Unoffical Evidence


Naruto Shippuden movie 6: Road to NinjaEdit

Road to ninja itasaku fanservice by antinhss-d5ybi4d

Sakura and Itachi in the movie Road to Ninja

Akatsuki's were a group of mercenaries who were ordered by Hokage to help Naruto defeat Menma. Sakura was kidnapped by the former and chained by the hands until Itachi appeared and released her. He then helped her up and held her by the elbow in order to support her. Sakura wanted to go help Naruto, but Itachi pulled her back and picked her up bridal style, as he jumped on Deidara's bird, with Sakura in hands. This might be the sign that, in the reversed universe, Itachi and Sakura were good friends and that he cared about her in that world.

Rock Lee's Springtime of YouthEdit


In chapter 33, when Itachi lost his memory, Lee whispered something to him. After the whisper, Itachi bow down on Lee and said what Lee told him to say, "Sakura-chan, what color are your panties?".

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