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Search for Tsunade ArcEdit

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Sakura help Lee

In episode 99 - The Will of Fire Still Burns!, Sakura goes to the hospital to visit Lee again and found that he is not in his hospital room. Later, Sakura found Lee standing at a bridge, sulking from what Tsunade tells him about the operation. Sakura walked towards Lee and gives him a bouquet of flowers, making him blush and thank her. When Lee tripped after he wanted to take the flowers from Sakura, she helps him and then tries to cheer him up by telling him that he will get better if he have Tsunade to look at him. Sakura then tells Lee that if there is anything she can do to help him, he can just ask her. Lee thanks Sakura as she leave.

Viva Dojo Challenge! Youth is All About Passion!Edit

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Lee surrounded by a group of Sakura

In episode 193, Lee built his own dōjō in the hopes that skilled warriors of various disciplines would come to challenge him so he could improve his skill for combat. Guy, who was so proud of his student's dedication to improve, decided to help Lee by disguising himself and challenging Lee. Unfortunately, Guy was called by Tsunade to go and help Team 10 who reported some trouble. Unbeknownst to him and Naruto, a thief named Nanafushi, who came to Konoha to steal its secrets, impersonated Guy as he left. Naruto, thinking he was really Guy, dragged him to Lee's dōjō. Not wanting to let them knowing his identity, Nanafushi challenged Lee but was quickly defeated. Nanafushi then managed to convince Naruto that he was just exhausted and had Naruto fill in for him. Naruto knows that he couldn't beat Lee in direct combat so he uses his shadow clone technique and transform into Sakura. Lee blushes and he claims that it is the first time he have been this happy. A group of Sakura then punches Lee.

Third Great Beast ArcEdit

Saku blushing at Lee

Sakura blushes when she reply Lee's question

In episode 195, during Lee's check up, Tsunade tells Lee to rest and take some time off to which he tells Tsunade about his "rule". Sakura, who was standing beside Tsunade, smiles after hearing Lee's determination. Later, Sakura aid Lee when he injured his leg during his fight with Yagura. When Sakura is about to leave, Lee asks her when he can train again to which she blushes and replies that he needs to settle down for a bit. Almost near the end of the episode, Tsunade sent Naruto, Tenten and Neji to go after Guy who is on a mission with Yagura and she sent Sakura to watch over Lee so he find out about the mission. Sakura is seen worrying as she watches Lee train.


Sakura blushes as she lie to Lee

In episode 196, Lee notices Sakura is watching him. Sakura then lies to Lee that Tsunade asked her to watch him so he wouldn't do any reckless training. When Lee got closer to the window and says she is hiding something, Sakura blushes as she says it is nothing. Lee then comments that Sakura is not good at lying.


Prologue of Road to NinjaEdit


Sakura defend Lee

In the Prologue of Road to Ninja, Lee was training on top of the female changing area and falls through the ceiling, getting himself caught by an angry Ino. After being accused as a pervert, everybody chase him when he tries to run away. When everyone caught Lee and surrounded him, Sakura is shown defending him, telling everyone that maybe it was just a coincidence.



Lee pulls out a trump card

  • In the omake after Naruto Shippuden episode 27, Naruto and Lee talks about Sakura and how much cooler she has got since the last season, but they end up arguing who loves her more and who will win her love. Naruto claims that he will win her love because he and Sakura are in the same team but Lee ends up pulling out a trump card by reminding Naruto about kissing Sasuke by accident, causing Naruto to end the short in embarrassment.
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"Sakura, are you watching me?"

  • In the omake after Naruto Shippuden episode 253, Lee runs across the forest, snowy mountains, the sea, and the desert, as a part of his long jump exercise. When Lee jumps the jumping line, he thought of Sakura that if she was watching him. Lee then fails his long jump exercise for overstepped the jumping line.

Rock Lee's Springtime of YouthEdit


Lee asks Sakura to go on a date with him

In chapter 2 and the first part of episode 2, Lee asks Sakura to go on a date with him but she turns him down, claiming not to be into thick eyebrows. Upset and heartbroken, Lee goes to meet up with Neji and Tenten and asks them for advice. Neji thinks Lee should just try to play it cool and Lee asked Tenten about this but she claims that it isn't easy to explain. Tenten explained that Lee should be kind, give her presents to keep her happy, be open and honest, and also a little bit forceful now and then. Lee keeps note of Tenten's words and decides to take her advice and he runs back to town.


Lee accidentally smacks Sakura

In the village, Sakura decides to rest on a bench and she then approached by Lee who burst out of the nearby bushes. Seeing how dirty the bench is he offers to clean it but while doing so, he realizes that if he works harder it would be great arm exercise. So he begins to scrub vigorously, which vanishes upon finishing. Lee gives her a bouquet of roses, which surprises Sakura until a whole bunch of bees come out. Lee offers to help get rid of the bees but he accidentally injures Sakura instead. Sakura then scolded Lee for hitting her and he tries to fix things by trying to be open and honest regarding his feelings. Suddenly a bee stings Lee and he accidentally smacks Sakura while calling her a nasty beast, causing her to attack him in response. Realizing that his plans are beginning to go south, Lee realizes that he only has a final plan left. He will forcefully kiss her in order to steal her heart! Unfortunately, Lee is very unappealing due to being beat up and stung. Sakura punches Lee before telling him to stay away from her.

531003-rock lee gropes sakura

Lee accidentally gropes Sakura

A while later, when Sakura begins to wonder if maybe she was too harsh on Lee, she is suddenly confronted by a strange figure. Sakura is surrounded by the rogue ninja who have no intention of letting her live upon seeing them and just as they wanted to attack her, Lee shows up out of nowhere and saves Sakura. As Sakura asks Lee why he saved her after she said so many mean things to him, Lee assures to Sakura that she is dear to him, so he didn't need any reason to protect her. Sakura is very touched and Lee offers to take her home, but because he is dizzy, Lee accidentally gropes her in the process to which Sakura beats him up again.

531005-rock lee sneaks

Lee's love letter to Sakura

In the second part part of episode 2, Lee asks Tenten and Neji how he could make Sakura like him and Tenten suggests Lee to writes a love letter. And so, after he writes his love letter, he puts his love letter into Sakura's bag while she washes her hands and he begins to imagine how she would respond to it. Lee follows Sakura around that day, waiting for her to read the letter when he notices something strange about the letter she is holding. His was held with a small heart decoration but the letter Sakura is holding has a small star on it. Naruto comes by and asks Lee why he seems so upset. Lee points out that Sakura is holding the letter and Naruto takes a look and both of them grow incredibly upset. Naruto is upset and demands to know who would have written it, but Lee doesn't know and they thought it was Sasuke. So both of them begin to discuss how they both like Sakura and begin to argue over her until they decide neither of them stands a chance against a third person, so they need to steal the letter from her before she reads it.

When both of them finally grab the love letters, they shred the papers up. Upon seeing the contents inside the letters, they point out that it was their own as Sakura comes over to ask them if they had seen the letters anywhere and she disappointingly walks away when Lee and Naruto said that they have not seen it. Lee and Naruto then realize there never was a third love letter and Naruto takes a moment to explain that a while after Lee snuck his letter into Sakura's bag, Naruto had done the same thing. In the end, they are both working to write a better love letter for Sakura.

44387154-jpeg preview large

Naruto performing Sexy Sakura Jutsu

In the first part episode 5, when Lee is training, he made a motivation that if he succeeds his training, he will take Sakura for a date to a fancy restaurant with a view of the night sky. Lee then met Konohamaru and Naruto as he performs his Sexy Sakura Jutsu to Lee and Konohamaru how convincing it is. Lee can be seen excited on seeing Sakura in bikini and Konohamaru claims that Naruto cheated though, since this Sakura is way bustier then the real Sakura but Naruto thinks this version is better which earns him a beating from the real Sakura, who overheard their conversation, along with Konohamaru and Lee.
541066-rock lee s dream

Lee's fantasize

Later, when Lee trained Konohamaru, he made a motivation that if he complete his session, he will go on his first date with Sakura, watch their first DVD together in her room, go on their first overnight trip to a hot springs, buy an engagement ring that cost three month's salary and propose to her, hold a press conference to publicize their marriage and lastly he and her will have healthy twin boys and they will named them Samohan and Yun-Pyon. He then told Konohamaru about his fantasize that he have gone three dates with Sakura and they have gone as far as holding hands in front of the giraffes at the zoo.

In the second part of episode 5, Lee and his friends are ordered to undergo a routine physical exam. There, Lee tells his friends a story he made up about a boy [Lee] who wished to go to the physical exams that is being held at the castle the following day, but he does not have a proper new pair of underwear to wear for it and it would be too embarrassing and he could not face the doctor [Sakura]. It is then a strange wizard [Guy] appears. This wizard uses his magic to summon a brand new pair of stylish boxers on the boy so that he may attend the physical. However, before the boy gets his turn for the physical check-up, it is already midnight! He flees from the lovely, famous doctor, who gives chase but only finds the boxers on the steps. She picks them up and Lee finishes the story, stating that the doctor wandered the country in the search of the man who fit the boxers. When she found him, they lived happily ever after.

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Sakura give Lee the health survey

Later, for the final part of the exam, they are given a health survey. Sakura is inside waiting for them and she explains to them that she is filling in since someone else could not be here. Lee becomes very overwhelmed by emotion that even though it is not a fancy room with a view, Sakura still got to listen to his heartbeat and she will hear that it beats only for her.

In the second part of episode 7, Lee gets a love letter requesting him that they should meet up on the mountains so that they may discuss something. Thinking the love letter was from Sakura, he races up to the mountain and he found Orochimaru, standing way high up on top of one of the trees. Lee forgets Orochimaru's name momentarily but apologizes right after, then he asks Orochimaru if he had seen Sakura around the area. Kabuto then reveals that it was Orochimaru who wrote the love letter.

In the first part of episode 11, Lee and his friends are at the old capital on a rare field trip. While everyone is excited, Lee told Tenten that he is looking forward to spends time with everyone, though he fantasize that he only spends time with Sakura. When everyone was divided into groups, Lee and Naruto both want to be on a team with Sakura but both of them are in the same team with Neji while Sakura with Tenten and Konohamaru. As everyone prepares to leave, Naruto and Lee try to hurry up and get Konohamaru to switch with them but Guy punishes them and Kakashi points out that if anyone misbehaves they will have to go back to the inn and stay in their room, on their knees. So Lee and Naruto pretend to be good buddies and walk off. The boys decide they will go and just follow Sakura and her team around in hopes of being with her but upon realizing her team has long left, they quickly try to locate them. Lee and Naruto thought that Sakura and her team would be at the temple so they run off to the temple but they don't find them.

Naruto and Lee then begin to argue and they remembered that the girls also wanted to get some oil blotting paper from one of the shops so they head over there but they don't have any better luck. Lee gets the brilliant idea of buying some oil blot paper since he thinks that Sakura will be happy and Naruto then decides he will buy some also and they head to the check-out line. At the check-out line, they see a woman in front of the line, purchasing a lot of items and they decide to talk her out that buying such items won't make her any younger only to realize out of shock that it is Tsunade. Tsunade then hits Lee and Naruto, along with Neji and storms out from the shop. Later, Konohamaru finds Lee and Naruto and informs them that the girls are in trouble. Lee and Naruto went and rescue the girls and together they fight off the delinquents. Lee and Naruto begin to realize that they have been acting stupid all this time when they should be using the vacation time to have fun together. Everyone agrees and they all leave to do some shopping.

In the second part of episode 12, Lee was out walking one rainy day in Konoha when he notices Sakura by herself standing under a nearby awning, waiting for the rain to stop. Lee and Sakura talk to each other and she asks him why he didn't have an umbrella with him. Lee informs Sakura that it is just part of his training. Naruto then shows up and Sakura asks him if she can share his umbrella with him, which he gleefully accepts. A sorrow-filled Lee watches as Naruto offers to walk Sakura home. Later, Tenten and Neji finds Lee standing in front of a window overlooking the multiple choices of umbrellas that he could pick from. They go to a different area and Lee reveals what he was doing. Since he missed a chance to share an umbrella with Sakura, he feels pretty upset. Neji tries to comfort Lee by telling him that it will rain a lot and Tenten reveals that Guy gave Lee an assignment by challenging him not to use any umbrellas in the rain. Lee has mixed feelings, since he wishes to share an umbrella with Sakura more than anything, but at the same time he can't just ignore what Guy teaches him. Later, Tenten has an idea and she explains that if they could somehow turn carrying an umbrella into training by using a weighted umbrella. Unfortunately, it is no longer raining season when Lee is ready to ask Sakura to walk with him under an umbrella. Lee finds Sakura and Ino discussing a beach visit and he is left standing alone.

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Lee blushes

In the first part of episode 15, since it is finally summer in Konoha, Lee and his friends are ready to have some fun. When Lee shows off his new swimsuit, Naruto and Konohamaru transform into Sakura with bikini; making him blushes. Eventually it ticks Sakura off and she attacks them before everyone exits from the changing rooms. Later, they found out that there isn't any water in the pool since Kakashi is supposed to fill it with water style jutsu but he left in search of the newest of his favorite book titled, "Make-Out Paradise". When they try to figure out how to fill the pool up, Lee has an idea but Sakura punches him for it upon realizing the perverted intention.

In the second part of episode 15, it is reveals that Lee's wish for the Star Festival is to go on a date with Sakura at the pool during the Star Festival. Later, Team Guy went to the pool as Neji asks what they are doing at the pool. Lee explains that he wanted to see if it was a suitable place for a date so that Sakura will have as much fun as possible. The following day, Lee has been waiting at a bench where he knows Sakura will pass by. Lee has practiced for the perfect date enough to think he will definitely succeed now! Lee sees Sakura and works up the courage to ask her to the pool, but she walks right past him. Lee quickly follows her, but struggles to ask her out and she reveals to him that her wish for the Star Festival is wanted to be able to pass her level three medical ninjutsu exam. Sakura is even on her way to the location now. Sakura admits to having been scared of failing so she has been putting it off until now. Lee is very inspired by Sakura's wish and he smears his own wish, claiming it to be for her own wish to come true and both of them seem very happy.

In the first part of episode 16, Lee and his friends decided to go camping. When the boys were fishing while the girls are up in the mountains foraging for wild items, Lee begins to think for a moment that they should have the girls do the cooking, since it is women's work but Naruto and the other guys don't feel very comfortable with this idea until they give it a little bit more thought and Shikamaru gets an idea. When the girls have returned, they heard the boys arguing with one another over which girl should cook the fish and nobody can vote for just one person. At first the girls try to diffuse the situation but as the guys keep insulting the other girls and their skills, the girls end up struggling to keep their composure and so they decide to settle it by all three cooking a meal, then having all of the guys try it out and see who cooks the best. While the girls are looking for the ingredients, the boys are going over Shikamaru's idea, though Lee and Naruto seem to feel slightly guilty about it until they are reminded that they can taste some of Sakura's cooking. Unfortunately, in the end of the first part, the girl's dishes don't look too appealing. The girls tell them to eat the food and watches the guys react from it. It is then the girls angrily reveal that because of Lee and Naruto's big mouths, they happened to overhear their plan before they began to gather their ingredients.

Lee likes Sakura yukata

Lee said Sakura looks beautiful in her yukata

In the first part of episode 18, Konoha is holding a fireworks show, including a contest to see which ninja can make the biggest boom. During the day of the contest, when Sakura comes over to greet Team Guy, Lee told her that she looks beautiful in her yukata and then Lee asks her what kind of fireworks she likes. When the event begins, Team seven used a wind-style jutsu to make a giant windmill firework and Sakura then compliment Naruto, "good job". Jealous, Lee do it too and accidentally gust of the wind and sends Sakura's yukata upward; distracting Naruto and causing explosives to go off. Later, due to Orochimaru's interruption, the fireworks show has to be cancel. Lee feels saddened since he couldn't really wow the audience with his amazing fireworks and Sakura mentions to him that she would have liked to see what he was going to come up with. Lee then remembers that he still has some sparkles on hand and he reveals it to Sakura. However, when one of the sparklers is almost finished, a single spark from it lands on the second fuse attached to Lee's outfit, causing him to fly around all over the sky as Sakura watches.

Lee give Sakura back the undewear

Lee delivers the underwear to Sakura

In chapter 5 and in the first part of episode 19, Lee wants to scope out Sakura's amazing new swimming suit. When Lee saw Sakura looking for something when she is playing beach ball with Tenten at the beach, he saw a pair of underwear floating in the water and think that it belongs to Sakura. Lee delivers the underwear to Sakura by accidentally putting the underwear at Sakura's face and then it is revealed that the underwear belongs to Guy. Lee was then attacked by Sakura and his face swells up. Later Lee finds out Sakura was just wearing a normal swimming suit which looks like a school bath suit instead of bikini or something amazing.

Sasusaku scene in narutosd 03 by moonlightnekogirl-d5a9gvj

Lee's love story

In the second part of episode 19, Rock Lee tells Tenten and Neji a love story that he made up. This Love story was to show his love towards Sakura but she choosing Sasuke over him, therefore breaking his heart tragically:

  • ​"Yes...she was beautiful. She appeared before me as if out of a dream and said she wanted an emerald more beautiful than the ocean. I spent all my saving to buy her an emerald that sparkled brighter than the seven seas. But then, she rather have a yellow diamond that shone brighter than the sun and left me for another man"

In chapter 12 and in the first part of episode 23, Ino catches Naruto and Lee tries to peep on Sakura while she is in the bath but when Ino misfires her Mind-Body Switch jutsu, Lee and Naruto end up swapping bodies and later in the second part of episode 23, Sakura has beaten them up when she found out how they got their body switch.

In the first part of episode 32, Tsunade is taking a day off working at the Leaf Village hospital. Sakura takes her place and Naruto and Lee decide to take this chance to get closer to Sakura so they fake their way into getting sick. Hearing how much of a commotion goes on in the other room, Sakura and Tenten becoming more aware that Lee and Naruto may be faking their way into getting sick. Sakura and Tenten enters the room and deciding that there is only one thing they must do in order to make Naruto and Lee better is give them a shot but neither Lee and Naruto wants a shot but there isn't any way out of this and before they can escape, Sakura and Tenten proceed to beat them up with the giant shots after they reveal to the them that they had just heard their plans.

In the first part of episode 39, Konoha holds a big Christmas party. In the present exchange war, each team is in the survival race and whoever finishes the race first, gets to choose the present first. Naruto and Lee rival on who will get Sakura’s present. When they headed to the finish line, they both finishes the race on the same time so they get to choose the present first but Naruto and Lee have just realize one problem. Among all the present to choose, they do not know which one is Sakura's present. In the end, Naruto gets Lee's present while Lee gets Naruto's present.

In the second part of episode 40, as the New Year approaches, Lee and his friends writes their wishes on the paper. Naruto and Lee wrote the same wish on the paper that they are going to take Sakura on a date to Shinobi land. Lee and Naruto then starts to fight, which earn them their punch from Sakura as she yelled "No" and scolded them.

In the first part of episode 45, seeing Tsunade feeling down, Guy hold a snow sculpting contest and the winner of the contest will be rewarded to kiss his or her crush. Lee was fired up to win the contest so he can get his chance to kiss Sakura. Lee was rivaled with Naruto who has the same goal as well. During the contest, when Lee was doing his snow sculpting, he can be seen fantasizing of him kissing Sakura. Guy then explained that Lee was actually practicing his kissing. When Lee finishes his snow sculpture, he is shocked when Tsunade doesn't seem interested his snow sculpture.

In chapter 19 and in the second part of episode 47, Lee and his team wind up seeing Sasuke and meet his new comrades. Upon this reunion, Lee questions why Sasuke was always so popular with girls. Sasuke then arrogantly replies that he never cared about those kinds of things which make Lee go crazy in jealousy. In the anime, after Lee is shown to be defeated, he declares to Sasuke that he had make Sakura fallen for him.

Naruto and Lee

Naruto, Lee and Neji faints

In chapter 20 and the first part of episode 46, when Lee and the others finds out that Tsunade have invited the girls to go for a bath house, they decided to peep on them. When they are in front at the bath house, they over heard the girls conversation before peeping them. Neji blushes and faint after he heard Hinata and Tenten conversation about Hinata's chest. Later, Naruto and Lee blushes and faint too after hearing Sakura and Ino conversation about Sakura's chest.

In chapter 22, Lee wanted to ask Sakura for a date but when he turns around he saw Tenten. Tenten then thought he was asking her out.

In chapter 25, Sakura's father, Kizashi wanted to know the relationship between Sasuke and Sakura. Naruto and Lee also curious about their relationship as well so they decide to help Kizashi by dressing up as Sasuke; each would then approached Sakura as "Sasuke" individually. Later, when Sakura finds out that they approached her by dressing up as Sasuke, she scolded them. Finally confessing to his daughter, Kizashi tells Sakura that he just wanted to know the relationship between her and Sasuke. Explaining to her father, she tells him that the two of them had no relationship as a couple and that he was a rogue ninja who already left the village. Having flashbacks of the Uchiha when he was still in Team 7, Sakura begins to confess that although she couldn't see him, she would always think of him as...but is quickly cut off by them who desperately tells her that they will always be by her side. Pleased by their comments, she thanks them, but still angered by their latest actions and she then sends them flying.


In chapter 30, Lee's pills got switched with Chouji's pills when they bumped with each other. Thinking it was his pills, Lee and his teammates ate the pills and their body shrunk. They tried to make everyone notice them but they were too small to make people notice. Later, when they were taken by a crow, Naruto and the others try to save them when they find out that Lee and his teammate have been shrunk. When saving them, Naruto's rasengan blown Lee away to Sakura's house and there, he find out that his body is back to his normal size where he saw Sakura cover her body with towel. Sakura then punches Lee, sending him flying from her house window. Later, Lee is seen with Naruto; asking Chouji for another more of his pills so they can see Sakura's body.

In chapter 31, after Kabuto told Lee about his ninja info card, he accidentally drop Sakura's card that written all of her data. Since all of Sakura's data are written in the card, Lee thought about Sakura's measurement; thinking her measurement is also written in the card. Lee was then fired up and wanted to know Sakura's measurement.


Round the corner and bam

In chapter 32, when Lee told Tenten that school life are about loving their springtime of youth, Lee can be seen picturing his springtime of youth; chasing Sakura and training hard with Guy. At the round corner, Lee told Tenten his plan on making Sakura falling in love with him. Lee told Tenten that Sakura might fall for him by using an idea called "round the corner and bam", which he planned to bumps on Sakura at the round corner. Naruto, who also has a crush on Sakura, wanted to do the same thing that Lee wanted to do but they went too over board and accidentally sent her flying to Sasuke, which makes her falling in love with him instead, much to their surprise. When the girls get kidnapped by Orochimaru and his gang, Lee and Naruto tried to save them. Sasuke and everyone came to help them and they were able to defeat Orochimaru and his gang. Lee and Naruto was shocked when Sakura just hug and thank Sasuke for saving her but they were delighted when she turn around and said of course she want to thank them too.

In chapter 33, when Lee and his teammate found out that Sasuke lost his memory, he whispers something to Sasuke. After the whisper, Sasuke bow down on Lee and said what Lee had told him to say, "Sakura-chan, what color are your panties?". Lee did the same thing to Itachi when he and his teammate found out that Itachi had lost his memory too.

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