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BoruSumi (ボルスミ BoruSumi) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Boruto Uzumaki and Sumire Kakei

Their Relationship Edit

Boruto : Next Generations Edit

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Boruto and Sumire are classmates. Sumire, as the class president watch over her and take care about her class's safe, espacially Boruto's. Sumire also show an admiration for Boruto's father, who is also the 7th Hokage, Naruto.

Sumire is later bothered and shyly say to Inojin to stop to criticize Boruto's position as the Hokage's son, then say him later to have good relationship between classemates.


After that Boruto win a fight against Iwabe and Sumire leave a happy smile for his his victory. Returning in class, Sumire is relieved that everything okay for Boruto, and Chouchou, noticing that, ask her why she's so concerned about Boruto. The question make Sumire blush and give as excuse that she's the class president.


After Boruto smashes his father's Hokage stone face, he is sent with his classmate to help to carve the monument back to its original. Sumire says that it's an honor to help with the Hokage Monument and says she likes manual labor. Hearing that, Boruto compliments her saying that she's worthy of her role as delegate.

Later, Boruto takes a break with his friends, playing video games, Sumire notices that their break lasted too long and say them to return work, and Boruto listens hassle-free to her commend.
Metal Lee, continuing to carve, ruin all the job in breaking Naruto's roc face another time because of his stress problems, and a mass of rocks destroy a quarter of the scaffolding. Boruto, remembering that Sumire is alone on the floor above, worry about her and ask if she's okay. She then answers she's okay.

Shortly after, Sumire receives a love confession from Magire, so Boruto is flabbergasted. Not only because Magire stalk Sumire but also because he's so bold in confessing his feelings for her. Sumire rejects him and Magire flees, and later, possessed by the dark aura, kidnaps Sumire. Boruto and his friends come to rescue her and free Magire from the dark aura.

When Sumire gets injured. That is when Boruto gets serious. As it would seem.

In episode 13, When Boruto finds out Sumire is the culprit, He can't believe it. When Mitsuki tries to kill her. He saves her from Mitsuki and follows her into the Nue. That she summoned earlier. Yes, Sumire is the culprit.

Evidence Edit

  • Sumire and Boruto show a certain concern about each other.
  • Whenever Sumire gets hurt or has any kind of love confession aimed towards her, He blushes or saves her.
  • He follows her into the Nue.

Among the Fans Edit

Since her apparition, Sumire seem interested in Boruto, as some would see it, He has a crush on her due to the Magire confession and the Nue scene, It is Sumire's most popular ship. With most art being produced by Mikumikulenlen. And its similarity to Naruhina. It has attracted its fans towards Borusumi.

Its rival pairings are BoruSara and MagiSumi, and is a companionship to MitsuSara.

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