a better idea for the critical piece, Hinata goes over her own ideas of an "Innocent Love" type story which sounds more like a stalkers horror movie instead.

Let s take a guess by xpvtcaboosex-d59g0td

Hinata blushes

In the first part of episode 18, The Leaf Village is holding a fireworks show, including a contest to see which ninja can make the biggest boom. After Team 7 fireworks show, it was Hinata and her team turns to holds their fireworks show. Naruto was impressed with Hinata fireworks show and started to compliment her by saying "This is awesome, Hinata" which makes Hinata happy and wanted do her best. When Neji and Lee fight with each other, they accidentally let go of the rocket suit that Lee had and it bumps Naruto, causing him to bump into Hinata and ruining their display. Hinata blushes when she sees Naruto besides her and then Hinata's passion for Naruto accidentally causes the rest of the fireworks to go off.

Tumblr mbo2z9V3O11qmuet2

Hinata hiding behind the trees and watching Naruto

In the first part of episode 28, Team Guy, Team Kakashi and Team 10 is on their way through the forest on a lovely autumn morning to hunt some Matsutake mushroom. As they walk, Hinata is seen hiding behind the trees and Tenten senses someone following them but when she turns around, nothing was there. After a little while, there is no report on any Matsutake mushrooms and only have one because the worker didn't really grow very many due to the really warm summer. Once again, Tenten senses someone and she spots Hinata; hiding behind the trees and watching Naruto. Tenten informs Neji and they approach her; asking her why is she doing here. Hinata makes an excuse but Tenten finds it funny while Neji asks her what's wrong and she then admits that she follow them and tells them that she saw everyone was going to look for Matsutake mushroom and they looked like they were having a lot of fun so she ended up following them since she had the day off as well. After the explanation that Hinata told them, Tenten points out to Neji that Hinata wasn't following them but was actually following Naruto so she then offers to help Hinata to get a moment with Naruto. Tenten claims to Neji and Hinata that it is up to her if anything happens between the two of them but it doesn't mean they couldn't help her overcome her shyness.


Neji and Tenten tells Hinata to act natural at Naruto

Later, Neji, Hinata and Tenten go back to the group. When Naruto spots Hinata, he asks her why she is all the way out in the forest. Blushing and nervous, the tomato-face Hinata claims she had come to do some laundry; after being told to act natural by Neji and Tenten. Naruto smiles and says to her that she is as subtle as ever, making Hinata blush and being more nervous. When they are about to quit the hunt for Matsutake mushroom and head home, Hinata seems to be disappointed. Seeing Hinata disappointed, Neji and Tenten declares to Guy and Kakashi that they should continue the hunt for Matsutake mushroom and Guy turns it into a contest on who can find most of the mushroom and everyone begins. Hinata blushes and watches Naruto talking with Sai. She wanted to go up to him but before she have the courage to talk to Naruto, he goes off with Sakura and Sai, much to her shock. Everyone then becomes extra motivated and inspired to win this contest even further, in order to help Hinata. During the Matsutake mushroom hunt, when Neji and Tenten scolds Lee for the stupid idea he had, Hinata burst into tears while claiming she's going to try to be brave and speak to Naruto. Naruto suddenly shows up and asks her what she wanted to talk to him about, as well as asking them what they are doing. Nervous, the tomato-face Hinata ends up going down the hill and collides at a tree where she spots a Matsutake mushroom which is the only mushroom.


Hinata shocked on what Naruto just said

In the end, they divided the mushroom among everyone. Naruto then compliments Hinata on a job well done and Hinata blushes. Naruto then suddenly remembers something and says to Hinata that she reminds him of Lee. At this statement, Hinata is shocked and Neji attacks Naruto.

In the second part of episode 29, when the girls reveal their extra weight and pointed out on how bad this is if the boys finds out, it is shown that Hinata doesn't want a single one of the boys to know about her extra weight especially Naruto.

Tumblr me5sg9nmE41rjbf7qo4 500

Naruto carries Hinata

In the second part of episode 35, Christmas is around the corner, since Lee and Tenten fail to help Hinata get closer to Naruto in episode 9, Lee and his friends decide to help Hinata get closer to Naruto again but this time without fail. During the planning meeting, Lee explains his plan to everyone of Hinata meet Naruto in the library and then they start trading books back and forth with each other so they can get closer with each other, and when Christmas rolls around, Hinata ups the ante with a handmade scarf. But Naruto is not the type of person who goes to the library so Rock Lee and his team decide to chase Naruto goes to the library by force. In the end, during the chase, Hinata saves Naruto and got injured. Naruto carries her to the hospital and thanks her for saving him. Hinata blushes and felt happy that she finally gets closer with Naruto even just a little. And so, Hinata managed to gets a little closer to Naruto but, unfortunately, her injuries will be fully healed about a whole month so she will have to spend Christmas in the hospital bed.


Naruto hug Hinata

In chapter 17 and in the first part of episode 37, Tsunade is on a long international trip with Sakura and Shizune and she asks Guy to act as an interim Hokage in her stead. After knowing the morale has been down among the Konoha ninjas, Guy changes many things and one of it was greeting a fellow shinobi by giving them a hot-blooded hug. Guy orders Naruto that he should give his fellow shinobi a hug when he meets them. When Hinata shows up, thinking to himself that it was the Hokage's order, Naruto walks towards Hinata and hugs her which makes the tomato-face Hinata faint. Naruto becomes concerned about Hinata who faints on the ground with her face red. Later, when all the shinobi starts rebelling about the changes that Guy make, Lee declares a fight with them. Naruto and Hinata work together and combine their skills to fight Lee. Then, all the shinobi notice that their skills, strength and combination have improved. Hinata notices the reason she and Naruto work well together is due to Naruto's greeting by hugging her earlier that makes her get used to being close with him.

In the first part of episode 39, the Hidden Leaf Village holds a big Christmas party. In the present exchange war, each team are in the survival race and whoever finishes the race first gets to choose the present first. Hinata was fired up and said "No matter what, Naruto's present is coming with me".

In the second part of episode 39, Hinata wrote a New Year's card to Naruto. Lee read the New Year's card that is written by Hinata, "Happy New Year, Naruto-kun. Thanks for everything you have done for me this year. I hope next year we can grow close". Hinata feels embarrassed and takes the card away from Lee and then faints.


Naruto and Hinata's marriage (Neji's imagination)

In the second part of episode 40, as the New Year approaches, Naruto and friends write wishes on the paper. Hinata wrote her wish "Fish for sea bream on the channel with Naruto". Neji is feeling uneasy and thinks is Naruto a perfect guy for Hinata. As he thinks, he imagines Naruto and Hinata's marriage but Neji becomes worried that Naruto is not worthy of Hinata's affections so he decides to observe Naruto and determine once and for all if Naruto is worthy of Hinata's affections.

In the first part of episode 45, seeing Tsunade feeling down, Guy holds a snow sculpting contest and the winner of the contest will be rewarded to kiss whoever he or she has a crush on. Hinata is seen fantasizing on her kissing with Naruto and she begins to blush. Hinata is then seen fired up to win the contest. During the contest, when Hinata finishes her snow sculpting, she begins her presentation with a sentences "If you don't truly understand the other person, you can never hope to warm their heart!". Tsunade seems to agree what Hinata just said and Tenten had comment that they all know who this will be a sculpture of...Then a scene shows, Hinata using a telescope watching Naruto from far away and hoping one day, she can get closer to him. Later, it is revealed that the sculpture was not Naruto but someone else.

In first part of episode 46, when Naruto and the others find out that the girls are invited to go for a bath house by Tsunade, they decide to peep on them. In the anime, when Sakura tells the girls that she saw the boys loitering around the bath house earlier, the girls are thinking that the boys are here to peep on them and Hinata then blushes; thinking Naruto might peep on her. In the end in the second part of episode 46, the boys break the bath house wall when they were fighting Orochimaru. In the anime, Hinata is seen standing behind the angry girls; seeing Naruto with a shocked reaction.

In episode first part of episode 49, Neji allies with Shikamaru and Teuchi to destroy White Day because he fears that Naruto will hurt Hinata's feeling. Neji told Lee that Hinata is eagerly looking forward to getting a gift from Naruto. Neji then imagines that Hinata is hiding looking at Naruto and eagerly waiting for his white day present but Naruto totally forgot about it and comment that he is broke anyway so he will have to skip it this year, which upsets Hinata.

In chapter 22, after Neji read the scroll of love that makes people fall in love with the first person he or she sees Neji falls in love with Hinata and he then faints after calling Hinata a princess. Naruto comes to Hinata and asks her if she is okay. Hinata then faints after she sees Naruto. Sakura scolds Naruto, telling him don't go, making things more complicated.

Hinata playing dolls

Hinata playing with her dolls

In chapter 26, Hinata is shown playing her dolls of Naruto and her being together; saying "I love you" to one another and then hugging each other. Neji then interrupted her by hooking the Naruto doll.


Hinata gives a love letter to Naruto

In chapter 32, when Naruto have defeated the people who sent him a challenge letter, he notices Hinata who was hiding behind the wall. Hinata can be seen nervous and claims to herself that she will tell him how she feels about him. Hinata then gives Naruto a love letter but he mistakenly thought that she is giving him a challenge letter and begins to challenge her. Hinata is shocked and tells Naruto that the letter she is giving to him is a love letter.

Rock Lee 34 NH

Naruto meets Hiashi

In chapter 34, Hinata and Hanabi fight each other to test their skills. As Hanabi gains the upper hand, Lee reveals that he called Naruto to motivate Hinata, who was shocked to see him. Lee exclaims that it's time for Naruto to meet Hinata's father while Naruto realized he was wearing a suit, leading Neji and Hiashi to believe that Naruto came to ask for Hinata's hand in marriage.


Naruto and the others congratulating Hinata

While Hinata was distracted with Naruto's arrival, Hanabi took the chance to strike her sister with the Eight-Trigrams Thirty-Two Palms. Though she had taken a direct hit, Hinata stood up, shocking everyone. She then pronounced that she would not be letting those whom she admired to see another second of the "Weak Hinata." She then uses her Gentle Step Twin Lions Eight Trigrams Thirty-Two Palms to attack and defeat Hanabi.

After Hinata wins the match, Naruto is seen along with the others, congratulating Hinata on her success.

Among The Fans

NaruHina is one of the most popular couple among the fans, rivaled by NaruSaku. It's likely supported because of the evidence given in the anime/manga as well as the fact that Hinata is in love with Naruto, and how Naruto has shown that he does care about her. It's usually a companion to SasuSaku. Its rival pairings are NaruSaku, NejiHina, and KibaHina.

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