The Couple

The CoupleEdit

HashiMada (柱マダ) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Hashirama Senju and Madara Uchiha.

Their RelationshipEdit

Infinite Tsukuyomi ArcEdit

180px-Hashirama and Madara as kids

First meeting

When Hashirama was first revived by Orochimaru during the war, he explains that he and Madara first met when they were children, and since then they became very close friends. They used to spend time together at the edge of the river where they first came across, talking, sparring and sharing their ideas. However, their friendship was not long to last, as Butsuma soon discovered from Tobirama that his son had been meeting with Madara. Revealing to Hashirama that Madara was in fact an Uchiha who had killed several of the Senju's strongest shinobi, he ordered his son to use his meetings with Madara to spy on him and, if necessary, to kill him.

Still, Hashirama could not stand to betray his friend; when the two boys met again.
180px-Madara awakens his sharingan

Madara awakens his sharingan

they warned each other that a trap had been set for the other, but as they fled, they looked back in shock to find their fathers and younger brothers standing across from each other, fully ready for combat. After Hashirama and Madara intervened to protect their respective younger brothers, Hashirama was devastated to see Madara end their friendship and declare them mortal enemies. As the years passed, Hashirama was forced to battle his once-friend many times before they eventually became the leaders of their clans. Sometime afterwards, Madara and Izuna fought Hashirama and Tobirama, where Izuna was mortally wounded by Tobirama. Madara retreated and Izuna died from his wounds but left Madara his eyes, granting him the Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan. Madara later confronted Hashirama
180px-Hashirama and madara clash

Fighting at the battlefield

again with his new found ocular prowess, but nonetheless, after a day-long battle, he was finally defeated. Noting that he could not trust them any more, Madara told Hashirama that the only way to regain this trust was to either kill himself or his brother. When Hashirama resolved to kill himself, Madara stopped him, noting his courage and accepted the truce.

The Senju and Uchiha clans formed many other alliances with other clans and began to create the Hidden Leaf Village. Hashirama and Madara's relationship began to become more and more like it had been when they were young. While looking at the construction of the village from the mountain point they had sparred on as children, Hashirama expresses his desire for Madara to become the village's first Hokage. Madara denies, saying that the Uchiha still lacked everyone's trust. He points out that Hashirama will most likely be the first and then his younger brother the second.

Later, Madara overhears a conversation between Tobirama and Hashirama. Angered by Tobirama's distrust towards him, Madara leaves. Eventually, Madara defects from the village and attacks it several times. Finally, a battle between him and Hashirama takes place. During the battle, Hashirama showed reluctance to kill his former friend, but eventually severely wounded him, ending the battle in what appeared to be Madara's death.

When leaving to the battlefield to once more battle against his former friend with the rest of the Hokage, Hashirama stops at the same mountain that him and Madara had sparred on several decades before. He admits that while he is disappointed, he is quite excited to see his rival once again.


  • During their youth, Hashirama and Madara had a strong bond and shared each other's dreams.
  • Hashirama was shown teasing about Madara when he was doing his private business, causing the individual to be embarrassed. [1]
  • Madara stated that he enjoyed time he had spent with Hashirama though it hadn't last long, and Hashirama was reluctant to let Madara leave. [2]
  • Hashirama protected Madara from Tobirama and accepted Madara’s offer to commit a suicide but was stopped by Madara. [3]
  • Madara took a chunk of Hashirama’s flesh and transplanted it in the wound Hashirama had stabbed him and spent all his life on growing Hashirama’s clone and creating a new life form combining his Will and Hashirama’s DNA’s. [4]
  • The first thing Madara starts to discuss right after being resurrected is similarities between the scene he sees now and those destructions he made with Hashirama.[5]
  • Being extremely proud of Hashirama’s DNA and his power, Madara shamelessly displayed the face of the first Hokage on his chest to the 5 Kage. [6]
  • When Madara saw Tsunada’s power and determination, he found out her resemblance with her grandfather and immediately stopped being disgraceful with her, despite having no respects for women. [7]
  • Resurrected Madara talks a lot about Hashirama. [8]
  • Even admitting the fact that only Hashirama can stop him, Madara regrets that Hashirama is dead and hints at Hashirama’s resurrection as the only way to defeat him. [9]
  • Hashirama always protects Uchihas against his brother. [10]
  • Even acknowledging the fact how much its dangerous Madara’s being alive; Hashirama can’t help but admits that he is happy to meet him again. [11]
  • Feeling Hasirama’s chakra, Madara gets very excited. [12]
  • Madara states that the fray doesn’t amuse him any longer because he is waiting for Hashirama. [13]
  • When revived Hashirama finally comes to the battlefield, Madara cries how much he has been waiting for him and gets really upset about Hashirama’s rejection. [14]
  • When Hashirama chooses to stop the ten-tailed beast first, Madara leaves the battlefield and patiently waits for Hashirama to fight him. [15]

Among the fansEdit

HashiMada is a fairly well-known pairing in the fandom. It has often been teased for Madara's constant attention on Hashirama. It is mostly supported for their dynamics of growth and how both characters have individually influenced each other and their known rivalry through out their life time. Their rival pairings are HashiMito, MadaMito and MadaIzu.

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