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Naruto Shippuden Ending 7 - "Long Kiss Goodbye" is dedicated to Asuma and Kurenai's relationship. The song's lyrics tell about a woman seeing her lover off, but having a ominous feeling she will never see him again. Throughout the theme, Kurenai is seen with a pinwheel, and the other female characters make appearances as well.


Part IIEdit

Shinobi World War ArcEdit

During the firework display to honor Tsunade on becoming the Fifth Hokage, Asuma is seen with Kurenai watching the fireworks.

Hanging in the Dango Shop

At the Dango Shop

Shadow of the Anbu ArcEdit

Asuma and Kurenai are shown in a dango shop with the rest of their year group members. As Kakashi passes by, Guy invites him over to celebrate the end of a war, but is ignored. Kurenai ponders if the reason why he looked down was because of Obito and Rin. Asuma then comments that the events that had happened would most likely leave a "hole in his heart".


Naruto OVA 3: Hidden Leaf Village Grand Sports Festival!Edit

Asuma and Kurenai can be seen standing next to each other, watching Naruto rushing and almost bump Kakashi. Hayate and Yūgao were also seen standing next to each other.

Naruto OVA 4: Finally a clash! Jōnin vs. Genin!! Indiscriminate Grand Melee Tournament Meeting!Edit

Naruoto ova 3

Asuma and Kurenai can be seen walking together with each other.


  • In the omake after episode fifty-six Konoha Celebrity Report, Konohamaru describes and talks about Asuma. Naruto appears and tells him that he must mention "what everyone is talking about" and pictures of Kurenai and Asuma is shown. Asuma closes the omake and has no comment.
  • In the omake after episode 78, Asuma gives flower seeds to Kurenai that he got from Ino.

Video GamesEdit

In Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations and Revolution, Asuma and Kurenai gets the titled "Bonds of Love" when they put together as a team.

Rock Lee's Springtime of YouthEdit


Asuma and Kurenai

In chapter 37, Lee and Tenten falls into a time slip. Asuma and Kurenai can be seen walking and talking together when Lee stop Kakashi and Obito's fight. As Asuma and Kurenai saw, Kakashi, Lee and the group, Lee commented that Asuma and Kurenai are a lovely together.

AsuKure in Pop CultureEdit

Real WorldEdit

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AsuKure at Japan Animate Store

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