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BoruMitsu (ボルミツ BoruMitsu) is the term used to refer to the relationship between Boruto Uzumaki and Mitsuki.

Background Edit

Upon learning he is a test subject created by Orochimaru and is pressured to choose his path of life to be loyal to his "father" or leave, Mitsuki vows to find his own path. He finds personal information on Boruto that Orochimaru had and Mitsuki becomes curious of Boruto, referring to the latter as his "sun" while he is the "moon".

Mitsuki's interest in Boruto grows so strong that he immigrates to Konohagakure and enrolls in the Academy to meet and befriend Boruto. Despite not knowing much about his past, Boruto accepts Mitsuki's friendship and Mitsuki comes to believe Boruto is destined to become the next Hokage.

Boruto the MovieEdit

While on a mission to capture a bear/panda, Mitsuki tells Sarada to let Boruto handle it because he is likely to become the future Hokage due to him being the son of the Seventh and the grandson of the Fourth, despite Boruto's disinterest in the title and Sarada's declarations she will be Hokage. Mitsuki tries to help Sarada convince Boruto enter in the Chunin Exams and later talks about the fathers of his teammates.

During the first phase, Mitsuki saves his teammates from falling into a lake of ink by grabbing Sarada's hand and she uses a kunai and rope to save Boruto. During the second phase of the chūnin exam, Mitsuki and Sarada go off to capture their opponents flag while Boruto stays with theirs, protecting it. Boruto is attacked by the enemy team and begins to lose the battle, Mitsuki starts to turn back to aid him, but when he arrives, Boruto has already defeated the three foes. Mitsuki compliments Boruto's skills and believes them to be proof he is going to be Hokage, despite Boruto reacting uninterested and provoking Sarada to shout at them over their microphones.

Awhen it was discovered that Boruto had been cheating and got disqualified, Mitsuki was shocked. He later became concerned for Boruto when he learned Naruto had been kidnapped by Momoshiki and Kinshiki. However, when Boruto resolved to help rescue his father and asked his teammates to look after the village, Mitsuki smiled.

After the battle ended, Mitsuki and his teammates were sent to capture the bear/panda from running loose in the village. Mitsuki repeats his belief Boruto is meant to be Hokage, but Boruto declares he doesn't want to be Hokage and is desiring to be a ninja like Sasuke, which surprises Mitsuki.


  • Mitsuki refers to Boruto as his "sun" while he is the "moon" himself.
  • Mitsuki believes that Boruto is destined to be Hokage one day.


Among the FansEdit

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