The Couple

The Couple Edit


KabuOro is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Orochimaru and Kabuto Yakushi, in which Kabuto plays the dominant role and orochimaru the submissive role. The term for the couple where the roles are reversed is OroKabu.

Their RelationshipEdit

Part IEdit

Chūnin Exams ArcEdit

When Kabuto was first introduced, Kabuto was ordered by Orochimaru to watch on Sasuke Uchiha in the Chuunin Exam. Later, during preliminary exam, Kabuto is seen reported to Orochimaru on what he had learned about Sasuke. After Orochimaru gathered enough information about Sasuke, he instructed Kabuto to kidnap Sasuke. Kabuto almost succeeded in accomplishing this task, but Kakashi Hatake intervened before he could finish it. Kabuto is force to flee.

Search for Tsunade ArcEdit

With Orochimaru being heavily injured as a result of the failed invasion, Kabuto accompanies Orochimaru searching for Tsunade in the the hope that she can heal his master. When they found Tsunade, Kabuto protects Orochimaru from Shizune, who is about to attack them. Orochimaru then makes a deal with Tsunade; reincarnate her brother, Nawaki and her lover, Dan if she heals his arm. Seeing Tsunade hesitate, Orochimaru gave Tsunade a week to make her choices.

When a week has finally come, Tsunade actually intended to kill Orochimaru to ensure he never attacks Konoha again. Realising her true intentions, Kabuto stops Tsunade from killing Orochimaru. Knowing that Tsunade will not help willingly, Kabuto resolves to make her help with force.

When Tsunade teams up with​ Jiraiya to fight Orochimaru, Kabuto help Orochimaru summons Manda. Once Orochimaru is defeated, Kabuto flees with Orochimaru.

Sasuke Recovery Mission ArcEdit

As Orochimaru anxiously awaits Sasuke's arrival at their lair, Kabuto encourages him to transfer into a new body while he still can, even offering himself. Although Orochimaru rejects the offer, Kabuto finds a strong body for Orochimaru to switch to just in case. In time, due to the Sound Four being hindered by the Konoha ninja sent after them and Sasuke, Orochimaru finally grows tired of waiting and switches to the vessel.


  • Kabuto has always been loyal to Orochimaru
  • Orochimaru has been shown to treat Kabuto with some respect
  • Kabuto took care of Orochimaru when he was sick or when his arms were hurt

Among the FansEdit

KabuOro or OroKabu is not very popular in fandom. This pairing is supported could most likely be Kabuto's loyalty towards Orochimaru. It is a rival to OroSasu, KabuSasu and OroTsuna.

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