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Unofficial EvidenceEdit

Fillers - Part IIEdit

Road to SakuraEdit

Road to Sakura

Alternate Sakura hugging her confused parents

In Naruto Shippuden episode 271, the alternate Sakura ends up in Konoha with similar confusion as Ino believing her to be the real Sakura with memory trouble. After coming home from a sale across town, Kizashi and Mebuki found Ino and a seemingly confused Sakura waiting by their front doorstep. Seeing her parents, Sakura runs off in tears thoroughly confused. Kizashi later found the pendant alternate Sakura had dropped and he and Mebuki follow after her to return it, wondering what had happened to his daughter. When returning the pendant, he noted that he had a similar one to her and showed it to alternate Sakura. Alternate Sakura tearfully hugged her parents and thanking them, confusing them even more.

Road to SAKURA

The alternate world history

It is later revealed the alternate world history when the alternate Sakura young. The alternate Kizashi gave his necklace to the young alternate Sakura while the alternate Mebuki smiled warmly to her young alternate Sakura before going into the battle to protect the village, leaving the alternate Sakura an orphan.

Prologue of Road to NinjaEdit

In Naruto Shippuden episode 311, Mebuki scold Sakura for being lazy on her day off and Sakura started argue with her mother. Kizashi then told Sakura that she should listen to her mother instead of arguing with her and he then making up a weird puns which makes Lee, who is standing outside the house on the balcony clueless

Naruto SD: Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power NindenEdit

In chapter 25, Sakura complain to her mother, Mebuki about her father, Kizashi, dressed up like Sasuke the whole day to know what is Sakura's feeling towards Sasuke. Mebuki laugh and told to Sakura that her father can be a real moron. When Mebuki look at the clock and she realize it is very late and Kizashi still hasn't come back home. Then, Mebuki decided to find her husband.

Mebuki mistaken Sasuke as Kizashi

Remembering Sakura saying that Kizashi dressed up like Sasuke the whole day, she mistaken the real Sasuke as her husband and grabbed Sasuke telling him to stop with dressing up like Sasuke as Sasuke keep on telling Mebuki that she got the wrong guy. Kizashi saw everything and thinking to himself about what is his wife is doing.

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