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Kakashi and Hanare

KakaHana (Japanese カカハナ KakaHana) is the term used to refer to the relationship between Kakashi Hatake and Hanare.

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Konoha History Filler ArcEdit

In the filler episode Kakashi's Love Song, Kakashi is seen watching a traveling musician from afar and whispers her name and a flashback occurs. Hanare is seen captured by the Konoha Anbu and is taken to their headquarters for some questions.

KakaHana Their Memories

Their Memories..

As Hanare refuses to speak or give out any information, they ask for Kakashi's assistance. Kakashi then takes Hanare out for a day in the village. It is revealed that Kakashi had saved a crying, lost Hanare when they were younger. She also remembers the words he used to cheer her up; " You told me to look up at the clouds whenever I'm feeling lonely. Because clouds change their form so you can envision the things you wish for. You said as long as you have hope, the clouds will always answer your call ". She confesses that she recognized him immediately even though he had changed.

Not to their knowledge, the pair has been followed by Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke. As the trio spy on the two, Naruto accidentally makes the threesome fall and cause the two to share an accidental kiss. He quickly justifies himself by confessing that the team approves of their relationship; embarrasing the two.

Shippuden moment - Kakashi and Hanare Kiss scene - Naruto Shippuden 191

Shippuden moment - Kakashi and Hanare Kiss scene - Naruto Shippuden 191

In the meantime, it is revealed that one of Konoha's nins were captured and was to be released only in exchange for Hanare. However, Kakashi refused to give her up due to him knowing that she had already known too much about Konoha. Hanare then escapes and is chased by Hatake Kakashi. He finally catches up to her and is determined to fight if there is a must. Hanare then confesses that she finally felt what it felt to be accepted and found her "home." She also confesses that she had already erased her memories of Konoha and would gladly die by his hand. Kakashi replies that he can not kill a ninja who has lost her pride and told her to leave. Knowing full well of his intentions, she silently thanks him. When his students finally catch up, Kakashi reveals that Hanare feeling cornered, jumped off and notes that she was an admirable ninja.

However, it is soon revealed that Hanare was still alive, as seen when she is seen walking back to the destination where she and Kakashi had first met. 


  • Hanare remembers their childhood memories.
  • Kakashi concluded her as an admirable ninja.
  • Seeing a similar figure of Hanare causes Kakashi to remember her.

Among the FansEdit

KakaHana is not very well known due to it being in a filler episode. It is supported due to Hanare's love and devotion towards Kakashi and the admiration he held towards her.