The Couple

The Couple  Edit

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Madara and Izuna facing the Senju

MadaIzu (Japanese マダイズ MadaIzu) the term used to refer to the relationship of Madara Uchiha and Izuna Uchiha.

Their RelationshipEdit

History ArcsEdit

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Young Madara protecting his last surviving brother.

Madara and Izuna are brothers that lived and fought together during the Warring States Era. They lead the Uchiha clan together and fight the opposing Senju clan. They both awaken the mangekyou sharingan. Later Izuna is killed by Tobirama. Before his final breath he gives his eyes to Madara, thus awakening the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. Enraged by the death of his brother, Madara challenges Hashirama to a last duel to avenge his brother.

Madara calls his brother by name, while Izuna would refer to Madara as "nii-san".


  • Izuna admires and respects his brother greatly.
  • When the brothers face off the Senju as kids, Izuna was surprised to find a kid stronger than his brother.
  • Izuna gives his eyes to Madara willingfully before his death.
  • Madara stood against Hashirama in order to protect Izuna.
  • Madara's dream was to create a place where he could watch over Izuna.
  •  After Izuna's death Madara is shown to go through mental challenges, leading to challenging Hashirama to a last fight.
  • Madara stated that without Izuna, he had nothing to live for.
  • Hashirama confirms that Madara deeply loved Izuna, even more than Itachi loved Sasuke.
  • The two brothers have spent their life together fighting side by side.

Among the FansEdit

MadaIzu is a well-known pairing in the Naruto fandom, but is often overlooked by other Madara pairings. This pairing is shipped due to the brother's close relationship and how Izuna has personally affected Madara's well-being in nature. Their main rival pairing is HashiMada.

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